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“Fashion Junkie” by Sisely

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I know what you automatically think when you see this advertisement, “What the hell? Are they snorting cocaine?” Yes it certainly does look like it, but once you actually focus in on the picture you see that the white image is actually a dress made to look like a line of coke.

Sisley is a brand that is based in Italy and is owned by the brand United Colors of Benetton. They are usually known for their racy advertisements and this right here has been speculated to be one of them that I believe, is a little far out there. This ad was first seen in China 2007 for, what was thought to be, in the high fashion magazines. It hit the Internet and is posted on a lot of other sites that have to do controversial advertising or as they sometimes call it “shockvertising.”  The name speaks for itself.


I chose this ad out of all the other ones I saw on the internet because this one just got to me. I can’t help but to think, “What the hell is wrong with their advertising agency?” Do they know how this might effect their audience? So, I began to just anylize this ad a little bit more.


First off, these girls can predominately be between the ages of 18 to at least 29. One of them is going down to snort what seems to be a line and the other seems to have just finished one. You can see in this girl’s eyes of heavy eye make-up, she is completely high. The way they are dressed is as if they were out at a party. The girl bent down also has her nipple showing through the shirt. The background is completely dark and gives the vibe of being at a bar or even a night-club. The white dress is made to look like cocaine and right next to it is a credit card, a chase credit card to be exact. A powdery white substance is also placed on top of the card to make it seem as if it was used to cut cocaine. This image is certainly one that you just shake your head at in awh.


To me, when I see this image, I think of all the girls through ages of 13 and above that read fashion magazines. How will young girls portray this image? Probably, that in able for them to be cool and fashionable that doing cocaine is okay. They are not going to really get what the advertisement was maybe for. They will only take a glance. But as for me being older, I do kind of understand what this ad was trying to say. That sometimes fashion can almost be addicting like a drug. That fashion to come people is a life style and can sometimes be dark. It most certainly is shocking and that’s exactly what this advertisement does. I most certainly do not agree with what this ad is but I wouldn’t be blogging about it if it didn’t do what it was meant to do.


The Benetton group later sent out a statement that they had nothing to do with the advertisement.



Benetton Group

July 24, 2007 at 10:43 am

Statement on a fake Sisley campaign

20 July, 2007

In the recent days, images which are told to be part of the new Sisley advertising campaign have been published in internet.

One of these images shows some girls “sniffing a vest”. The allusion to drugs and alcohol is more than clear. We would like to clearly state that the Sisley brand (and the Benetton company) has nothing to do with these images and therefore we refuse to be linked with them.

Please also note that these images infringe Benetton’s sisley fashion junkie ad fake friends rights in the Sisley trademark. Our Legal Department has therefore been retained to take all advisable actions to protect the company’s rights and interests.

The next Sisley campaign will instead have a very special testimonial, Stephanie Seymour, worldwide recognized as an icon of fashion and beauty.

For further information:


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