Mittelmoda fashion competition

1 Opelika, 316 U.S. 584 (1942) (  deciding   a   conglomerate   of   several   comparable  cases) ; Schneider v. Irvington, 308 U.S.
2 Third, the market may not view the units   in   a   conglomerate   as   being   independent  of each other because the courts may ''
3 family businesses left that has not been swallowed up   into   a   conglomerate   .   The   barber  shop and shoe-repair shop remain small vestiges of
4 , he was for some years a senior executive   of   a   conglomerate   of   industrial   enterprises  that Sir Isaac Wolfson, a British
5 magazine, founded in 1945, became the foundation   of   a   conglomerate   which   includes   Jet  and EM magazines, and Fashion Fair Cosmetics
6 '' Can Bertelli adapt to the different demands of   running   a   conglomerate   ?   Can   a  control freak learn to delegate? His first step
7 the CEO of a large public corporation. Each   was   a   conglomerate   with   insipid   names  such as Trellco or Smith Greer, names
8 , Conor Cruise O'Brien explicitly defines nationalism as   ''   a   conglomerate   of   emotions   .  '' 8 (So, too, I add
9 The first was news that Sanlam 's industrial centerpiece   ,   a   conglomerate   called   Gencor   ,  was breaking up -- shedding its oil company,
10 hands of large conglomerates. The Bozano Simonsen group   ,   a   conglomerate   with   extensive   holdings  in finance and extractive industries,
11 and then jumped to the Chattanooga-based Dorsey Corp .    #   A   conglomerate   best   known   for  developing the 2-liter plastic bottle, Dorsey
12 executive of the WPP Group, the world 's   largest   ad-agency   conglomerate   .   MAJOR   JINGLE  The event and its live auction raised 0,000 for
13 British company that used to be the world 's   largest   advertising   conglomerate   ,   is   struggling  under the crush of debt. The WPP Group
14 corn breeding. Most other seed corn comes   from   agribusiness   conglomerates   .    #   ''  His success is based on the fact that his
15 as essentially identical : farmers and   huge   agribusiness   conglomerates   want   the   same  things, they believe. But in reality the
16 the soybean crop in other nations. Could a   big   agricultural   conglomerate   use   similar   information  against a competitor? We do n't know,
17 put a limit on how many TV stations media   giants   and   conglomerates   could   own   nationwide  , this bill guts that provision. Despite
18 capitalist long before industrial investment   groups   and   conglomerates   were   common   in  Russia. Of course, the rumors surfacedhe had
19 niche genres. Chuck D has a message for   the   AOL-Time-Warner-EMI   conglomerate   :   ''   Getting  involved with the Internet requires more heart, body
20 going to see more of this breaking up of   frequently   artificial   conglomerates   of   peoples   who  under the pressure of the cold war somehow held
21 documentary about the growing shallowness of mass   media   as   conglomerates   buy   news   and  entertainment outlets that choke off most of their
22 Communications, is backed financially by   several   Asian   conglomerates   .   And   it  won licenses covering twice as many customers as the
23 is by gift-giving. '' # The paths of   the   Asian   conglomerate   and   the   Democratic  Party first crossed in the late 1970 's in
24 are housed in a separately capitalized unit of   the   banking   conglomerate   .   They   have  , however, argued for different regulations on the
25 . # Vitale, former CEO of the West   German   Bertelsmann   conglomerate   's   Bantam-Doubleday-Dell   publishing  operation, arrived with
26 companies and ending the corrupt relationship between   many   big   conglomerates   and   the   government  . And both recognize that Korea must adapt to
27 It is -- but I like a lot of   these   big   conglomerates   that   operate   throughout  the world. The strong dollar was
28 championship, their owner, Viacom Inc., an      billion   conglomerate   ,   announced   its  unsentimental intention to sell the teams. The
29 Company, a 0 million subsidiary of the   .8   billion   conglomerate   .   Mays   ,  a member of the company 's Consumer Sector Operating
30 an hour. Since buying Stewart-Warner two years ago   ,   British   conglomerate   BTR   has   simply  continued the process, because when the company
31 that runs rampant in the state bureaucracy and   in   business   conglomerates   .   Likewise   ,  the press -- tied to business and state interests
32 Governor of Arkansas. # The Riady family ,   whose   business   conglomerate   is   known   as  the Lippo Group, had sent young Mr. Riady
33 . After all, he says, radio is   owned   by   conglomerates   that   do   n't  want someone like him on the air. #
34 Dittler Bros., a specialty printing firm owned by   a   Canadian   conglomerate   ,   produced   more  than 2 billion instant tickets for games in 13
35 netjets.. com. Flexjet is a subsidiary   of   Canadian   conglomerate   Bombardier   .   The  breadth of the Bombardier product line-from
36 of Trade, Florida Power & Light and the   very   civil   conglomerate   Mintz   ,   Levin  , Chon, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo.
