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Ositively their hands

Ositively their hands

Date: 18.10.2018, 21:45 / View: 44135
We are making a perosyamny machine with our own hands

The owners of private houses, almost always, contain a subsidiary farm and especially love to grow poultry. But from the moment when tiny yellow balls run around the yard, causing affection, and to a huge dish with an appetizing fried chicken, it takes some time, filled with troubles for care and cultivation and, by the way, in this gap there is a period when you have to slaughter a bird and to pluck. Some subtle natures of this process plunges almost into a deep swoon, but, nevertheless, can not do without it.

Plucking with your own hands, even for peasants accustomed to any kind of work, is not only unpleasant, but also quite lengthy and tedious. If you have to process two or three carcasses, then this is still wherever it goes, but if you need to score a dozen or two chickens to load into the freezer or take them to the market, it can take the whole night to go to work. And if we talk about farms, where we have to handle hundreds of carcasses, then there is no question of manual labor at all. And the industry, of course, took care of automating the process of plucking and launched special per-detachable machines to the market.

Do-it-yourself Punch Machine

Such devices allow tens of times to accelerate the removal of feathers from slaughtered birds, while the quality of work is quite high: the carcass completely gets rid of feathers and fluff, is not damaged and has an excellent presentation.

We are sure that every private poultry breeder would like to have such a device for plucking poultry, but its cost is quite high, and not everyone can afford it, and even with a small farm, its payback can take years. We suggest not to be upset about this, but once again to be smart and build such a device yourself.

Let's first take a look at what, in fact, is a perosremovable machine. This device, which operates on the principle of a centrifuge, consists of a drum, the entire inner surface of which, as well as the bottom, is studded with rubber fingers. The bottom of the permutable machine is not rigidly connected to the drum and is a separate movable part. The output tray is provided below, through which the removed feather comes out. The device works from a single-phase polutorakilovattnogo motor.

When plugged into the net, the bottom of the device begins to rotate rapidly, constantly turning the carcass, rubber fingers hook the feather and pull it out, the water flowing from above washes it through the outgoing tray to the outside. Literally in a minute, one or two hens will be cleanly plucked and ready for cutting. Bilny fingers for the self-made perisem machine

As you can see, the main working elements of the device are mobile fingers. It’s impossible to make them independently, so our per-removable machine will start being constructed with their purchase.

Bilge fingers for persoelem machine

For a car it may take up to 120 pcs. such elements. They are also not cheap - you will hardly be able to buy more than 3-4 rubber fingers for one dollar, but do not be upset ahead of time - in fact, this will be almost the only large investment in this project, everything else can be found in own farm.

When ordering bily, keep in mind that they come in different sizes and are selected depending on the type of bird. So, if you are going to pluck broilers, make sure that you are not sent the fingers of your own intended for quail. Assembling devices for plucking birds

You can use a plastic or metal round container, which should be about 80-90 cm wide and 70 cm wide, as a container, that is to say, a drum for a per-seed machine. Plastic should be very strong and metal not less than 1.2 mm thick. . The walls under the influence of blows of the carcasses should not bend or crack, and the rubber fingers should be fixed very firmly. Since the drum is still separated from the bottom, it can easily be built from the case of an old round washing machine.

On the bottom of the drum, about half or 1/3, and on the bottom, which is a circle, with a diameter similar to the capacity, bore holes are drilled with a wide drill, at a distance of 3-4 cm from each other. The diameter of the holes should be such that narrow, intended for installation, part, fingers tightly sat in the slots.

Installing the fingers of your fingers is quite a difficult task, seven pots will come down from you and you will broadcast several megabytes of profanity on the air as long as you set everything to its proper place. Some may facilitate the work of dipping the elements in some kind of slip-promoting liquid, such as oil or detergent.

do-it-yourself pen-caster assembly

Under the drum we make a wooden base and fix it on it. The base must be not only strong, but also very stable, since the work of the perassembly machine is associated with a fairly strong torsional vibration, capable of throwing the device in two bills on its side.

base for perassembly machine

Special attention should be paid to the bottom device. The photo clearly shows that it is a two-layer.

bottom of the machine

The lower circle not only supports the bilas from the bottom, but also consists in a rigid coupling with the transmission device.

do-it-yourself perosjem drive

The transmission is connected to the motor, which is recommended to be installed somewhat aside.

engine for the perosyamnoy machine

Since the work of the perassembled machine will be associated with the use of water, and the sprinkling can reach several meters, it is strongly recommended to protect the electric motor with a plastic apron that looks like an inverted pelvis or something like that.

Do-it-yourself Punch Machine

Everything, on this the manufacture of the perosyamny machine with your own hands is finished, it remains to try it. Turn on, throw in the drum pre-scalded chicken.

And after 30 seconds we get an excellent result.

 Bald Chicken

So, in 40 minutes we managed to get rid of 17 pieces of feathering. broilers.

We look!

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