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October 9, 2018 Samara State Agricultural Academy - higher and higher ... Experimental works of "PTERO"

As part of the joint implementation of a search topic on the development of remote methods for phytosanitary monitoring of weed vegetation for the technology of discrete introduction of plant protection products from October 2 to 4, specialists from the All-Russian Research Institute of Plant Protection, Priority and PTERO companies, together with scientists of the Academy experimental demonstration hospital of Samara State Agrarian Academy of Agriculture held experimental work on the phytosanitary monitoring of weeds.

A field under clean steam and a field with winter triticale were selected as test sites. In the course of the work, a field survey and multispectral aerial surveys of the fields were carried out using an unmanned multi-rotor type aviation system. Primary processing and analysis of the obtained data was carried out with the aim of further developing remote methods for weed vegetation detection.

Source - http://www.ssaa.ru/news/. October 8, 2018 A small report on the conference "Rational and safe subsoil use" On September 24-29, the conference "Rational and safe subsoil use ", Organized by the Union of Surveyors of Russia, the Russian Geological Society, NP" SRGP "Mining" and CHU "TsDPO" Mining Education ". At the event, the main surveyor “PTERO” Ildar Galiulin made a presentation “After photogrammetry. Virtual surveyor as a simple means of obtaining data "(for more details see http://ptero.ru/virtual_surveyor.html).

The conference attracted the attention of several presentations. A representative of PJSC TATNEFT made a report on the creation of a 3D model of the Sokolkinskoye oil field (PJSC TATNEFT). GIS is being implemented at the field using artificial intelligence, BAS, 3D models, AR systems. The subject of another message, delivered by a representative of Polyus, was “Creating an automated system for monitoring deformation processes in the slope structures of the Olimpiada mine”. An employee of the company spoke about the stages of development of deformation monitoring in open pits: traditional methods, traditional methods + GNSS, radar monitoring system, robotic total station system and GPS receivers, integration of monitoring systems and alert systems about the danger of offset of ledges. October 2, 2018 "PTERO" at the conference "Modern technologies and means of plant protection", October 8-12 And one more The event in St. Petersburg, in which PTERO plans to take part, the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Modern Technologies and Plant Protection Products - a platform for innovative development in the Russian agro-industrial complex” will be held October 8-12. It is organized by the All-Russian Research Institute for Plant Protection (VIZR). Event page - http://vizrspb.ru.

Dmitry Gryadinov will speak again with two reports:

1) "Sensors for unmanned aircraft systems: directions and features of the application";

2) "The use of unmanned aircraft systems for the resettlement of a trichogram" (for more information on the resettlement of a trichogram, see the link - http://ptero.ru/aerialsurvey/trichogramma.html). September 25, 2018 About the last meeting of the International Coordinating Committee for the Management of the UNESCO Monument "Geodetic Struga Arc" September 12-14 in St. -Petersburg hosted a meeting of the International Coordination Committee on the management of the UNESCO monument “Geodetic Arc Struve” The event was attended by more than two dozen people, including Roman Barkov, an employee of the company PTERO.

“At the meeting, representatives of nine states, on whose territory there are currently points of this historical monument, discussed common approaches and best practices for the preservation and promotion of a transnational World Heritage site. Representatives of each country made national reports on the status of the points of the Arc Struve. The program of the event also included scientific reports on the history of the creation and significance of Dougie Struve in the development of geodesic science and transboundary cooperation. ” (Source - https://rosreestr.ru). September 19, 2018 PTERO Company at the conference "Application of Earth Remote Sensing in Agriculture", 26-28 September, St. Petersburg On September 26-28, the Second All-Russian Scientific Conference "The Use of Remote Sensing Facilities in Rural farm ". The organizer is the Federal State Scientific Institution Agrophysical Research Institute, for more information on their website http://www.agrophys.ru.

The head of the spatial data department of PTERO, Dmitriy Gryadinov, in the framework of the section “Use of aerospace means of remote sensing of the Earth in the monitoring systems of agro-ecosystems”, will talk about approaches to the analysis of data from thermal imaging of the terrain.

The report will consider the features and capabilities of thermal imaging aerial when performing complex agroecological studies of territories, justified the use of measuring thermal imagers, allowing to perform terrain shooting in frame-by-frame mode, gives approaches aimed at improving the efficiency of using the received information, including the subsequent photogrammetric processing and interpretation of thermal imaging data. September 14, 2018 Aircraft "Ptero-G1 in Uzbekistan"

Report from Uzbekistan on unmanned technology and on the "Ptero-G1" as well. August 30, 2018 September 5-7, "PTERO" will take part in the exhibition "BelgorodAgro - 2018"

On September 5-7, our company will take part in the XXIII interregional specialized exhibition "BelgorodAgro-2018". The exhibition was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the Department of the Agro-Industrial Complex and the Reproduction of the Environment of the Belgorod Region, and Belexpocenter.

