K8 hardy fashion show

k8 hardy fashion show

I was working as the assistant to the head of personnel for the news division at
a major
network – you know, the one with the big eyeball logo. The word came in one day
that the
head anchorman was retiring, and my boss, Mr. Fredericks, was in charge of
finding his
replacement. Fredericks was one of those old-school types, the cigar-smoking,
lunch sort. When the network president met with him and suggested that the new
anchor for
the Evening News should be a woman, Fredericks was not happy. I guess he thought
women made great field reporters but weren’t cut out to be lead anchors. I’d
heard him
about “broads” taking over, and complaining about things like maternity

Fredericks told me to set up interviews with notable newswomen to audition for
the anchor
position. They had to be well-established in the business, and show up with a
tape of their
reporting work and be ready to do a test shoot. I spent a day on the phone with
the top
agents in the business and arranged a day of auditions with the people I
considered the top
in the business – Barbara Walters, Katie Couric, Connie Chung, Jane Pauley,
Sawyer, and Joan Lunden. Word must have spread about the auditions, because I
got a
call from the agent of Lisa Ling, who asked to set up an audition for her. I
wasn’t really
familiar with her work on “The View”, but her agent said she had a background in
for a channel that gets broadcast to schools, so I said she could come and

Fredericks had a mini-studio set up in his office for auditions, just a little
desk and a chair, and
a backdrop with the network logo on it. I arranged for one of the field cameras
to be set up
on a tripod so he could tape the auditions – it wouldn’t be broadcast quality,
but it would be
good enough to get an idea what the women would look like as anchors. I also
arrangements for the wardrobe department to send up an assortment of women’s
clothing –
suit jackets, blouses, skirts, in case he wanted to see them wearing different
outfits. I asked
him about setting up a place for the women to change clothes. “Just set up a
screen in my
office, we don’t need anything fancy,” he said.

The morning of the auditions came, and Barbara Walters was already waiting in
reception area when I got in at 9 – I guess she really wanted the job, and the
dollar salary that went with it. I offered her some coffee, then I took her
portfolio and tape in
to Mr. Fredericks’ office. He got in about 9:10 and a few minutes later buzzed
me to send
her in. On my desk, I ordered the other portfolios and tapes that the agents
had sent over.

I had spaced out the audition times throughout the morning, I figured each
audition couldn’t
take more than half an hour, but while the first one was taking place, most of
the other
women showed up. Maybe they all wanted to check out the competition. I soon
had the
top newswomen in the country all sitting in the reception area, talking with
each other over
coffee. They were all dressed in their finest, most professional outfits, and
in looking at them
all together I came to realize how attractive they were. I was starting to
understand why the
network brass wanted a woman anchor – given the choice of who I wanted to hear
my news
from, I’d take a hot babe over some toupeed old guy like Ted Koppel or Sam

Most of them had decided to dress pretty conservatively – Katie Couric and Diane
were wearing these Hilary Clinton-like pantsuits, Connie Chung and Jane Pauley
wearing knee-length skirts and matching jackets, and Joan Lunden must have come
over from hosting the Morning Show, since she was wearing some kind of satiny
dress, it
was almost like an evening gown, with a pretty high slit in the side. From where
I sat, I got a
really nice view of her legs as she sat there – I never thought of her as
particularly sexy, but I
had to admit she looked pretty hot in that dress!

All of a sudden, I heard raised voices coming from Mr. Fredericks’ office, and
Walters stormed out. She screamed back into the office, “I am a pwofessional
anchor, and I will not be tweated this way!” That speech impediment of hers
seemed to be
more prominent when she was upset. She got to the reception area where the
women were waiting, and they asked her what had happened.

“That man is a sexist pig!” she screamed. “I thought this was a sewious
audition, but he
asked me to unbutton my bwouse! I can’t bewieve it! They’re not looking for a
anchor, they’re looking for a piece of meat!” She collected herself and headed
toward the

I guess that Fredericks asked her to undo a button or two and she misinterpreted
it. Maybe
she was just trying to hide a case of “Turkey Neck” – I don’t think he’d really
ask her to take
off her blouse – or would he? What exactly was going on inside at these
“auditions”? After
Barbara’s exit, I expected the others to be wary of what was going on, I thought
one or two
of them might even leave with her, but instead they seemed more determined.

