Master class floral arrangement

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The author of the work: Sizikova Ekaterina Evgenievna, a primary school teacher of the Krasninskaya SOSH MBOU p. Krasnoye, Leninsk-Kuznetsky district, Kemerovo region

The master class is designed for children from 8 years and older.

Purpose: making gifts.

Purpose: the development of creative abilities.


1. To promote the formation of ideas about the new form of decorative and applied art - clipping - vytynanka. Familiarize students with the technique of execution.

2. Develop the imagination, thinking, creative abilities of each child; paperwork skills, eye, fine motor skills.

3. To cultivate accuracy, work culture.

Vytynanki - the art of cutting out of paper. This kind of art appeared long ago. Presumably in the 7th century in China. Although they say something similar existed in Tripoli culture. If we talk about the roots of the art of cutting out patterns from paper, then it must be said that it originated in the 9th century in China simultaneously with the invention and distribution of paper.

To work we need:

colored cardboard;

PVA glue;


ordinary scissors;

stationery scalpel;

Photo Frame;

color stencil (photo 2.).

cutting mat. Step by step making crafts:

1. First you need to select a drawing-template. It must be remembered that when choosing a template pattern, it is necessary to pay attention to the lines. It is necessary that they all do not connect as in a normal drawing, but rather consist of separate elements. You can use special templates for vytynanki, which can be found on the Internet. The template can be printed out on a printer, drawn independently or translated using a carbon copy, for example from a favorite coloring.

Recommendations: when the weaker students are determined with the template, you can paint over the figure with a simple pencil the areas that need to be cut so that it is easier to understand exactly which parts of the drawing you need to cut.

2. After you have decided and put the pattern on the paper, we begin to cut out our drawing. Do not forget to put a cutting mat under it.

We begin to cut the image below, cutting out all the parts in turn.

3. When cutting straight lines, you can use a ruler.

4. When all the details inside the template are cut, you need to cut the template along the contour.

5. So, our vytnanka is ready (photo 9.), we begin to select the background for vytynanka.

6. On the colored cardboard we glue our vytynanka (put glue on the side with which cut). As a basis, you can choose any color that you like.

7. In order for our gift to look original, put it in the photo frame.

Vytynanki - very exciting experience, beautiful, unusual and amazing!

Participant of the competition for teachers "The Best Master Class"

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