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We learned yesterday that the MBTA spent more than ,500 in taxpayer dollars to refurbish a billiards table so employees could play pool while on break, according to Herald reporter Dan Atkinson.

No, that is not a misprint: The MBTA spent more than ,500 in taxpayer dollars to refurbish a billiards table.

Manager of Customer Experience Projects Lisa Radosta ordered the repairs from Boston Billiards last year, according to emails obtained by the Herald.

There is a Manager of Customer Experience Projects at the MBTA.

She spends some of her time evaluating the condition of pool tables in the break rooms, apparently. MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo said the table in question was “in very poor condition.” According to Pesaturo, the break room area is a place where bus operators “can relax and unwind during their downtime,” and they enjoy playing pool.

No doubt they do, but the MBTA is playing the taxpayer. Service is lacking and fees and fares are sure to go up in the near future. The MBTA is mired in debt. Why is there a Manager of Customer Experi­ence Projects? And if there must be, shouldn’t she be managing the customer experience of the Massachusetts T rider rather than the pool experience of the break room Minnesota Fats?


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