I showed Katie Couric in to Fredericks’ office, and by the time I got back, the
others had
started to realize that the interview was all about their looks. They started to
primp up – a
couple of them pulled out mirrors and checked their hair and makeup. Jane
Pauley had her
hair pulled back, but she took something out of it so it would seem longer.
Connie Chung
got up and adjusted her skirt, making sure it was straight. They were actually
willing to make
a beauty contest out of it!

Katie was in there for a good long while, and when she came out I showed Connie
into the office. I saw Fredericks changing the videotape on the deck attached to
the camera, I
guess he was putting each audition on a separate tape. Connie sat behind the
mock anchor
desk as I closed the door, and I went back to checking out Joan Lunden’s legs.

When Connie came out of the office, she was putting her jacket back on – I guess
it had
become hot under the camera lights so she had taken it off, but I started to
imagine that
something else had happened. It almost seemed like she was getting dressed
again after
a quick sexual encounter, and it made me think about what kind of audition I’d
like to put
some of these women through. I wished I were the head of personnel, I’d call
Chung or Katie Couric in, and ask them to strip for me if they wanted the job.
They’d have
to take it all off, and then pleasure themselves right in front of me, while I
got the whole thing
on camera.

My fantasies were kicking into high gear as I showed Jane Pauley into the
office, I imagined
I was taking her in to my fantasy audition, where she would be forced to strip
for me too.
She’d resist, of course, but I’d tell her she couldn’t have the job unless she
got completely
naked and touched herself for me while I filmed it. By the time I got back to my
desk, I had a
raging hard-on from thinking about Jane Pauley stripping naked and all the
things I would
then make her do.

Around 10:45 Lisa Ling showed up. She was also kind of early for her interview
– she
introduced herself to me and then went to sit with Diane Sawyer and Joan Lunden.
Compared with what the others were wearing, she was dressed pretty casual, in a
sleeved blouse, a vest and an above-the-knee blue skirt. I discreetly looked
over at her
legs when she sat down to talk with Joan Lunden. She was pretty cute, I really
liked that
long black hair.

After talking with the other women for a few minutes, Lisa got up and came over
to my
desk – had she caught me looking at her legs? She reached into her handbag and
took out
a videotape and placed it on my desk. “Can you switch this tape with the one my
sent over? This one has some new footage I had shot – special for this
Something about the way she said the word “special” caught my ear – but she
smiled at
me, and I agreed to swap the tape with the one that went with her portfolio.

Jane Pauley came out from her interview, and she was putting her hair back up –
this set me
off again, I imagined her getting dressed again after stripping for Fredericks,
and then I
thought about her stripping for me – I got Diane Sawyer into the office before
my dick got
noticably hard again. I went back to my fantasies about what was going on in
the audition,
then about making Diane strip for me, then I saw Lisa’s videotape again on my
I thought about what she said – “special footage” and imagined what that could

Well, this was all getting me pretty horny, and I thought maybe I could slip
away from my
desk a bit and find a place to beat off, thinking about all these beautiful
women and the
things I’d like to make them do for me. I slipped Lisa’s tape into a padded
envelope and
made like I had to go deliver it somewhere. I made sure Joan and Lisa were OK,
and told
them I’d be back in a few minutes.

I went down to the 10th floor, found an empty editing suite and slipped Lisa’s
audition tape
into the VHS deck and turned on the TV.

Part 2

I sat back to watch Lisa Ling’s audition tape, determined to see what was so
“special” about
it that made her want to substitute it for the one her agent sent over the day

The tape opened on Lisa on a stage, it could have been the stage of the “View”
show for
all I know, sitting behind a glass table, with a TV monitor behind her that said
Headlines” on it. She’d obviously spent some time setting this up, it looked
professional, there was even some theme music as this mock show pretended to
back from a commercial.

“Good evening, I’m Lisa Ling with the Evening News, and here’s a look at today’s

She seemed very well-rehearsed, and more elegantly-dressed than she had been in
office upstairs. Her hair was up in a bun, and she was wearing a dark jacket
over a white
blouse – I couldn’t really see her legs but she could have been wearing a dark
skirt with it.

