Tailoring skirts the sun with their hands

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In this case, it is a building of a tailoring business that facilitates reconciliation.

Fifteen women laugh, work, cut, sew, and pose for pictures. Heal wounds, they are friends, they are friends. Their hands build a new life. It is a little pattern.

A look outside through the window. The soil looks dry. Leaves of the trees don’t move. It is noon and one of the former combatant walks towards the white prefabricated houses on the right. He covers his head with a hat and wipes away. Every step raises dust. The Tritra Territorial Area for Training and Reintegration (TATR) is where more than 200 former FARC combatants live.

It is a hot air balloon that has been created by the air. It is because here it is the former combatants.

Janeidis Martinez is one of the eight former FARC combatants who works here. She was born in La Paz, Cesar. Two of her brothers were also FARC guerillas. They both died in the war; Marcelo in 2003 and Eladio in 2005. She has been a member of the guerrillas for nineteen years.

Janeidis recalls that he had experience in sewing. They had learned to sew FARC uniforms in the jungle.

"She formed a camp of 14 people.

"It is a peace for those who want to make it a war", says Janeidis. From that secret workshop in there, there were three old sewing machines left. Tailoring workshop began. Consucciones and polo shirts, vests, caps.

Assistance to the National Training Service (SENA by its Spanish acronym). They have been able to use the air conditioners for a while. Former combatants and community members. Thirty-five women came, 15 will graduate. Eight are former combatants. An Opportunity

"This is what I always wanted," says an Ruth Lubo. "I’m excited about the training, I’m excited, I’m not happy, I’ve been scored, I’ve been scored for the training."

Ruth Lubo, leader of the community of Pondores.

It was a woman who was afraid of the former combatants. She was displaced, a children who have been unemployed for about a year. “I didn’t want to come because I was displaced because I wasn’t happy, but I’m not happy,” she says with a smile. It makes it possible for everybody to find out about it.

Dalis Maria Cujia, another woman from the community, does the same daily walk. She had strong reasons for keeping her distance from the TATR. “If I’m still a woman, I’ve been there for sure,” Dalis Maria is short, has freckles; she laughs like a bit shy. She lives in Conejo. She says it is a Christian.

Lost in her memories. She was in San Juan del Cesar, in the Guajira. "It was one of the former combatants," That she had witnessed the left her displaced. "I wanted to go again," she said. Darlis Maria met him in Conejo. "He was talking to me, he recognized me.

Two months ago, she met him again: "I was worried for my children," she said to him. "You were crazy for paying attention to what I said," he answered. "Let me tell you something, this is a war."

Since that moment, Dalis Maria stopped being scared. It’s why I’ve stayed at that time. "

The Project

Diosenel Criado’s initials He is an expert tailor who sewed uniforms for the guerrillas for 16 years. Female female combatants love sewing. "Twenty of them lost interest."

Empowered by their new skills, it was more than just sewing classes. They wanted to create a workshop - a livelihood. It’s a funky way to make it. If you’re very excited, you’ve been very excited. SENA which was used for Guajira.

Janeidis Martinez remembers how the news was. "Here we’re not only rebuilding our livelihoods." Janeidis and Diosenel hug each other. They are a couple. They met in 2012 where she was the head tailor. "I’m her partner. I’ve seen him," she said. She has been with Diosenel, for only 6 years.

It has been a number of months ago.

We have not always been there. would have happened to us, "says Diosenel.

The women are happy They continue working, cutting, sewing, designing, laughing, healing, reconciling. They are planning a graduation party.

By: Jorge Quintero, Public Information Officer - Valledupar Regional.
UN Verification Mission in Colombia

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