37 one of the world 's major manufacturing   and   communications   conglomerates   announced   that   Jeffrey  Immelt will succeed Jack Welch as
38 , poetry or graphic design -- for a   diversified   communications   conglomerate   .    #   Now  , the company has become a star in Viacom
39 a regional director for China Jiang Su, a   massive   construction   conglomerate   with   offices   across  Angola. Xia has been in the country for
40 It is not the money made by professional athletes   and   corporate   conglomerates   .   It   is  not the great emphasis placed upon sport in America
41 as whole industries come under the control of a   few   corporate   conglomerates   .   The   challenge  for critically aware individuals is to
42 merger mania affect the news divisions of these   large   corporate   conglomerates   ?   Critics   say  fewer voices will homogenize the news, with
43 King George III. Now it 's the global   ,   corporate   conglomerates   that   dare   to  be our ruling sovereigns in this country and
44 industries. But Allied Signal is no longer the   creaky   cyclical   conglomerate   that   chairman   Larry  Bossidy took over in mid-1991. Under his
45 boom. The final three months of 2003 marked   the   defense   conglomerate   's   17th   consecutive  profitable quarter. For the year, profit
46 the compound 's two isomers. # '' Louis   Pasteur   discovered   conglomerate   crystals   while   working  with tartaric acid, '' Dowd explains. ''
47 necessarily a return to the excess-ridden ' 80s or   the   dopey   conglomerates   of   the   '  60s. But cross-industry takeovers hit a 10-year high
48 and cooperation. # The rise of the   Chinese   economic   conglomerate   is   important   not  only because of the economic opportunity it
49 . # More teams are becoming parts of media   and   entertainment   conglomerates   ,   such   as  Disney and Blockbuster Video, and these corporate
50 you put it, the world 's largest news   and   entertainment   conglomerate   ,   at   least  until next week 's merger produces a bigger one
51 agencies that oversee the activities of the   big   entertainment   conglomerates   .   Rule   No.  1 -- Attendance will be compulsory at directors '
52 record labels, like Motown, are controlled   by   entertainment   conglomerates   run   by   white  executives. The irony for Motown has been that
53 vision of creating a mini-Disney, a   diversified   entertainment   conglomerate   .    #   ''  Charlie 's doing a hell of a job,
54 time, if you 're fighting to get resources   from   entertainment   conglomerates   and   they   turn  to you and say, '' Why should we
55 is now a senior vice president of a   major   entertainment   conglomerate   in   Los   Angeles  . But 16 years ago, in the midst
56 become the top-grossing movie of all time ,   the   entertainment   conglomerate   reported   record   revenues  and earnings. But Disney also
57 , Jack, Wagner will assume more power in   the   family   conglomerate   and   tangle   with  both of his former sistersin-law. '' It was
58 said. # Fiat, a $ 50 billion   ,   family-controlled   conglomerate   ,   is   Italy  's largest private employer. It accounts for 5
59 's youngest son, heads one of the country   's   fastest-growing   conglomerates   .    #   Like  the president himself, the Suharto children are
60 Grade, then the millionaire boss of England 's   largest   film   conglomerate   ,   to   take  Billy and his friends on the inaugural cruise of
61 investment houses are nt just stockbrokers. They   are   financial   conglomerates   ,   offering   lots  of different products and services to lots of
62 made perfect sense because CITIC is one of the   largest   financial   conglomerates   and   we   would  like to be doing more business in China.
63 barriers that restricted the rise and reach   of   financial   conglomerates   .    #   And  he pushed through a provision that ensured virtually no
64 to the store and 85 cents to Citigroup ,   the   financial   conglomerate   hired   by   the  state to distribute welfare benefits through A.T.M
65 and determination of one individual rather than   a   food   conglomerate   that   has   more  of an eye for the bottom line than its
66 farmers, the politicians who represent them and the   huge   food   conglomerates   that   lobby   Congress  . # But that does n't deter Cordain.
