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How to make you afraid

How to make you afraid

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Everyone knows how to make a hat out of paper for painting using simple schemes. In the extreme case, intuition will help here: in childhood, paper steamers and boats were put together by many, it is in their likeness that a simple hat for repair is rolled up. But the art of folding origami paper does not tolerate monotony or a flat approach. There are a lot of methods for folding paper hats, and you shouldn’t forget about figurative thinking: you can roll up a military field cap for children, fold a pirate tricorn for a boy, make an original hat with a brim or a paper cap with a visor for walking - there are a lot of variations for playing and everyday life. Choose any pattern of folding hats below and get down to business soon!

Do-it-yourself paper cap Required Materials

Origami headwear is made from any handmade paper. They can be folded from a newspaper or used unnecessary scrap of wallpaper - so unassuming is the origami cap in the material of performance. Take yesterday's "Izvestia" or simple office paper - it does not matter. Much more significant is the decor, thanks to which a hat made of paper will acquire a thematic affiliation (pirate, gentleman, cowboy). To decorate the headdress, use feathers, any applications, drawings and inscriptions, buttons and any other handy parts. So a simple paper cap will easily become a pioneer, and army, and even naval. Samurai Paper Helmet

Samurai Paper Helmet

Let's first decide on the appointment of our future paper cap, and then immediately proceed to its manufacture. For children in the game, for example, samurai helmet is perfect. It is surprisingly simple. Our step-by-step instruction will help make the child happy with a new game attribute in 2 minutes. Let's start?

Samurai paper helmet Prepare a sheet of paper in the shape of a regular square (see fig. 1). Fold the sheet diagonally, and turn the resulting triangle into a square, bending the acute angles to the top; Bottom corners of the "front" side bend to the opposite corner, and then again bend the upper corners outward, forming the "ears" protruding beyond the boundaries of the blank; Japanese paper cap is almost ready. Bend the lower corner of the upper plane up, slightly overlapping it on the bends of the workpiece, tuck the bottom again, fixing the shape; Flip the cap to bend to the top of the “extra” angle from the reverse side, unfold the product — you learned how to make a paper cap with your own hands for your shogun's restless.

By the way, for a complete set you can also make a paper star shuriken. homemade cap

Origami cap - a thing universal. Its role binding depends solely on how it will be decorated by you (painted, painted). Let's figure out how to make a paper cap. Look at the figure below - a detailed analysis of the scheme will tell about the process in detail. In fig. 2 specifically shows how to make a paper cap from a newspaper, since its standard turn sets a sufficient size of a hat on the middle head. So:

Origami paper cap Folded origami cap from a rectangular sheet. Fold it in half, and then fold in the upper "closed" corners of the convolution, bringing them together corner to corner, face to face (see. Fig.); Upper "side" tuck up twice, then turn the workpiece. On both sides, bend the plane to yourself, setting the desired size (we make the foil for yourself, a teenager, a small child); Fold the lower edge of the blank to itself without an overlap on the protruding folds, unfold the edge and bend its corners along the outlined line of the new fold; Double bend the bottom plane upward, closing all previously performed bends. In fact, the paper cap is ready; Turning the blank, bend the top of the convolution downwards, equaling it to the base of the blank. Then fill this limb over the side of the convolution, straighten the product - you have the pioneer cap in your hands. It was possible to make a paper cap with your own hands in just a couple of minutes. Hat with brim

If you make the cap turned out in two accounts, see how to make a hat out of paper with your own hands (Fig. 3). The task is elementary simple:

Paper Hat with Brim Make a correct square out of a newspaper, fold it diagonally, then in half and once again in half - we make a rough outline; The future origami hat returns to the stage of a folded square. “Closed” corners turn inwards without connecting bends along the edges (see fig.); Fresh bends need to open from the inside and press through the plane of the workpiece. Turn the product face down and fold the edges towards the previously marked fold lines. Bend to the "sides" on each side.

Spectacular homemade hat folded at its best! It remains to straighten it, slightly push the dome and, of course, show the children how to make a paper hat for the upcoming walk in the park. Paper cap

Fig. 4 shows how to make a hat with a visor out of paper or, as people say, an ordinary baseball cap. We will make a paper cap with a visor, using a standard newspaper spread.

Do-it-yourself Paper Cap “Closed” corners are bent inwards, bringing the corners and edges together. Bottom side twist out twice (see also how to make a cap like a paper cap - a similar scheme); On the reverse side, bend the corners-clamps, then bend down the planes on both sides, focusing on what size the cap is required (universally - orientation to the center); We continue to understand how to make a paper cap with a visor. Fold the lower plane along the edges. From it we bend inside the doubler corners, they will need to be turned inside the workpiece (see fig.); Turning the roll down from the "face", bend a larger angle to the lower edge and fill it behind the "rim". Straighten the cap, tucking the side corners behind the sides. Now it is not a secret for you how to make a cap from the spread of yesterday’s newspaper.

Do you know how to make a paper hat out of paper for distant, of course, game, voyages? It will not be a paper hat with a visor, not a cap, and not a samurai helmet at all. In fig. 5 shows how the headdress of paper in the image of a paper boat.

Sea paper cap

It's funny, but this is a cap from the scheme of the boat, only with narrowed sides. So now you know not only how to make a cap from a newspaper reversal, but also how to fold the cap of the navigator while making paper boats. There are still lots of articles on origami with interesting and surprisingly useful homemade products. Moving on? Share in social. networks

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