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Date: 11.10.2018, 15:45 / View: 85452

“Will raise prices in a couple of months”

I saw something like an advertisement for a moonshine still, and everyone probably saw something beautiful in the pictures for 5-6 thousand rubles. Well, for chickens to laugh, it means that in production it costs 700-800 rubles for them, what can one expect from a good handicraft?

I decided that I would not engage in this nonsense, but I would immediately choose the best for my money, which I can afford, and so that in “full stuffing” with all the bells and whistles! I read the forums, consulted, but somehow did not come to anything, they all advise, well, everyone praises his quagmire for what he bought, and that’s good!

Found Bulat, photos studied. Because the pictures are one, and the live photos are completely different. Some even draw machines on computers, and then they put them on their websites, saying that the device looks like this. I left the order, the manager called, I asked him to send more photos to the post office (I decided to play it safe), I could not believe that for this money - such a thing! They sent, looked, decided to order, by mail, to open it was possible, not to take the cat in a bag for 15 thousand rubles. They sent it quickly, the quality is beyond praise, they probably work in the minus and will raise prices in a couple of months :) I advise everyone!

Myakishev Stanislav, Krasnoyarsk

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