“Tonight we have a special report on global warming. World leaders met today to
the emissions problem and what its effects on the environment may be. It is
believed that
if the problem is not addressed, the population may begin to feel rising
temperatures in
some regions of the world.”

As she spoke, she was unbuttoning her jacket, and slowly removing it. My mind
racing – it fit the story since she was talking about warming weather, but was
it a coincidence,
or was she going somewhere with this?

“In a related story, the energy crisis is expected to increase demands this
summer for
power and gasoline. Federal officials are predicting LONG lines at gas stations
as we
begin the travel season.”

Lisa reached up and removed the clip from her hair, which fell to her shoulders
as she
punched the word “long”. She had planned this out pretty well, but I couldn’t
believe what I
was seeing – it was like watching someone stripping while reading the news! I
had to stop
the tape and wonder how far she was going to take this. I grabbed some napkins
from the
table – since I was already pretty worked up from thinking about the women
upstairs, if this went any further I was going to have to do something about

“Next up is our fashion report. Several designers released their fall fashion
lines this week,
and the word from the Paris and Milan fashion shows is that frilly blouses are
‘out’ this fall.”

She practically tore off her blouse to coincide with the word “out” – either it
had been stuck
together with velcro, or she had loosened those buttons so they’d pop off.
she had on a simple black bra, almost like a bikini. I made sure the door was
locked, then I
pulled down my zipper and pulled out my dick – this was too much! A private
strip show
from Lisa Ling, and I had it on videotape! I started beating off as she
continued with her
“Special Report”.

“Also, women’s hemlines are expected to be higher this fall as the European
have decided that the long-legged look is “in” this year.”

Lisa stood up and reached down, lifting up her loose skirt, and basically
turning it into a
miniskirt. The camera pulled back so as she sat back down, her legs were in
view through
the glass table. Now that her skirt was so short, I was really getting a great
“View” myself of
those long legs of hers. I paused the video as she crossed her legs, and saw a
shot of what looked like some black frilly panties. I was working myself pretty
good with my
hand at this point, with my other hand on the remote so I could freeze-frame the

“Now for a look at today’s weather – humid summer weather is expected to
throughout most of the country today. Record temperatures are forecast for the
New York
area, so it might be a great day to hit the beach and try to beat the heat.”

She reached off camera and grabbed a bottle of lotion as she was talking. She
slipped the
shoulder straps of her bra down past her shoulders and started rubbing some
sunblock into
her shoulders.

“As always, be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen if you’re planning to be
exposed to the
sun for long periods of time.”

As she said “exposed”, she untied the straps and pulled off her bra, revealing
her perky
little tits. I paused the video at the sight of those little nips and I almost
shot off. They were
gorgeous, and I had paused her in the middle of tugging off the bra, so they
were in mid-
bounce. She was looking up at the camera with a devilish little smile, like she
was teasing
me. I enjoyed the image for a minute or so before I continued. I reset the
video counter so
I could find that image again if I wanted to.

“Now, a look at the political scene. Polls were released today giving President
Bush a
favorable rating of 57%. It seems that America likes ‘Bush’, but with the
President taking a
2-week vacation, people may be wondering when they’ll see more of ‘Bush’.”

Unbelievably, Lisa was working her hands down into her skirt, actually reaching
to touch
herself through her panties as she was emphasizing the word “Bush”. God, was
she about
to show her own “Bush” to the camera?

It sure seemed that way, as she swung a leg up onto the glass table, revealing
some black
stockings that went about halfway up her thigh. As she did this, her skirt got
hiked up, and I
could see her black panties – she was rubbing herself off right in front of the

“Before leaving on vacation, I sat down for a very…revealing…interview with
Bush. We
spoke in…depth…about some of the issues surrounding his foreign policy.”

She pulled the panties aside, “revealing” more than I imagined she would – with
her skirt
hiked up, I could see her whole pussy as she ran her fingers over it – and as
she said
“depth” she began sticking two of her fingers right up into it, and moving them
in and out.
It seemed like taking off her clothes in front of a news camera was getting her
pretty worked
up, and it was starting to show in her voice as she was fingering herself.