At the stand of the Department of the agro-industrial complex and the reproduction of the environment of the Belgorod region (Department of Agricultural and Environmental Management), PTERO employees will present Ptero-G1 with equipment for resettlement of trichograms and tell about the company's decisions for agriculture.

A little bit about the exhibition. Belgorod region occupies a leading position in Russia in the production of agricultural products. This became possible due to the successful development of the agro-industrial complex, the technical re-equipment of the industry, the introduction of new technologies, and the development of the processing industry. The BelgorodAgro exhibition is a platform where farmers can get acquainted with modern samples of high-performance machinery of machine-building enterprises of the Belgorod region, as well as from other regions of Russia and neighboring countries, conclude mutually beneficial contracts and establish partnerships. Read more - http://belexpocentr.ru/agro2018.php

We invite you to visit our booth! August 29, 2018 "PTERO" on the Army 2018

PTERO took part in the exhibition Army 2018. Together with SRI POLYUS, SPE “SOVPROMTECH” and SNITS RES “Zavant” at the Schwabe stand, we presented a joint development - an air complex against unmanned aerial vehicles. It is designed to intercept small UAVs at the far border of the protected object.

Onboard the Ptero-G1 onboard payloads were integrated into the payload compartment and on the wing. The throwing elements are represented by a web or spider with or without a parachute.

Key features - interception of different types of small UAVs; interception of one side to 9 goals; redirection, change or termination of interception on command from the ground; repeated use, duty in the air.

Main technical characteristics: Application range up to 10 km; Height up to 3 km; The mass of the device in the equipped state - 0.28-0.70 kg; Firing range 5-15 m.

The use of means of neutralization was tested in ground conditions and in the process of flight experiments in conditions close to real. July 2, 2018 "PTERO" at the advanced training course "The use of software and hardware systems based on BAS"

On June 26-27, PTERO specialists took part in advanced training courses in the field of “Using software and hardware systems based on unmanned aircraft systems” organized by private enterprise “TsDPO“ Mining Education ”. The program of the first day of the course was devoted to the design and operation of the Ptero-G1 UAS. The capabilities of our BAS, including the route planning program, preparation , were demonstrated to the listeners from JSC NK “Russneft”.to flight and launch bvs. Special attention was paid to viewing and assessing the quality of the data obtained as a result of flights.

In the final part of the training, the company's employees answered numerous questions from the audience, concerning both the technical characteristics of the Ptero-G1 and the methods of data collection and the principles of their processing. June 28 2018 Survey license Our company received a license number PM-00-017111 to carry out survey work. This activity includes spatial and geometric measurements of mining and underground structures, determining their parameters, location and compliance with project documentation; monitoring the status of mining allotments and the justification of their boundaries; maintenance of mining graphic documentation; accounting and justification of the volume of mining; identifying hazardous areas of mining, as well as measures for the protection of mining, buildings, structures and natural objects from the effects of work related to the subsoil, the design of survey work.

Contact us! June 5, 2018 Laser scanner of methane leaks - a new development of AFM-Servers at the exhibition-conference "Unmanned aircraft technology in the fuel and energy complex of Russia"

On May 30-31, another event took place in which our company took part - the All-Russian Flight Practical Exhibition-Conference "Unmanned Aviation Technologies in the Fuel and Energy Complex of Russia". The organizer was FGAOU DPO “IPK TEK” under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation

The first day of the conference was devoted to the business part of the program. Amir Valiev, Technical Director - Chief Designer of PTERO, spoke about various tasks and methods of diagnostics during aerial surveys of fuel and energy facilities. Amir Vilyevich paid attention to important parameters - the frequency of diagnosis, its effectiveness, features of the shooting, opportunities for improving the technology, including told about what work is currently being done to improve the PAS system to increase the efficiency of diagnosis.

The most interesting part of the report was devoted to the new development of AFM-Servers (one of the founders of PTERO), the laser methane leak scanner (LSUM), its technical characteristics, operating features and comparative analysis with similar devices from other manufacturers.

May 31 was devoted to the exhibition and flight. Our plane perfectly fulfilled the flight program, and the team received the prize “Professionals of unmanned aircraft technology in the fuel and energy complex of Russia”.

