Pyramid house with his own hands

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AO GK Sistemy i Tekhnologii produces a wide range of equipment and software for creating automated energy metering systems (AIIS KUE, ASTUE), telemechanics and scheduling, process control (ACS TP).

Measurement results obtained using AIIS, allow to determine the values ​​of accounting indicators that can be used in financial calculations in the wholesale electricity market (WEM), the retail electricity market (RRE) and in bilateral agreements between suppliers and consumers of electricity.

For more information about the construction and various types of AIIS, see the section “Automation of electricity metering: IMS“ Pyramid ””.

For a complete list of equipment manufactured by the company, see the section “Equipment” (see also the price list for equipment).

An important part of AIIS is software (software). For a complete list of software produced by the company, see the “Software” section.

Information for download is provided in the Documentation section. Address:
600014, Vladimir region, Vladimir, st. Lakina, d. 8A, pom. 27
Mailing address:
600014, Vladimir region., Vladimir, and / I 100
Representative Office Address:
123610, Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya emb., 12, entrance 6, office 920 Telephones and faxes:
(4922) 33-67-66, 33-79-60, 33-93-68, 34-78-23, 34-78-24; 42-45-02 - fax Email:

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