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Since highlighting came into being, women and girls of all ages have resorted to his help in order to emphasize their individuality and give their hair a fresh look. Short hair or long, straight or wavy - this technique is perfect for any type of strands. In any beauty salon, masters are ready to brighten your strands with high quality, allowing you to look exactly the way you want.

However, highlighting can not only highlight your beauty, but also spoil the whole look. It's no secret how important a hairstyle is when creating a spectacular image, and how easily it can destroy it, if, for example, the dye stays unevenly on the hair or doesn’t fit them in color. Therefore, the straightening of the strands must be approached with the same caution and attention as with any procedure for changing the appearance.

In order not to make a mistake, on the correction of which will have to work hard, you should heed the advice of experts.

Highlighting suitable for blond hair - "Shatush"

Who does not know the series "Rescuers Malibu"? Sunny blondes, hot sun. It was after him that the highlighting of the “shatush” technique gained such popularity. For girls with blond hair, it is most suitable because it creates the effect of natural hair burning.

It differs in that during lightening, stylists do not use a cap or other devices, since the “shatush” is suitable for applying to relatively large strands. The remarkable thing about this technique is that it is a smooth transition from one shade of hair to another, rather than pronounced bleached strands.

After the first lightening, you can add warm, sunny shades to the streaked hair with additional dyeing. This can smooth out a sharp transition, if the “shatush” technique is badly placed on the strands, as well as add naturalness. California highlights

Also, the effect of burnt hair can give a "Californian highlighting." It is very convenient, as it gives the master unlimited freedom for creativity.

Lightening the wide and narrow strands, alternating between them, randomly choosing the location of the dye zones throughout the hair, the stylist can give the curls a natural, natural look. As if their owner is under the hot summer sun all day long. Soft transitions from dark roots to bright ends, or vice versa, will make the haircut fresh without any radical measures. Pros of California highlighting

The advantages of "Californian melirovanie" is to bring not only an excellent result, but also the fact that it damages hair much less than other techniques. This type of highlighting differs from “shatush” in that it obliges the wizard to use different color shades in the same hairstyle. The wider the palette, the brighter the effect.

If you want something unusual and creative, then you should pay attention to highlighting black strands. It sounds strange, but a hairstyle with the use of such a technique looks visually more voluminous, and only a bold person who loves to emphasize her individuality will decide on it. Adding dark strands will emphasize the facial features and highlight the eyes that can be lost on the background of light skin and light hair.

There are two types of highlighting by dark strands: Darkening of individual vertical stripes on the hair; Darkening a specific area.

The first option is suitable for those women who want to add a bright originality to their hairstyle, but at the same time not commit themselves to it. In this case, the master selects individual fine strands and colors them in a darker color. Looks very feminine and elegant.

The second option is to darken the tips of the hair or some part of the hair, for example, at the back of the head. Then the light part of the hair would seem to flow into the dark. This approach provides additional visual volume, and on curly hair looks very cute and gentle. Highlighting that suits dark hair

Women with dark hair often want to add raisins, especially if their hair implies a standard look of long strands. Sometimes you do not want to spend time on complex hairstyles and styling, and the desire to look spectacular never disappears. To help in this case come highlighting. It will emphasize the shape of hair, place bright accents and give freshness to the whole image. Venetian highlights

Venetian highlighting is now gaining popularity. This technique involves a gentle effect on the hair with a minimum of harm. Famous stars, bloggers and ordinary girls are increasingly resorting to this type of highlighting. It consists in dyeing a part of the hair in a light color. Masters make an indent from the roots of 1-2 cm or more, depends on the total length of hair, and lighten the strands.

Venetian highlighting looks very natural and provides space for creativity. You can emphasize with light strands the shape of the face, you can make accents on the structure of the hair, you can add bright shades to the bangs. Any girl will find for himself that type of Venetian highlighting, which is ideal for her requests. ombre technique

If there are colored strands in the hairstyle, then experts recommend giving their preference to the ombre technique. In its essence lies the following technique: the master retreats from the roots of the hair 10 cm and uses several colors that are close to the palette when coloring.

It can be as white / golden, and scarlet, burgundy and honey colors. The combination of several shades looks very impressive when they flow into each other. Ombre there are three types: horizontal, vertical and asymmetric, so you can choose according to your taste. balayazh

If the listed techniques do not suit you, there is one more option. Balayazh will suit those who are not ready to make significant changes in their appearance. Also with its help you can begin to get acquainted with the world of highlighting, as it brightens only the tips of the hairs in the bangs, as well as in the entire hairstyle.

Such a small, careful intervention in the overall color will not look defiant or pretentious. Balayazh use both fashionable divas, and representatives of various subcultures, as this technique allows you to paint the tips in both natural and artificial colors. Highlighting suitable for red hair

Red hair color is very bright and unusual. Despite the fact that its owners definitely will not go unnoticed, it imposes some restrictions. For example, unnecessarily unnatural colors will look in this color scheme too hard. But even in this case, the fashion industry can offer interesting highlighting options.

White highlighting is the clarification of individual thin strands. The hairstyle over which such a technique is performed looks fresh and funny. If you apply white highlights on long hair, it will add elegance to the appearance and tenderness of a bright palette of fiery hair.

Suitable red and California highlighting. This gentle option will not expose your hair to severe stress, and will create a burnout effect. Repeating this procedure will be needed infrequently, since soft transitions will not be noticeable even with regrown roots.

You can combine highlighting and toning, but choose additional shades of red, gold and brown gamut. For lovers of bold decisions can be offered pink and purple hues, as they are perfect for red hair.

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