“President…Bush….mmm…and I spoke about what steps would be necessary to
the…tension…in the MidEast…mmm… Bush detailed his plan for a series of
missiles that could be placed on the border between Israel and the Palestinian

I sat there, shocked in disbelief, as Lisa reached over to the table,
off-camera, and
picked up a long, silver vibrator. Not only was she getting excited by her
she seemed like she was determined to put on the best show she possiby could.

“The peacekeeper missiles would be situated right in the middle of the
territory…oh!, and
could be deployed with….nnnhhh….very little
lines…again….and again! With great…unh…FORCE if necessary, in order to
bring about
a…oh, yeah! resolution to the Mideast tension…”

She was forcing the vibrator up into her pussy, and her other hand was up on her
tits and
pinching her nipples. She was getting so worked up I thought she was about to
fall off the
chair, but despite the growing moaning she never stopped delivering the news!
swung her other leg up and slid off her panties, then put both legs up on the
table and
leaned back in the chair.

“Bush…pledged to….mmm…concentrate on the areas of his…policy that needed

With one hand she was spreading her pussy lips, and with the other she was
moving the
vibrator around, sometimes holding it on her clit for a few seconds, then
pumping it in and
out again. Meanwhile I was pumping my own “missile”, and I paused the video
while the
vibrator was as far up her as possible, and I shot my load into a handful of
napkins while
staring at that hot little cunt on the screen.

When I started the video again, it seemed like the pretense of actually reading
news was
over – Lisa was in full enjoyment mode, almost over the edge as she pumped the
up into her pussy. Finally, she pulled it out and held it on her clit, and her
screaming started
to build up until she came. When she came, she threw her head back and whipped
long hair around, either she just had a mind-blowing orgasm or she had a second
waiting for her in adult movies!

She regained her composure and looked at the camera again, but she kept a couple
working on her nipple as she came down.

“I’m Lisa Ling, and those are tonight’s top stories. I hope you enjoyed my

Oh, I sure did, Lisa. And I was very impressed at what she did to put it
together – in
addition to planning out the stories and writing copy that tied in with her
actions, she either
had to get a whole camera crew to set this up and film it, or she did the whole
thing herself,
with a remote camera – either way, it was a lot of work.

But never mind that – it was HOT! I had an x-rated tape of a celebrity
newswoman in my
hands, now what was I going to do with it? Besides jack off to it, that is.

I realized that the interview with Diane Sawyer was about to end, and I had to
get back to
the office soon. I ejected the tape and ran for the elevators.

Part 3

I made it back to my desk before the Diane Sawyer interview ended, and then I
faced my
dilemma – should I put the Lisa Ling “audition” tape in the stack for my boss to
see, or
should I keep it to myself? Chances are, my boss wouldn’t even look at them,
he’d just
pick the woman who put on the best “performance” in his office, whatever that
Maybe one of the women would put out for him and get the job.

Joan Lunden went in to the office and only Lisa Ling was left in the waiting
area. I stared at
Lisa, thinking about how hot she looked on the tape, taking off her clothes and
in front of the camera. Never mind that, she looked hot just sitting there in
the waiting room!
She seemed really confident as she sat there, reading a magazine – I guess she
knew she
had the hottest audition tape of all the candidates!

I turned away so it didn’t look like I was staring at her, but just thinking
about her with that
vibrator in her pussy, fingering her clit, was getting me hard again. The
amazing thing to me
was that she never stopped reading the news. If only the network news could be
more like
that tape!

I had heard some of the guys in the research department talking about something
on the
internet called “Naked News”, where some women read news stories while taking
off their
clothes. I would have to check that out to see if it was as hot as Lisa’s tape!

