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Smoked sausage with your hands

Smoked sausage with your hands

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The main advantage of homemade sausage is in its natural composition. In other words, you know how much meat is in such a product, and how much lard, what spices were used, in what conditions the sausage was smoked and other nuns that no one will tell you about in the store. In detail about how to cook uncooked sausage at home, we will tell in our article. With our detailed descriptions, anyone can do it. How to prepare minced meat for uncooked smoked sausage

For the preparation of raw sausage can be used any type of meat: pork, beef, lamb, or their mixture in a certain percentage according to the recipe. For the preparation of minced meat is separated from cartilage, fat and tendons and cut into small pieces. If, for example, pork and beef are used, they are crushed separately. No need to take too fatty meat, because when smoked, the fat melts very much and voids are formed. The very same sausage becomes too fat. For juiciness and taste, lard is added to the mince.

smoked sausage at home

Cooking smoked sausage at home involves carefully salting the meat. It is recommended to use nitrite salt, which has antioxidant effect on fats and increases the shelf life of the finished product. Nitrite salt allows you to achieve the complete destruction of botulism bacteria. Without this ingredient, it will be very difficult to get safe foods at home. Raw smoked sausage casing

When cooking homemade sausage, 2 types of shells are used: natural and artificial. They equally well tolerate the process of smoking and do not burst, but have significant differences.

The natural shell is pork, beef or lamb guts or chereva. They are sold already peeled, in a special salty brine or vacuum-packed. Before using them, it is enough to soak for 7-10 minutes in cold water without salt, after which you can start stuffing with minced meat.

It is very convenient when cooking sausages to use a collagen casing. It does not require soaking in water before use and special storage conditions. Unlike the natural casing, which is stored in the refrigerator, collagen can lie in the drawer of the kitchen table for up to two years.

Ideal for cooking raw smoked sausages artificial polymer shell "Aizel". It is characterized by excellent permeability to smoke, has microbiological resistance to mold, is easily peeled off and does not exfoliate during storage. How to make smoked sausage at home

uncooked smoked sausage at home recipe

At home, the process of cooking smoked sausage occurs in the following sequence: Pork and beef (700 g each) are poured with salt (50 g) and sent to the shelf in the refrigerator, located directly below or above the freezer, where the temperature ranges from 0 to +3 ° C. Meat in salt should lie for 5-7 days. Take the meat out of the salt and mince with a 4 mm hole. Fat (600 g) cut into cubes of 3.5 mm. Add black pepper and garlic (2 cloves) to the mince. Additionally, it is recommended to add 6 g of sodium nitrite in solution to preserve the color and destroy the bacteria botulism. After stuffing the stuffing into the casing, the resulting sausage loaves are pierced in several places with a needle and suspended in a cold room (0-3 ° C) for 7 days for precipitation. Sausage is smoked cold (at a temperature not exceeding 20 ° C) for two days. The smoked sausage at home undergoes drying for a month in a room with good ventilation and an air temperature not higher than 10 ° C. In such conditions, the finished sausage can be stored for 4 months. Recipe for uncooked smoked sausage

The famous Braunschweig sausage is cooked in a similar way of cold smoking filled with minced meat loaves. After the meat, the meat is ground in a meat grinder right along with the bacon. The result is a tasty and uniformly smoked sausage at home.

how to make uncooked smoked sausage at home

The recipe for such a product involves use of such ingredients: 900 g of beef, 500 g of lean pork, 600 g of bacon, 70 g of salt, 4 g of sugar, 2 g of black or white ground pepper, cardamom on the tip of a knife. From such a quantity of products 2 kg of high quality minced meat are obtained. Shrinkage of the finished product is at least 30% of the original weight. Sausage uncooked smoked "Moscow" at home

The famous sausage "Moscow" is made from ground beef, but with the addition of large pieces of bacon. How to make smoked sausage at home was described in detail above, but the ingredients for this will need the following: 1.5 kg of beef, 500 g of fat, 70 g of salt, sugar (1 tsp), 3 g of ground black or white pepper , nutmeg.

how to make uncooked smoked sausage at home

From the specified number of ingredients you get 2 kg of natural and fragrant ground beef. Raw smoked sausage at home

The taste of homemade smoked sausage is no worse than the store, but its composition is natural, without monosodium glutamate and other dangerous additives. You yourself control the entire cooking process, starting from the purchase of raw materials and ending with drying after smoking.

cooking smoked sausage at home

Smoked sausage at home is made according to this recipe: 1.5 kg of beef brisket and ham with a knife are cut into small cubes. 75 g of nitrite salt, 20 g of spices and 1.5 g of starter cultures are added to minced meat. The number of ingredients is based on 3 kg of meat. Starting cultures are always added to the stuffing, because they prevent the spoilage of raw materials, suppressing pathogenic and putrefactive bacteria, and accelerate the production of lactic acid. The stuffing is thoroughly mixed and very tightly packed into the casing with a sausage syringe or meat grinder with a special nozzle. To start the culture started to work, sausage loaves are placed in a plastic bag and left for 48 hours at room temperature, and then another day placed in the refrigerator. Then cold smoking is performed: 2 times for 4 hours and 3 times for 2 hours for 14 days with equal intervals of time.

If during this time the sausage has not dried, it is recommended to suspend uncooked smoked loaves in the aired room for another 14-30 days. Dry sausage at home

The process of making dried sausage differs slightly from smoked sausage. Is that the process of smoking products is omitted.

how to make uncooked smoked sausage at home

The rest of the dry-cured and smoked sausage at home are prepared almost similarly: Fermentation and salting of meat occur in the refrigerator at a temperature of +3 ° C. Per 1 kg of meat is taken 20 g of salt, preferably nitrite. After 5 days, the meat is minced with a knife or in a meat grinder, lard, diced, a teaspoon of sugar (per 3 kg of pork), pepper to taste and a tablespoon of brandy are added to the mince. Ready stuffing stuffed previously soaked in water shell. During the week, prepared sausages should rest under the yoke in the refrigerator (+3 ° C), which will give the necessary shrinkage. After this, the products are hung in a ventilated room at a temperature of + 10 ° C for another month.

According to reviews, recipes for cheese-curing and smoking sausages at home are simple and allow you to cook a really tasty and healthy product with a natural composition.

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