Thank you for the photos of Vladimir Levkin. May 31, 2018 PTERO Company at the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "Industrial Safety in Subsoil Use and Protection of Subsoil", May 21-25, Kislovodsk

Our employees Roman Barkov (Director of Development) and Sergey Filin (Head of the Commercial Department) took part in the All-Russian Scientific Practical Conference “Industrial Safety in Subsoil Use and Subsoil Protection” held on May 21-25 in Kislovodsk under the auspices of the All-Russian Public Organization "Union of Surveyors of Russia".

They introduced the subsoil users with the company's decisions in terms of both the output (Ptero-G1 BAS and various useful target loads), as well as in terms of aerial survey techniques and data processing. The conference participants were interested in the promising developments of the PTERO, in particular, unmanned aircraft with hydrogen fuel cell engines. However, the longest discussion was caused by the proposed “PTERO” method of sequential data processing using various software. Especially valuable was the exchange of experience with enterprises that already use unmanned aircraft on their license areas.

In addition, they discussed the regulatory and technical basis for the use of UAVs in mine surveying. Certain decisions were made on the forms of introducing aerial imaging technologies using unmanned aircraft systems for mapping the territories of licensed areas, determining the volume in warehouses and monitoring of hard-to-reach objects.

In the framework of advanced training courses in the direction of “Industrial Safety and Subsoil Protection” conducted by the Center of the Ministry of Education and Science Mining Education at the end of the conference, PTERO specialists held a two-hour workshop on the practical use of Aeroplan software for flight planning and Virtual Surveyor software for building surveying plans based on three-dimensional models. The students had the opportunity to independently calculate the volume of the blade and to vectorize the characteristic lines of the pit ledges. The workshop participants received professional answers to numerous questions on the use of airspace, on aerial photography techniques and on the commercial aspects of providing services by third parties. May 5, 2018 The second issue of the News Electrical Engineering magazine about the Corporate Presentation Day of IDGC of the North-West PJSC

The second issue of the magazine “News Electrical Engineering” (No. 2, 2018 - No. 110) was published, including, inter alia, the Corporate Presentation Day of IDGC of the North-West PJSC (see the March 12 news), where PTERO presented the report “Definition technical condition of overhead power lines and substations using unmanned aircraft systems. ”

Read the article "The use of aircraft of various types in the electric grid complex," please click here. April 25, 2018 Company "PTERO" on the Library Night in the Polytechnic Museum

The company "PTERO" took part in the public special project of the Polytechnic Museum, dedicated to the history of the development of cartography, in the framework of the Library in the Polytechnic Library.

During the evening, the company's specialists gave several lectures on the use of unmanned aircraft systems, demonstrated their own-produced Ptero-G1 unmanned aircraft (PWS) and third-party copters, showed the results of aerial data processing and answered numerous questions from visitors.

Together with PTERO, the project was supported by Scanex and ESRI CIS, the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) and Moscow State University. April 23 2018 Report by Amir Valiyev (PTERO) at the conference “General Aviation and Unmanned Aircraft. Navigation software »

April 18, 2018 in the branch of the Research Institute of Air Navigation of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise GosNI GA held a conference “General Aviation and unmanned aircraft. Navigation support ”, organized by the Federal State Unitary Enterprise GosNII GA with the support of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

At the conference, Technical Director of PTERO LLC Amir Valiev made a presentation on “Using BAS in the interests of meeting the needs of citizens and the economy in aerial work”.

Watch the performance video on our YouTube channel. Thanks to the AeroNet Association for filming.

March 12, 2018 PTERO at the Corporate Presentation Day of IDGC of the North-West, PJSC

On March 6, 2018, the Corporate Presentation Day of IDGC of the North-West was held in St. Petersburg - a quarterly conference of IDGC of the North-West specialists and representatives of research and design organizations, manufacturers and suppliers of power equipment, companies providing services in TEK.

The theme of the conference was the use of various types of aircraft in the electric grid complex: for the diagnosis of the technical condition of the OHL equipment; during scheduled and emergency repair works; when planning and monitoring work on clearing and expanding glades of overhead lines; when designing new high-voltage lines.

At the plenary meeting, the technical director of PTERO, Amir Valiev, presented the report “Determining the technical condition of overhead transmission lines and substations using unmanned aircraft systems. Solutions of the company "PTERO".

And according to the results of the event, PTERO was awarded a diploma in the nomination “The Best Innovative Solution” for developing a multi-level system for monitoring the technical condition of overhead power lines and substations using the results of remote sensing using satellite and unmanned aircraft systems.

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