I got so worked up thinking about Lisa I forgot to imagine what was going on
inside Mr.
Fredericks’ office – what could he be making Joan Lunden do in there? Maybe I’d
have to
sneak back in the office at night and watch all of the audition tapes, ending
with Lisa’s special

Joan Lunden came out of the office, and I saw her sort of straighten her dress
as she walked
out. I guess he had her trying on something else for the cameras, but that
satiny dress she
was wearing was really kind of slinky on her, making her look really hot. I
could see myself
taking another “bathroom break” when the auditions were over…

Lisa Ling went in the office, and I gave her portfolio and tape to Mr.
Fredericks. Hopefully I
could find some way to make myself a copy of her tape, without letting him know
that I had
seen it. I sat at my desk and pretended to check the e-mail as I thought about
what could
be going on in Fredericks’ office – was Lisa giving him a private show? How far
would she
go to get this job?

Her interview seemed to be taking a long time, but eventually she came out, and
right past my desk. She gave me a wave and a smile, and I got turned on all
over again.
After she passed, I watched that sweet ass and those long legs walk to the
elevators. She
seemed so sweet and innocent, who knew she was such a dirty girl?

Mr. Fredericks came out of his office and told me he was leaving early for the
day, and that
he would be away at a conference for the next few days. He asked me to take the
tapes down to the dubbing room, and to have the research department do some
tests on
the different women, maybe a focus group to see how people reacted to each one
the news.

I went into his office and saw the pile of audition videos next to the camera
aimed at the
mock news-desk. I picked up the stack of tapes and as I turned around, I saw
another stack
of tapes on Mr. Fredericks’ desk, probably the tapes that the women brought with
On top was Lisa’s audition tape, and here was my chance to grab it for myself –
though I’d
love to see the reaction of a focus group to her x-rated tape! No, I decided
that I’d have to
keep that tape for my…personal use. Maybe I could call her agent and ask for
another tape,
I could say there’s something wrong with this one. That way Fredericks wouldn’t
notice that
her tape was missing.

There was another tape, on a table behind his desk, labeled “auditions”, with
the date on it.
I wondered if this was more footage that needed to go down to the research
dept., so I put
it in his VCR and turned on the TV. I didn’t see anybody on the tape, and I
didn’t see the
newsdesk, but then realized I was seeing the back of the screen he had set up.
bastard must have had another camera running, set up to record the women

I could see the rack of clothes behind the screen, but nothing was going on. So
I fast-
forwarded the tape, and after a while I saw someone zip behind the screen and
back out,
so I ran it back – it looked like Katie Couric came behind the screen and
grabbed a jacket off
the rack, then went back out. I forwarded the tape again, until I saw her
again. This time, she
stepped all the way behind the screen and took off the jacket, then she started
her blouse!

Oh, this could be really great – it looked like Fredericks actually managed to
get footage of
Katie Couric, morning talk-show host and “America’s Sweetheart” taking off her
clothes! I had
to pause the tape and go lock the door to his office if I was going to watch
this! Just thinking
about what I might see on this tape was getting me excited! I rushed back to
the VCR and
advanced the tape, but very slowly – I wanted to enjoy this as much as possible.
she was unbuttoning her blouse, first the top button, then the second, and
before long the
blouse was hanging open and I could see the middle of her white bra beneath.
frame, her hands reached up to the top and pulled the blouse down over her

There she stood, Katie Couric, in a lacy white bra, unaware she was being
She had nice breasts, not big but well-shaped. She looked like she was trying
to decide
between two blouses, and she held each one up to the camera, which I guess was
behind a mirror. She settled on one, slipped it on, and went back out into the
office. A few
minutes later, she came back and changed back into her original blouse and left

I fast-forwarded to the next woman, Connie Chung, and hoped I would be seeing
more of
her. She stepped behind the screen and tried on a few jackets, then went back
out into the
office. She came back pretty quickly, and she seemed to be checking to see if
her skirt
went with her jacket. She looked on the rack and seemed to find something she
liked, then
she reached for her waist, and started undoing the clasp on her skirt. Then she
the skirt and it slipped down to the floor, and she was facing the camera in a
white slip from
the waist down. She stepped into the new skirt and turned around in front of
the mirror.
For an older woman, I’d say she had a pretty nice ass. She went back out into
the office,
and I got the feeling I wouldn’t be seeing anything else exciting from her, so I
forwarded the

I got to the point where Jane Pauley stepped behind the screen, and it wasn’t
long before
she was taking off her jacket and blouse. I don’t know what Fredericks was
saying to these
women to get them to change their clothes, but he seemed to be getting bolder.
undid the top buttons on her red blouse, then she started to lift it over her
head. I paused
the tape as the blouse went over her breasts, and I got a good look at her
breasts in her
dark bra. Her tits were larger than Katie’s, and I couldn’t believe I was
getting such an eyeful
of them. She held up the white blouse, and realized that her bra would be
visible through
it, so then she put down the blouse and her arms reached behind her back.