67 the ubiquitous Butterball, a product of the   hydra-headed   food   conglomerate   ConAgra   ,   the  owner of such brands as Orville Redenbacher and
68 pathogens, executives at one of the world 's   largest   food   conglomerates   sold   it   to  other countries with lower standards than South Korea
69 U.S. bakeries owned by President Enterprises, a   Taiwanese   food   conglomerate   that   has   also  acquired the maker of Famous Amos chocolate chip
70 in jewelry distributor 1978. Built MacAndrews   &   Forbes   conglomerate   with   debt   financing  from Drexel Burnham. Fond of cigars.
71 by a local plaintiff and his local lawyer against   a   foreign   conglomerate   defended   by   an  out-of-state attorney. # But legal experts say
72 of Hewletts, Packards, insurance companies ,   and   foreign   conglomerates   .    #   by  Brigid Schulte # # Brigid Schulte is a reporter
73 the Clean Water Act. Every year Areva ,   the   French   conglomerate   that   handles   reprocessing  , dumps so much radioactive liquid
74 buy billions of dollars of American farm   commodities   from   conglomerates   like   Cargill   ,  Continental Grain and Comet Rice. Internal
75 envisions Edmonds Entertainment being   a   full-entertainment   conglomerate   ,   views   her  record- and film-producing ventures as
76 Corp. International, a mammoth ,   Houston-based   funeral-home   conglomerate    #   Waltrip   was  just entering his teens when World War II ended
77 Life & Style, which are owned by the   same   German   conglomerate   ,   Bauer   Publications  , they had Brad Pitt and Angelina breaking
78 helped Hoechst Japan, the local subsidiary of   the   German   conglomerate   ,   gain   a  share in a once-restricted government-sponsored
79 costly distortions, such as the subsidization   of   giant   conglomerates   (  jaebol   )  at the expense of small businesses, and the
80 be stuck in the middle of another lawsuit between   two   giant   conglomerates   .   All   they  want is to lead normal lives -- and they
81 and a less important portion of whatever   humongous   global   conglomerate   that   runs   the  overall enterprise, '' says Mr. Rather who,
82 two wires will soon be controlled by a handful   of   global   conglomerates   .   There   's  no talk about vision. They 're acquiring an
83 There is no heir or protege. No big   luxury   goods   conglomerate   like   LVMH   waiting  in the wings. No. No. No
84 his face so waited and freckled it seemed made   of   gravel   conglomerate   ,   rolled   his  eyes. # '' Pollution. It 's smog
85 , has treated Mamet well. '' Movies are   a   huge   conglomerate   ,   which   is  elected by the-if you want to take the Darwinian
86 # His answer : '' You do n't need   the   huge   conglomerates   to   come   in  and take over. Smaller farms truly are a
87 financial influence of China 's state-owned giants --   129   huge   conglomerates   that   answer   directly  to the central government, and thousands
88 suburban guy writing a weekly column into a   full-scale   humor   conglomerate   .   In   addition  to writing his syndicated column, which can be
89 union leaders, meanwhile, threatened to bring   the   Hyundai   conglomerate   to   its   knees  if police intervened in a strike at an auto
90 that Black 's portfolio -- which includes a heavy   weighting   in   conglomerates   ,   media   and  energy -- has n't prospered in the current market
91 ) We 're also recommending Illinois Tool Works ,   an   industrial   conglomerate   with   almost   a  century of smart acquisitions. The company makes
92 the Berwind Corporation. The   Philadelphia-based   industrial   conglomerate   is   well   known  to the people of McDowell : Berwind owns the
93 and chief economist for Dun & Bradstreet ,   the   information   conglomerate   .   ''   The  K-mart down the street from you, they 're
94 insurance rates are. # The big ,   out-of-state   insurance   conglomerates   are   set   to  destroy the checks and balances system that protects
95 a broader confusion over who actually controls   the   insurance   conglomerate   .   The   Treasury  and the Federal Reserve have both pumped vast
96 . In India, for example, large ,   vertically   integrated   conglomerates   dominate   the   clean-energy  industry, and in China, big
97 emotional base of Junki Yoshida 's   20-company   international   conglomerate   .    #   ''  I tired, '' he growls, his voice
98 how close the bank is to the securities unit   in   its   conglomerate   .   As   discussed  above, the direct relationship between the bank
99 refused to be interviewed. # Mitsubishi ,   the   Japanese   conglomerate   that   started   exporting  hardwood chips through the Beaumont
100 that pits not the United States against Japan but   two   Japanese   conglomerates   against   each   other  , conglomerates for which America is little
101 decisions inexorably followed. In 1980 ,   the   KKR-owned   conglomerate   decided   to   close  down a modem production facility in Canada and
102 greeted with airport signs for Samsung, the huge   South   Korean   conglomerate   .   Recently   South  Korea 's leaders began visiting Moscow and
103 of big loans or grants. In 1979 the   South   Korean   conglomerate   Daewoo   struck   a  deal with Desh Garments, a threadbare
104 manager Tom Jacobs, hired by the new owner   ,   Korean-based   conglomerate   LG   ,   found  leaking toxic gas lines and corroded exhaust pipes.
