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How often do you use the word “tunnel” in your speech, written or spoken? I think that is not so often. Here I am too. But recently I had to write a review and a very long article about the tunnel under the Channel Tunnel.

And then I came to some confusion - a tunnel or still a tunnel? Let's try to figure it out together.

A tunnel or tunnel is a borrowed word. It came to us from the English language, in which it is written so tunnel.

If you follow the logic, the word tunnel should be written through the letter "y", which is pronounced in the English version. But the adventures of the word do not end there.

In English, the word "tunnel" came from Old French, where it sounded like "tonnelle". And the meaning of this word was quite interesting - a diminutive of “tonne”, which meant nothing more than a barrel. It turns out that “tonnelle” is just a barrel.

But, as you know, borrowed words are often transformed. And the most frequent transformation of such words is a change from one letter to another.

It happened with this word. Once in the Russian language, it originally sounded like a tunnel (or did it frown back on the French origin of the word?). It happened a long time ago.

It turns out that the tunnel is an outdated form of this word. tunnel or tunnel But in modern Russian it is customary to say and write exactly the tunnel.

But no one forbids the use of the first form of this word, that is, the tunnel. In Russian and written language, you can find both forms. For example:

1. The tunnel was long and dark.

2. From the tunnel I heard the rumble of a train.

The same applies to other parts of speech that originated from the noun tunnel. Here you can also use two forms at once.

1. Tunnel and tunnel.

2. Tunneling and tunneling.

This word has another feature.

No matter how you write - a tunnel or a tunnel, do not forget that in both variants you should always write a double H letter at the base of the word.

And according to statistics, the word form “tunnel” is used today much more often both in writing and in speech.

But this does not mean that the second word - the tunnel - is not correct. This is the rare case when both in written and in oral speech are correct.

And no one can tell you that you are making a mistake in this word by writing it through the letter O.

By the way, in the famous Wikipedia, this word is written exactly as “tunnel”, but “tunnel” is its variant.

Yes, and they mean the same thing - a horizontal or slightly inclined structure, in which the length is several times greater than the width and height. Well, in conclusion, I would like to write some interesting information about the tunnels. The longest tunnel in the world

tunnel or tunnel Perhaps the longest tunnel in the whole world can be called the one that passes through the territory of North-West England.

The total length of this structure is 154 thousand meters. It is intended for plumbing, but at the same time it is not solid - the tunnel is interrupted several times throughout its length.

It turns out that it consists of sections. But despite this, it is this English structure that receives the top line in the ranking of the longest tunnels in the world. Tunnels of Russia

tunnel or tunnel And what about Russia? We have the longest tunnel located in Moscow.

And this is the famous Moscow Metro, whose total length is 41,500 meters. The metro in the capital of our country opened on May 15, 1935. Today, there are 194 stations and 12 lines throughout.

The trains here run the most ordinary, and those that have their own name. For example:

1. "People's Militia." This train is dedicated to veterans of the Great Patriotic War, who worked on the territory of the metro and metrostroy.

2. "Kursk arc". This train got its name in memory of those Soviet soldiers who died in this terrible battle. And, of course, in memory of the famous armored train, which bore the name "Moscow Metro" and who also took part in the great battle.

3. "Red Arrow - 75". This train was launched on the metro in Moscow in honor of the 75th anniversary of the brand train called the “Red Arrow”.

4. "Watercolor". This is a real gallery on wheels, in which the paintings are changed once a year.

5. "Reading Moscow". This train is decorated with quotes from classic works.

6. Retreat "Sokolniki". Made in the style of the first train, which was run on the subway.

7. "Poetry in the subway." The train, which introduces its passengers with poets, both domestic and foreign. Tunnel under the Channel Tunnel

tunnel or tunnel But what about the famous tunnel under La Manche, which is also called Eurotunnel?

After all, almost every one of us knows about it. The total length of this structure is only 51 km and only 39 of them pass directly under water.

But despite such a small, at first glance, length, it is on the 3rd place along the length of all railway tunnels in the world. He even made the list of seven modern wonders of the world according to the Americans.

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