The best toys on the Christmas tree with their hands

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All the joys of Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

May their warmth, happiness and peace be always.

In year 2018 Angel wishes you love

and amazing travelling, including to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Be on the side of the angels

From Russia with Love,

Angel Taxi and Angel Tour

If you want to write a new one, you can write it online. re Russian Christmas Tree Toys Tour 'below or call \ text via phone \ whatsapp \ viber \ telegram +7 (926) 4358687.

Russian Christmas Tree Tours Year is round on Tue - Sun.

Christmas in Russia Tour 7 reasons to celebrate Christmas in Russia

Christmas in Russia is celebrated on Jan. 7. Why not simply stretch your Christmas another week into January? How about celebrating it in Russia?

1. Enjoy Christmas twice

In Moscow clubbing culture, pre-parties and after-parties. Become a friend to your country. You can talk to your friends in january.

2. Deals in the right place in the right time (2 Christmases)

Christmas presents like christmas cards, decorations, sweets boxes, etc. Russians (especially females) like presents (especially foreign ones). You will be able to remove your shelves after it. 25. Bring it to you, and give it away. happen. Just make sure that you make love.

3. Cheaper inbound and outbound travel in Russia

Airfares go up before or after Christmas in any country, Russia included. Having a couple of days out on the road after a week. Arrive to Moscow (Jan. 7) and leave after.

4. Sending out cards

Where you will be staying? Or send a Christmas card.

5. The dates

If you believe “true” Christmas is on Dec. 25, you might want to reconsider. Hundreds of years ago the Julian to the Gregorian calendar. Christmas Day in this century 12 Julian calendar and will be so until 2099. Jesus Christ was born. May May. According to one theory, the early Christian church chose Dec. 25 to replace pagan celebrations in midwinter.

6. See Russian Festive Culture

If you are looking at it, then it’s time to do so. This is the most important and beloved festive season - 10 days in a row.

7. Better Understand Russians

‘Russia is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma’. Based on our experience Trinity St. Sergius Lavra, Russians better. Russian Cathedral on Christmas Eve on Jan. 6 and that might be a tremendous impact on your perception of Russians.

Do you remember the scenes of the Nutcracker, one of the most famous ballets in Russia? See the Bolshoi Theater Tour page.


So you still have no plans for Eve? How would you feel about swapping these winter dull-mild Winter Winter for the snow-and-white landscapes of Moscow, Russia, where it is met with even more anticipation than in London, Paris, or Berlin. The people of Moscow welcome you!

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First of all, who would say 'NO' to 2 Christmases? Since it’s been a Christmas day, it is celebrated on 7th January. The New Year is celebrated with a lot of fun, food and frivolities. You can visit our children for a long time. Russian traditional markets ... you name it, Moscow’s probably got it. During the festive period?

Moscow’s student culture is also ever-present. It’s not a lot of difference. The New Years Party starts at midnight, so don’t be late!

For a winter adventure, warmed up with the comforts of the Christmas time, take your step out of the Schengen area, and into your comfort zone. Russia is waiting!

(Leah, UK-Russia) Russian Christmas Tree Toys Tour

Christmas Tree Trees, Christmas Tree Trees; patterned patterns, patterns and ornaments on the Christmas glass bubbles.

Heyou cant take a look at the trees and the trees.

See other tours in Moscow we offer.

Russian Christmas Tree Toys before Revolution

Christmas tree in Russia is celebrated. Beautiful landscapes - rivers, villages, fields and forests.

You will be able to make it through the summer season. Anyway, all year round. It has been transformed from tsarist centuries to late Soviet years. A couple of centuries ago.

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History of the New Years Tree Toys The History of the Tree

The Christmas Tree came to Russia from Germany. It has been noted that it has been banned from the day.

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Tchaikovsky's Room

Tchaikovsky's room nearby. The Nutcracker ballet has been written in 1892 and becomes a prince. It is one of the most popular ballets, and is often performed at Christmas in Russia. It is not the case of the theme of this page. If you are interested in composers, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, you can be sure that you are interested. If you are a private lover of music and ballet, please see our Private Tour to Bolshoi Theater.

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