105 not as if a blind vendor is taking on   a   large   conglomerate   in   this   case  . # The state Department of Human Resources seems
106 Still, they created a tiered industry with a   few   large   conglomerates   and   scores   of  smaller players. # With its size and muscle
107 from the concentration of purchases in the hands   of   large   conglomerates   .   The   Bozano  Simonsen group, a conglomerate with extensive
108 of suspicion and betrayal and impeded the development   of   larger   conglomerates   .    #   ''  No one disputes that Russian crime is a worldwide
109 powerful lobbyists. '' # Under the media umbrella    #   Major   conglomerates   and   a   selection  of holdings, plus their 2003 revenue. (
110 open retail locations in Malaysia. Berjaya Group ,   a   Malaysian   conglomerate   ,   operates   consumer  marketing, hotel management, property
111 of Radio One (see page 100) ,   a   media   conglomerate   comprised   of   29  radio stations in nine of the top 20 Black
112 # In an announcement Oct. 6 ripping the FCC   and   media   conglomerate   Clear   Channel   Communications  Inc., Stern told his loyal
113 dollar bids for Hollywood 's last major studio   and   media   conglomerate   .   Why   do  they want it so badly, and what it
114 UBS Warburg. # Belo Corp. # The   Dallas-based   media   conglomerate   projected   slightly   higher  fourth-quarter results than
115 Milch says the FCC proposal would let just a   few   media   conglomerates   consolidate   their   control  over the TV industry, which means
116 reports may indeed present a conflict of interest   for   media   conglomerates   ?   I   believe  raising this question on a broad scale is vital
117 . By one count it is the world 's   fourth-largest   media   conglomerate   ,   after   Time  Warner, Bertelsmann and Capital Cities/ABC. The
118 , the privately held .3-billion-a-year   German   media   conglomerate   ,   had   named  him CEO of its RCA Music Group. It
119 still came in ahead of expectations. # The   giant   media   conglomerate   ,   whose   operations  include CNN, Warner Bros. and HBO, earned
120 independent newspapers are shut down or swallowed by   huge   media   conglomerates   that   control   many  publications. Even the Internet is becoming
121 is the product of the pro-Israeli bias of the   major   media   conglomerates   and   of   American  foreign policy. (n10) The promotion of the
122 the economic dictates of synergistic and   multinational   media   conglomerates   .   Moreover   ,  this is the Hollywood dong business after the
123 within the same corporate parent. As the tentacles   of   media   conglomerates   reach   further   into  many of the programs Americans watch,
124 by purchasing the CBS classical record company from   the   media   conglomerate   of   the   same  name. # The CBS title stays, of
125 year 's total. New York : Executives of   the   media   conglomerate   that   own   this  network are getting new business cards. AOL Time
126 for. # MEDIA # Tribune Co. files bankruptcy    #   Media   conglomerate   Tribune   Co.   filed  for bankruptcy protection Monday, as the
127 . # But Becton Dickinson, a $ 2.4   billion   medical-devices   conglomerate   ,   sent   the  FDA 11 pages of objections. # Although the
128 community, which always has had trouble   with   multi-industry   conglomerates   .   Technology   analysts  measured Tandy one way, retail analysts
129 2004, Viacom, Inc., the New York   based   multi-media   conglomerate   ,   parent   of  two television channels, CBS and MTV, a
130 such as the LeapFrog company   or   multibillion-dollar   conglomerates   such   as   Knowledge  Universe ; they can provide their products
131 are facing stiff challenges from   well-financed   multimountain   conglomerates   .   How   do  the Plausteiners plan to succeed where so many others
132 wo n't require the budget-or staff -- of   a   multinational   conglomerate   .   But   other  devices will likely suffer from the maladies that
133 most of the major studios have been subsumed   into   multinational   conglomerates   ,   there   is  now in Hollywood an appreciation of the pugnacious New
134 and its corporations became the model   of   multinational   conglomerates   ,   the   tendency  to incorporate parts of the Third World into an
135 's field were plentiful - if you wanted to   tell   multinational   conglomerates   where   to   dump  their toxic waste, how to store processed uranium
136 of cash cows is hurting ears at the five   major   music   conglomerates   (  Sony   ,  Universal, BMG, EMI, and Warner,
137 of them are now owned by about five or   six   national   conglomerates   .   BRAND   :  And who are their customers? Prof-KARGER : Well
138 consequences of recent studio takeovers   by   non-entertainment   conglomerates   ,   innovative   productions  , many of them featuring graphic
139 same time, studios have come increasingly under the   control   of   conglomerates   whose   executives   know  little and care even less about
140 existing rules. If local stations come under the   control   of   conglomerates   in   Los   Angeles  or New York, she says, local viewers
141 plugging and allows the filter to hold large   volumes   of   conglomerates   and   oversized   particles  . # Osmonics, Minnetonka, MN Phone
142 TOT -- 0.3 9 5.1% 3.1%   French   oil   conglomerate   is   shedding   noncore  businesses and beefing up exploration.
