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Paris is

A beautiful turn of the century showgirl at the Folies Bergere or Moulin Rouge in colorful theatrical make up & lipstick, wearing theatrical costumes of beads, sequins, rhinestones, diamonds. Think Satine from the movie Moulin Rouge (Nicole Kidman).

A demimondaine, Violetta Valery from the Verdi opera La Traviata; a courtesan, who keeps a bottle of this perfume in her dresser table next to the talc powder.

This fragrance, to me, and seemingly to so many reviewers & wearers, feels like a sweet & powdery mixture of make up, lipstick, powder & violets. There is something in this fragrance that exudes heightened femininity with the usage of multiple floral notes & powder notes. The orris & iris provide this with so much powder that one wonders just how much of it Sophia Grojsman actually used. She went overboard didn't she? It's not a bad perfume but one has to apply with a light touch because this is one of if not the fiercest floral of all time.

Sophia was certainly inspired when she made this!

Paris by Yves Saint Laurent is an extreme floral fragrance, flowers on steroids. Imagine what flowers from the dinosaur age were like? They were enormous flowers so their fragrance must have been more powerful than the heaviest sillage in any perfume. This is a floral explosion of orange blossom, mimosa, rose, violet, iris, geranium, lily of the valley, jasmine, and linden blossom. These are flowers in Technicolor & it remind me of THE WIZARD OF OZ the moment when Dorothy steps out of the black and white color in the farm house and enters into technicolor Oz - those little houses, the little pond with the bridge, those rare colorful flowers in Munchkinland. It's a perfume for Glinda the Good Witch!

The excessive powdery florals are so out of synch with reality and whisk you away into a realm of fantasy. One wonders who could actually wear this perfume today. There are many who love this fragrance and it makes them feel good. I have spoken to many elderly women in retirement homes where I have performed recitals in the UK who feel this fragrance is youthful & like an elixir, it completes their day by getting whiffs of this perfume. I have also smelled it on some drag queens and transsexuals/cross dressers who see in this fragrance a theatrical showgirl type of personality. Indeed it is very showy & attention grabbing. Nothing shy about it. This is no shrinking violet. This is a singing violet. I have smelled it on female singers who perform on cruise ships, hotel piano bars, and have smelled it on ballerinas & opera singers. This is a gorgeous multi floral fragrance of dreamy, elaborate but hazy Impressionistic embellishment, like floral leaves & blossoms depicted in Art Nouveau.

When dry, the loudness of the flowers - out of which mimosa orange blossom linden blossom and the rose-violet-iris powder are the stars - finally settle down and soften into a green note, perhaps some vetiver, oak moss, sandalwood & musk. I think the top & middle notes and the first half of the performance of this perfume is much more pleasant and enjoyable than the strange musk & oily kind of greenery from the dry down. Smells like one has left behind the sweetness of the blossoms of a large flower & all that is left to smell are the green stems & leaves. There's sandalwood, very strong sandalwood, amber, and moss of oak. It is not quite a chypre because it is still so floral with a violet that turns juicier and increasingly more powdery. This is not too much of a boudoir scent either for lacking in subtlety.

This is a very beautiful day wear perfume of spring time. It is a volcano that has erupted and instead of lava it has thrown up flowers, thousand flowers. Paris by YSL is a perfume that takes some getting used to. Even for an experienced floral fragrance fan as myself, this perfume when first launched, was far too powdery & so much like actual rouge & make up that it made me feel like a prostitute. Then I thought there is no way that this perfume can turn heads - the other way - and it always did get attention positive attention from everyone, and compliments. This is not a warm or cozy scent. It's fresh, fragrant, and will be on you for hours so use it sparingly, lightly with just enough for you to enjoy throughout your day.

Nothing but love for Paris

I like to close my eyes & smell the flowers because now after over 40 years as a retired lady of leisure can actually smell the flowers. Paris YSL is enchanting and complex, with a lot of good smells. One thing I'd like to add this lacks fruit which also surprised me for an 80's perfume. No mandarin oranges, peaches, citruses, except for a few "citrus florals" or rather citrus scented florals like mimosa orange blossom and lime blossom linden blossom. So while not fruity it is still something of a sweet fruity floral because the flowers that are in it do smell of fruit namely oranges. As such this perfume is totally day wear in the summer time. Fashion: pink dresses, ball gowns, puffed sleeves, princess collars, floral print dresses, big skirts, hoop skirts, tiaras, sequins, jewelry, magic wands,

Gorgeous Glinda the Good Witch Perfume!


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