I was almost wishing I hadn’t jacked off to that tape of Lisa Ling – I couldn’t
believe I was
watching a video of Jane Pauley, about to take off her bra! I had to pause the
tape, this
was a moment I wanted to savor, though it was sweet agony waiting to see her
She was mostly facing away from the camera, so as I slowly advanced the tapes I
saw her
hands reaching for the clasp of her bra, and her fingers snapping it open. As
she did this,
her shoulders were back, so her breasts went forward and looked larger. I saw
her naked
back as the bra straps came loose and slid forward, then off of one shoulder and
Slowly, the cup slid down her right breast, and I paused the tape again as I
first saw her
pert nipple. Finally the bra came off all the way, and as she turned toward the
camera, I got
a great view of her full set.

The most incredible turn-on came from seeing the familiar face of a news
anchorwoman, on
a completely topless body. Did Fredericks know what he had here? Had he
watched the
tape, and if so, why did he leave it here? I could think of a few tabloid
newspapers and
magazines that would love to run topless shots of celebritiy newswomen – but how
explain the circumstances? Certainly the women would recognize the footage as
from the
auditions – no, I could probably make myself a copy of this video but I didn’t
see how I
could possibly profit from it.

All these thoughts came to me, and still the image of Jane Pauley’s beautiful
breasts was
paused on the monitor. I wanted to see more, I imagined her standing before me,
removing all her clothes and giving me a private “fashion show”. But instead I
watched as
she held up the white blouse in front of her and looked in the mirror, making
sure that it wasn’t
transparent enough to allow her bare nipples to show through the fabric.
Satisfied that they
weren’t visible, she put the blouse on and a jacket over it, and stepped out
from behind the
screen. I fast-forwarded, knowing I could see her take the blouse off again
too, but when
she did all I was able to see was her back – oh, well, I could go back later and
watch her
again as she put the blouse on.

I forwarded the tape until I saw the next woman auditioning – this was Diane
Sawyer, in her
very elegant suit-like outfit. I guessed that this outfit did absolutely
nothing to turn Fredericks
on, so he sent her back to find something more feminine, as she was looking at
some frilly
blouses and long skirts from the rack. When she was satisfied with her choices,
she turned
toward the mirror and took off her suit-jacket, then she took off her shoes and
unfastened her
slacks. The slacks slid down, and I paused the video again – there she stood in
her blouse,
which hung down to her upper thighs – I was dying to know what was under there,
and again
I imagined I was getting a private performance, instructing her what to take off

“That’s it, Diane,” I said. “Now, unbutton your blouse, let’s see what you’ve
got under there.”
As if she were following my instructions, she began to unbutton her shirt,
slowly revealing
flashes of skin in the mirror as it popped open. I could see hints of her pink
bra and panties
as she unbuttoned the shirt, then she pulled it open, and I was awestruck by her
figure, barely concealed by her very thin lingerie. She had the body of a
fashion model –
and she was wearing less than most women in a Victoria’s Secret catalog. It
wasn’t too hard
to imagine what she looked like completely naked, and in fact in my “fashion
show” fantasy,
she kept taking her clothes off until she stood before me stark naked and ready
to do
whatever I asked…

But, back in the real world, she started to put on the outfit she had chosen,
and went back
out into Fredericks’ office for her test shoot. By now I knew the routine, she
came back in a
few minutes to change again, and I got another eyeful, admiring her high-cut
panties from the
back as she bent over to pick up her slacks. Right in front of the camera was
Sawyer’s beautful ass, with a thin strip of material barely concealing the area
between her
legs – the shot couldn’t have been better planned! I imagined being in the room
with her as
she bent over, and reaching down to move her lacy panties out of the way so I
could see
her sweet pussy and do whatever I wanted to it. As she stood up again, I
reaching down to her back and unclasping her bra as I slipped into her from
behind. That
ass was such a beautiful shape, I just wanted to grab it and hold it as I thrust
myself into her,
maybe spank it a few times while I did so. I would have to watch this later on
a larger
screen and freeze-frame the image again, just to get a better resolution on the

