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Artificial Bridal bouquet with their hands

Artificial Bridal bouquet with their hands

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Leading manufacturers of clothes in Ukraine buy faux fur in bulk and there are many reasons for this. Today you wear clothes made especially for you, and it’s time to choose a practical fabric of artificial origin for it or to pay for the expensive pain of little fluffy animals. Get wholesale and retail faux fur from the manufacturer in the store "Megatex"!

Buy artificial fur from the manufacturer in bulk and retail in Ukraine online store

Online store "Megatex" offers you to buy fake fur from the manufacturer wholesale or retail. Long, short and medium pile always available! Calm monochrome tones and bright stunning colors, standard and original textures, we have everything for your stylish look.
Fabric delivery is carried out from Zaporizhia throughout Ukraine: Kiev, Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk), Odessa, Lviv, Nikolaev, Kharkov, Kherson, Krivoy Rog, Mariupol, Donetsk, Lugansk, Odessa, Vinnitsa, Ternopil, Zhytomyr, Khmelnitsky, Poltava, Sumy, Uzhgorod , Cherkasy, Chernivtsi, Kropyvnytskyi (Kirovograd).

To date, this material has become very popular. First of all, it does not bring any harm to the environment. Modern technologies allow to produce fur, which is difficult to distinguish from the present. Fur, imitating natural, consists of a base and a nap. The main material for the creation of these components can be tissue of plant and synthetic origin. Cotton, wool, synthetic blends are the standard basis for a fur belt. Pile is obtained from fibers of exclusively synthetic origin: acetate fibers, lavsan, capron, nitron and other mixtures. As an exception, natural fibers (wool) can be used. Such products will be much more expensive.

How to get decorative fur

Artificial villi are made from recycled and dried fiber. The fiber composition may vary depending on the manufacturer. The resulting raw material is attached in a knitted, woven or non-woven manner to a soil base. The base may be cotton or wool. There is also a more complicated production method, when the villi are glued to the substrate with glue. Only a professional in this area will be able to distinguish the received first-class canvas from the natural one.

The color of the canvas and the length of the villi can be very different. It is worth noting that the palette of colors is found the most diverse. Various drawings and prints are also easy to apply. But the real fur is painted rarely enough, because it quickly loses its properties and can shed.

Various technologies are used to imitate a real nap. One of these is the treatment under the influence of high temperatures, which shrinks at different levels. As a result of heat treatment, a fuzzy surface is formed which is different in size, resembling a top coat and fluff. In addition, the factories are still painting canvases with the help of airbrushing techniques, layer-by-layer or stencil dyeing.

Inexpensive Faux Fur

Ukrainian online store "Megatex" offers to buy cheap faux fur. In the presence of fur lamb astrakhan fur, rabbit, sheepskin, velor, mink, muton, velboa, edge, scribe. Fur fabric in large quantities is presented in many colors and patterns. This material is suitable for tailoring, toys, upholstery and interior items.

This product can be purchased at a discount at retail and wholesale. Sending parcels is possible in any point of Ukraine. Why it is worth buying fabrics in the online store? Because here the lowest prices (UAH / meter), a large selection and excellent quality. The confirmation is provided by reviews of customers who leave their opinions and ratings after the purchase on the site. Photos of fabrics are real, there may be a slight difference in shade depending on the lighting.

Come and choose fake fur under the mink, Arctic fox or any other material cheaply and create your favorite clothes according to your own pattern. Megatex gives inspiration!

Faux Fur Properties

This is a fabric that is practically not erased and not worn out even with intense wear. It perfectly passes air, but at the same time keeps heat. Even during seasonal storage is not affected by microorganisms.

Thanks to the development of technologists, the heat-shielding properties of the synthetic fabric became equal to its natural counterpart, so that you can wear such clothes during severe frosts and feel comfortable outside.

The cost in the online store "Megatex" is another advantage. Buy cheap and sew a product of such material, now every woman of fashion can afford.

However, it is worth considering a number of negative points. It is easily wrinkled and may unevenly roll into balls or bunches. The intensity of the insulation depends on the type, the knitted base will better protect you from the winter cold in Ukraine.

At break, non-natural textiles get elongation, due to which individual parts are deformed. Sits down during storage or transportation.
Wholesale artificial fur can be bought in such colors: white, black, red, blue, green, purple, yellow, orange, blue, beige, cream, milk, cell, striped, melange, blue, burgundy, purple, gray, silver, red, green, pink, brown, gray, yellow, orange, lime, marsh, chocolate. Faux fur to buy wholesale in Ukraine in the online store

What to sew faux fur

The list should start with the most coveted subject of women's wardrobe - fur coats. Bright colors, classic designs, a sea of ​​styles and an affordable price are all about the fur coat.

Visit our online store where you will purchase such textiles cheaply in Ukraine. You should add an image with an accessory - a clutch or a bag, a boa or even warm headphones. Headgear from this type of textile does not go out of fashion.

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