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Knitted rugs crocheted from old things: how to make

Many thrifty housewives will find old clothes that are hidden in a secluded place. Do not rush to throw it away. Unload cabinets can be usefully. For example, use old things to tie a pretty rug out of them. Handmade products are not only unique interior items. The main thing is that the master's soul is embedded in them, which makes these things even more valuable. Old crocheted rugs: video

Knitted rugs crocheted from old things: how to make

The process of making a rug begins with the search for unnecessary things. It is necessary to select the appropriate elements of the wardrobe, sort them by color. It is important to present the future product in advance to think about its tones. After all, the choice of fabric depends on this. When the material is prepared, it is made of "yarn". But first you need to cut it at the seams, remove the extra thread. After the preparatory stage begins the process of manufacturing the product.

Video: how to make a “yarn” for a rug How to weave old rugs crocheted

When the unnecessary things that are planned to be turned into a rug are selected, you can proceed to the preparation of the basic material for knitting. Also need scissors, crochet hook large sizes. Clothing is cut into strips, the width of which is approximately 2.5 cm. Then they wind up into a ball, sorted by shade.

Knitted rugs crocheted from old things: how to make

Then you can begin to knit, but first you need to learn to unnoticeably knit the "yarn" among themselves. For this, cuts are made near one of the edges. Then the strips overlap each other to match the slots. The edge, located on top, is passed through the hole and is pulled from below. The result is a strong and neat connection.

To the note: It is possible to connect lanes in the process of work or in advance so as not to be distracted in the future.

Knitted rugs crocheted from old things: how to make

The knitting technique can be different: semi-columns, with the help of a net, hula hoop and other tools. The shape and color combination can also be varied. Crocheting rugs for beginners from rags: video

The simplest scheme of knitting is in a circle with semi-columns. This is the so-called "grandmother's" method.

Knitted rugs crocheted from old things: how to make

In this way, you can also make a product of another shape, for example, rectangular or square. It is advisable to use a hook with a long and sturdy handle.

Video: how to tie a rug out of unnecessary things

Another interesting, but, at the same time, simple way is knitting with a “half-cut”. For this purpose, stripes of old clothing are used approximately 20 cm long. In this case, it all depends on the size of the "weed".

It is necessary to prepare a special grid, which is in free sale in the store of building materials. A strip of fabric is “tied” to each cell.

Knitted rugs crocheted from old things: how to make

Rug just made of mesh material. For this purpose, a tablecloth or fabric of independent production is used. In the place where it is planned to make a foundation, slots are made in a checkerboard pattern. Then the strips of the same length are pulled using the hook through the slits. Upon completion of their ends are fixed.

Knitted rugs crocheted from old things: how to make

Note: Fabric strips should be slightly longer than the base.

The presented methods of weaving are quite simple in execution, do not require much time, and the result exceeds all expectations. Rugs from old things

The rug, knitted from unnecessary wardrobe items, has several undeniable advantages: lack of material costs; the ability to choose a design to your own taste; the speed of manufacture of the product; uniqueness.

But the main advantage is the possibility of using old clothes, which would still have to be thrown away, with benefit. There are many ways to weave rugs - from the simplest to the more complex.

Knitted rugs crocheted from old things: how to make

To make such products from old clothes and unnecessary rags is quite simple. It is only necessary to carefully read the instructions and follow all recommendations. Spending a little time, you can get a unique thing that will please with its appearance and create comfort in the house. It should be noted that many housewives create masterpieces using knitting needles, or do not involve tools at all in the work process, making weaving with their own hands.

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