My fantasy came to an end as she pulled the slacks back up over her beautiful
rear end,
and then turned to pick up her blouse and put it back on. She left the
dressing-room area,
and I forwarded the tape again to the next auditioning newswoman – Joan Lunden.
was wearing that satiny dress with the high slit that made me start thinking of
these women in
such a sexual way in the first place.

I guess Fredericks had been trying to audition these women in two contexts –
anchorwoman clothes, and also “glamour” outfits, since the ones who came wearing
were asked to change into dresses, and vice versa. So Joan picked out a gray
and a long black skirt, then turned toward the mirror and started to slip off
her satiny dress.
Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to see much of Joan Lunden, but I was still pretty
turned on
from watching the other women – the dress came off to reveal a sort of corset
complete with a garter belt holding up her stockings! I’ve always been
fascinated by garter
belts, and the type of women who wear them – I had no idea Joan Lunden would be
of them!

Maybe it was the effect that the corset had on a woman’s body, maximizing the
bust and
such, or maybe it’s just the overall “naughtiness” of the corset, and the mental
connection to
certain things like bondage and s&m – I tried to reconcile the wholesome image
of Joan
Lunden with my impressions about women in corsets. Maybe this represented side
of her
that very few people got to see. She didn’t look very much like a dominatrix,
but I still
imagined her giving me a private “fashion show” and not taking my instructions
very well –
maybe she’d start giving me a few instructions and end up directing the “show”.

After I drifted back to reality, I forwarded the tape again, only Lisa Ling was
left to audition –
but I had already seen just about all of Lisa that there was to see on her
“audition tape”.
Somehow that made it a little less of a turn-on, knowing that I had already seen
her naked, at
least not as exciting as seeing Katie Couric or Jane Pauley in their underwear.
I had pretty
much determined that Lisa was a sexual “free spirit”, which is generally a good
thing, but not
as hot to me as seeing a woman with a more wholesome image naked, even if she
know I’m watching. Especially if she doesn’t know I’m watching….

Lisa, however, wasted no time in getting behind the screen and taking off her
clothes – but it
was almost a “been there, done that” feeling to me by now – I could probably get
enjoyment from watching my copy of her audition tape again, which I planned to
do as
soon as I got home. I was surprised, however, when it seemed like she wanted to
take her
bra off, but couldn’t quite reach it – this didn’t make sense, how could she
have put the bra
on if she couldn’t reach it? But she poked her head out into the office, and
then turned
around – I saw Fredericks’ hands reaching behind the screen to unfasten her bra!
Wow, she
was putting the moves on Fredericks! I guess she figured she’d have more of a
chance of
winning the position if she turned him on…

She slipped off her bra, and stood there topless – she looked right up into the
camera and
put her hands on her breasts, then put her index finger in her mouth to wet it,
and started
fingering her nipples. She knew she was being videotaped! She made sure that
nipples were solidly erect, then she found a sheer blouse, she evidently wanted
to make
sure that Fredericks got a good show!

She went out into the office, and I can only imagine what kind of show she put
on out there –
if it was anything like her audition tape, then Fredericks got exactly the kind
of private
performance that I was fantasizing about! Who knows, maybe he got more than a
Just how far was Lisa Ling willing to go to become the new anchorwoman?

I remembered that a long time had passed while Lisa was auditioning – I didn’t
know if there
was any more “material” on her actual screen test, but I’d have to check that
later. Eventually,
Lisa came back behind the screen to change her clothes again – I couldn’t tell
from her
appearance if anything unusual had happened, but after getting dressed again,
she blew a
kiss to the camera! Yeah, she definitely knew something was going on.

Come to think of it, Fredericks left early, right after Lisa’s audition. Maybe
he was going to
meet her somewhere for an “audition” of another kind. And my question was, how
was this
going to affect his decision?

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