143 President, Treuhandanstalt : You probably know about   those   old   conglomerates   they   used   to  have here in former DDR. And they had
144 techniques, also controls a South Korean chaebol   ,   or   conglomerate   ,   called   the  Tongil group. He has used Tongil-affiliated
145 West Group, which in turn is owned by   Canadian   publishing   conglomerate   Thomson   Corp.   ,  the research service developed its own citator mittelmoda fashion competition
146 trade publishers are owned by seven   multinational   publishing   conglomerates   ,   every   one  of which is in business to make money,
147 division of the   one-billion-dollar   publishing   conglomerate   Random   House   ,  itself a part of the ten-billion-dollar Newhouse
148 . # '' The television station and the   Politika   publishing   conglomerate   are   two   of  the pillars of this regime - without them all
149 , living on the edge. Thus, the   big   record   conglomerates   imitate   the   grainy  , raw graphics of small independent labels,
150 with the advent of the staged concert. ''    #   Record   conglomerates   like   Warner   Bros.  , Capitol and PolyGram have active gospel
151 & Resorts from the troubled Saison group, a   Japanese   retail   conglomerate   .    #   Merrill  Lynch got a big break when Yamaichi Securities Co.
152 not renew their offer for the tobacco to   financial   services   conglomerate   .   BAT   Chairman  , Patrick Sheehy sp?, had always considered
153 not new. The industry tried and failed to   build   similar   conglomerates   in   the   1980s  . Now Wall Street is embarking on another frenzied
154 they finally had won as one and not as   a   single-man   conglomerate   ,   Michael   Jordan  confirmed what we knew all along. This was
155 of contentious matters inevitably affect such   a   sprawling   conglomerate   .    #   Viacom  's holdings include Paramount Pictures movie
156 . The most tangible results of that policy   are   sprawling   conglomerates   such   as   Hyundai  and Samsung, household names in Korea and many
157 will get billion in emergency funds to save   its   state-owned   conglomerate   ,   Dubai   World  , from default. And, on Wall Street
158 and see the waves at Waimea. He was   a   surfing   conglomerate   unto   himself   :  rider, author, television commentator,
159 limits to expansion : Far Eastern, like the   other   Taiwanese   conglomerates   ,   is   learning  that the island 's overheated economy cuts both
160 Mexico (TELMEX), the country 's recently   privatized   telephone   conglomerate   .   ''   We  're here because business is booming, '' said
161 . Today 's need for speed and flexibility also   means   that   conglomerates   ,   those   huge  , centrally controlled collections of diverse
162 country. ' # Still Mr. Lewis expressed optimism   about   the   conglomerate   he   has   built  , once the economy recovers. # ' '
163 and we got a lot of conglomerates, and   all   the   conglomerates   have   been   undone  now. I think it will remain to be
164 to do with the evil of any multinational conspiracy   and   the   conglomerate   of   world   leaders  and world bankers with their admitted ongoing
165 that sell personality with as much determination   as   the   conglomerates   .   Zac   Posen  was already thinking about a secondary line before he
166 regulations on the location of the securities unit   in   the   conglomerate   .   The   OCC  and the FDIC have manifested their preference for a
167 but he had no idea the crystals would be   of   the   conglomerate   type   --   a  mixture of two different forms, each containing only
168 the AOL Time Warner giant, controlling 3 percent   of   the   conglomerate   .   He   talks  about the 1980s and early 1990s, '' when
169 on the assets of another, legally separated unit   of   the   conglomerate   .   However   ,  there are exceptions to this rule. For example
170 with mounting losses in its reinsurance business ,   reduced   the   conglomerate   's   customary   double-digit  earnings growth to a very un-GE-like
171 policy, and a regulatory climate all crafted to   strengthen   the   conglomerates   while   weakening   farmers  . For shareholders and upper
172 leaking financial information and other sensitive data   to   the   conglomerate   ,   putting   the  hospital at a significant disadvantage for
