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How to find out which video card is on the computer?

The question, though primitive, is often asked. In fact, it is quite simple to see which video card is installed on your computer.

The first and more professional way is to use the EVEREST program. In the "Menu" tab, select "Devices - Windows Devices." On the right, click on the label "Video adapters", see picture:

Which graphics card is installed.

At the bottom of the window, we can even observe the main parameters of our video card:

If you do not really want to install this program, you can use the standard Windows tools. To do this, click Start - Control Panel - System. Go to the “Hardware” tab and click on the “Device Manager” button, then click on the “Video adapters” label and observe the name of our video card.

By the way, with the help of the program EVEREST, you can find out information not only about the video card, but practically about all the components of your computer.

If the drivers for the video card are not installed, you can find out its model and manufacturer by reading the article "How to find drivers by device instance code"

Update as of May 1, 17

I wrote this article back in 2010. Seven years have passed and during this time more than a million people have read it. In this regard, I decided to give this publication a new life. As long as the information here is mainly for Windows XP, I’ll add two more items for Windows 7 and for Windows 10. Recognize your video card in Windows 7

Method 1. Through system information

Go "Start - All Programs":

Start - All Programs

Find the "System Tools" and click "System Information"

System Information

In the opened window, open the "Components" item and select "Display"


We open all the parameters that relate to our video adapter. This is both a type and description. But the most important thing is that in this way we can find out the amount of graphics card memory in MB. The screenshot shows that I have a 512 MB video card.

Video Card Options

Method 2: DirectX Diagnostic Tool

Press the key combination Win + R to pop up the window "Run" and in it enter the command dxdiag and then click OK.


In the opened window, go to the “Screen” tab, in which we can observe the name and manufacturer of our video card:

Video Card Options

Method 3. Through the device manager.

Using this method, we can calculate our video card even if drivers are not installed on it.

Go "Start - Control Panel". We put "View: Small icons" and select the item "System":


Then in the opened window in the upper left corner choose “Device Manager”:

We find "Video adapters" and observe our video card.

If you have an unidentified device in your video adapters, then most likely there are no drivers installed on it. This can be corrected by finding out the code of the instance of this device and already find drivers by it.

To do this, right in the device manager, click the right mouse button and select the item “Properties” from the drop-down menu:

Next, in the window that opens, go to the "Details" tab. In the "Property" section, select the "Equipment ID" parameter.

Copy the value. This is the copy code of our device. You can copy it and use some service to search for drivers by code.

Equipment ID

It could be or

Driver Search

We hammer in the code field, we find the driver and we install. After installing the driver, you naturally have the name of your video card in the device manager. We recognize the video card if Windows 10 is installed

In principle, all of the above methods are also suitable for the Windows 10 operating system, only you need to know that in order to get to the control panel here, you need to right-click on Start.

And in order to open system information you need to click "Start - All Applications - Windows Administrative Tools":

System Information

A way that is only available in Windows 10

Click "Start - Options"

Start - Options

Next, in the next window, select "System"


In the tab "Screen" click on the link "Advanced display settings"

Advanced Display Settings

And in the next window, click "Properties of the graphics adapter"

Graphics Card Properties

Here we are given information about our video card:

Information about the video card

That's all dear friends. I tried to provide information very accessible and compact, I hope you found the answer to your question.

Watch the video on the topic:

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That is exactly the primitive. In order to install the update, the full number of the card is nuen, and here it is only the series number. What kind of work it is.

Tonik, go to Control Panel - Administration. Click the System Information label. Expand the Components section, then select Display. There should display information.

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all the nonsense is possible and on the search so easy to go search type dxdiag and ok and all the data there

You can read this article: It will help you find out which video card you have.

ATP memory

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I do not have a line video adapter but I have a video controller

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id 79456-640-2394127-23295

kak mne naiti draiver na kartu ja daze neznaju kokuju mne nado pomogite pozalusta

Fully join Lyudmila Yagodkina! Thank you very much Oleg! You are well done and a great man! Your help is a big plus for you as a person!

I have a video card in question and does not show which driver to install

Respect this site

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How to determine the type of video card your computer

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Thank! I absolutely do not understand this, but everything turned out! For me, this is very useful information)).

Why do I have a standard vga graphics card written?

Thank you ... it helped a lot !!)

to WEBpersonaj. At the end of the article I gave a link to the instruction: how to find the driver by the instance code. It tells you what to do if you do not have drivers and you don’t know what kind of video card you have.

This article is only useful if firewood is installed on the device.

Use on health !!! (I think it doesn't get easier, and not any prog is needed)

Here is the free software

How to find out which power supply is on your computer without opening it.

thanks a lot, helped)

The processor and the amount of RAM can be viewed in the System BIOS. To find out the video card and model of the motherboard - open the system unit and read the stickers on the details of your computer.

and how to find out whether the driver needs to be updated or not?

I have a problem, my parents bought me a PC computer, but there is no video card there, they tell me that I need to know the number of the computer, the next day I was told that it was completely unnecessary! What should I do ???

ATP helped!)

and what to do if there is no line "Video adapters"?

in computers, a complete zero, but I think I can even cope with such hints ...

and I only have a device manager on the control panel

thanks, it helped a lot !!!!!!! keep up the good work !!!!!!)))

Thank you very much for the Everest program!

Sapsibo, I found everything)


I do not see the video card there (((

why do I have a standard VGA graphics adapter there ???

don't do anything about it. just start-execute-in line write dxdiag and that's it!

Well, all the same, save)

Did not help(

LOL !!! just lol !!!! here it will be clear to the moron which card is installed, and how to find out which card is installed without an OS and drivers ...!

help how to find out what my video card

After the bare-bore OS, no one will tell you what the board is worth! Here I have after reinstalling the machine to put the standard VGA driver !!!!!!! You do not want to say that I have a standard VGA driver without its own flag and banner !!!!! In general, this is a very problem! If we consider that the driver disk is lost and another axis is installed (not the one that stood before, for example, there was XP and now Win 7). In short, if there is information about how to uninstall any additional means in a simple way, to understand what is inserted into your PC, then lay out a friend)))

ATP very useful information

Olezhka! Do right that you are covering the so-called "primitive" questions. In the world, everything is relative. And therefore primitive questions can not be by definition. Someone who is already aware of the question seems to be primitive, but for someone, the very thing that is needed. Thank you very much for your work and your knowledge! Umnichek.

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