173 are expected to be exceedingly difficult negotiations   with   the   conglomerates   that   own   the  networks and studios. Whether the entertainment
174 great one of the 1960 's, for example   ,   the   conglomerate   was   king   .  Companies like Litton Industries and Textron thrived
175 in Star Television from the Asian service 's founders   ,   the   conglomerate   Hutchison   Whampoa   Ltd.  and the Li family of Hong Kong. Hutchison
176 bidder for the Mirror Group emerged when Lonrho P.L.C.   ,   the   conglomerate   whose   chief   executive  is Roland W. Rowland, said it might be
177 said both will benefit from clearer identities .    #   The   conglomerate   's   varying   personalities  - once a kitchen-appliance maker, now
178 access to the safety net to the securities units   in   their   conglomerates   .   Leaving   aside  the question of whether such a subsidy exists and
179 of assets and services from the securities units   in   their   conglomerates   on   terms   that  favor these units. Given that banks ' transactions
180 . # SAB is n't scared. South Africa   's   third-largest   conglomerate   behind   the   Anglo-American  mining and De Beers diamond giants,
181 that expanded rapidly under the new economic policies   .   Those   conglomerates   concentrated   their   assets  in the very economic sectors favored
182 in many different industries, but   unlike   traditional   conglomerates   ,   they   let  each act independently unburdened by directives from
183 in credit cards. Now it 's a nearly      trillion   conglomerate   ,   the   Wal-Mart  of banking. (Voiceover) This is the iconic image
184 that gives banks the opportunity to choose between   the   two   conglomerate   models   ,   the  Fed proposes one that requires them to adopt the
185 Erin Brockovich : A single mom takes on a   giant   utilities   conglomerate   ,   but   she  's uneducated and broke. Little Miss Sunshine :
186 brochure could possibly accomplish? Here they are ,   a   vast   conglomerate   of   the   universe  's higher intelligence, and they believed
187 forward and take on the entire Persian empire ,   a   vast   conglomerate   stretching   from   the  Red Sea to the Caspian, from the Hellespont
188 and the -- the furniture would enva -- envision   this   vast   conglomerate   .   Mr-MADDEN   :  Yeah. Well, Chris is this vast conglomerate
189 , down 6% to ; 1.6%) ,   another   vexing-to-value   conglomerate   that   generates   .4  billion in sales primarily from textbooks
190 fantasy from New Line, part of the AOL   Time   Warner   conglomerate   ;   ''   A  Beautiful Mind, '' Ron Howard 's biography of
191 has gone through a dramatic upheaval in recent years   ,   with   conglomerates   gobbling   up   small  houses, while desktop publishing and
192 of Wall Street : He sold Universal to a   New   York-based   conglomerate   .   Sergy   remained  as titular head of Universal, but outsiders
193 in the music business and the other half of   the   ''   conglomerate   ''   testified   at  the Iowa trial that '' we never made any
194 of my ab iron were composed of graywacke ,   shale   ,   conglomerate   or   chert   (four  types of hard Franciscan mud). I
195 . Photograph TOP LEFT : LEN EICHLER (American   )   --   Conglomerate   Vessel   #22   ,  1988, grogged stonware, slab- and
196 . Photograph TOP LEFT : LEN EICHLER (American   )   --   Conglomerate   Vessel   #22   ,  1988, grogged stoneware, slab- and
197 to 101, according to the U.S. Department of   Commerce   .   Conglomerates   ,   benefiting   from  deep pockets and relaxed regulations, are
198 , once in a while feeling the train clatter   past   .   Conglomerate   is   not   as  stable as you might want. # The story
199 industry, from infrastructure build-out to water   treatment   .   Conglomerates   in   the   index  include GE, a company that presents problems for
200 She does n't mean cost-benefit analysis ,   Anglo-American    #    conglomerate   chief   executive   watching  men 's bodies piled # on one side of
201 sticks that the cost-benefit analysis for   his   350-hospital   conglomerate   shows   that   in  a '' worst case scenario, '' the death

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