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How to make the

How to make the

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Cozy living room in gray

Cozy living room in gray

The presence of a fireplace gives the interior coziness and a feeling of warmth at home, but it is not always possible to create a real firebox. In this case, you can make a false fireplace and decorate their interior, for which you do not need to have special skills in construction. Perform the necessary measurements and explore the various options and ideas for creating portals - this will help you make the right decision and create your own unique design.

Content:  Decorative fireplace in the design of the bathroom

Decorative fireplace in bathroom design Types of decorative fireplaces

Decorative portals have several advantages: Low manufacturing cost: in fact, the money will be needed only for the purchase of materials. The availability of raw materials for the creation of structures: the necessary materials can be purchased at any hardware store. The decor and appearance of the fireplace can be easily changed. The snow-white portal of the fireplace on black background

Snow-white portal fireplace on a black background  Chandeliers over thumbs instead of traditional bras

Chandeliers over thumbs instead of traditional sconces Decorative fireplaces can be divided into three types: Authentic most like the real. In them the sizes and basic registration are observed. At cost they are the most expensive. The conditional version is a portal protruding from the wall. Such fireplaces have a diverse decor - it all depends on the desire of the owner and the style of the room. Symbolic least of all resemble real fireplaces. It can be just a picture painted on the wall of the room. Variety of materials

To create an imitation of a fireplace portal in your home, you will need simple building materials that are sold in any store: plywood, chipboard or wood; drywall; polyurethane foam, polyurethane; brick. A through-decorative fireplace located in the partition

Pass-through decorative fireplace located in the partition Portal clean wood fireplace

Pure wood fireplace portal

Tip! You can use the old furniture and create a strong frame for the future product. Polyurethane - a simple and fast option to create a fireplace

It is enough to choose and buy a ready-made portal from polyurethane. It is important to consider the design and size of the room. For installation inside the electric heater, you need to consider the size and connection option to the network. For the manufacture will require a small amount of materials - ready-made portal, glue, putty, decoration for finishing.

Algorithm of actions: Select the right place to create a portal: the design should not interfere with the passage and obstruct the room; lead the wiring to the place of connection; the frame can be created from a bar or a metal profile, and sheathed all with plywood or gypsum plasterboard; polyurethane portal attached to the glue, gaps putty; Firebox decoration is carried out in accordance with the style. Chimney shelf is made of wood or an artificial stone plate.

Tip! The portal can be made not only from polyurethane, but also from wood. In this embodiment, the cost of the finished product increases significantly. Wooden products with carved elements will emphasize your uniqueness

Wooden products with carved elements emphasize the uniqueness of the style. Plywood - another option to create a fireplace

This the option is suitable if necessary to hide the defects of the room, for example, you need to disguise an old radiator battery. Before starting work, you should make measurements, perform calculations and make a drawing. All this will save money and time to work.

To start work, a frame is made, which can be made of a wooden bar, after which it is sheathed with plywood. To fix the parts it is best to take screws, they are much safer than nails. Surfaces that can be viewed from the outside are covered with film.

Tip! To decorate the battery, place a grid tray on it that will simulate the bottom of the firebox. It is filled with wood or pebbles. To create a fireplace grate, a copper profile or aluminum wire, painted in golden color, is useful.  Option of making a decorative portal from cardboard

The option of making a decorative portal from cardboard Using old furniture is an inexpensive way to create a false fireplace

In the house there will be an old wardrobe. No need to throw it away - old furniture will help in creating a beautiful imitation fireplace. For work you will need such tools and materials: jigsaw; screwdriver; plywood; putty and paint; LED Strip Light; stone plaster for decoration.

First you need to remove the door from the cabinet and put it on its side. Two bars are screwed in front. A hole is made in the door to create a blower where you can place firewood. To create the podium and the mantel can be useful headboard.

When the hull is ready, it is necessary to decorate To begin with, remove the top layer with a grinder to get a rough surface. Its primer and putty. After the putty dries, it needs to be sanded. The frame is coated with paint and finished with brick or plaster stone, after which a mantelpiece is installed. An LED strip is glued around the perimeter of the firebox to simulate a fire. Pebbles, sand or shells are poured at the bottom of the firebox. False fireplace from old furniture

Raised fireplace from old furniture Drywall - an indispensable material for the manufacture of the portal

The use of this material allows you to create any kind of complexity and location in the structure. To work, you need to arm yourself with such materials:  A beautiful decorative fireplace can be made from drywall in a short time

You can make a beautiful decorative fireplace from plasterboard in a short time.

Before starting work, make measurements and follow the drawing. For the installation of the frame suitable ceiling profile. Do electricity to create a backlight. After manufacturing the structure, it is sheathed with plasterboard.

Tip! For finishing the facade tile is suitable, which is laid on heat-resistant glue. Dressing fireplace portal

In order to make a false insert harmoniously fit into the interior, choose the right style and color scheme. To simulate a burning fire, you can use several options: LED strip, electronic photo frame, candles of different heights. Decorating with using saws

Decoration using saw cuts

Tip! Artificial stone is well suited for decorating the firebox. It comes in different textures and colors. It is important that the appearance matches the overall style of the room.

The forged metal grill looks beautiful, it gives the appearance of naturalness. You can buy the finished product in the store or order production in any workshop. Bookshelf posted in the decorative portal

Bookshelf placed in the decorative the portal Spacious living room decorated in loft style

Spacious living room decorated in loft style

Creating a fireplace portal in the house - the process is simple, especially if it is only an imitation. You do not need special materials, as well as special building skills. Before developing a drawing, review the various options and ideas for making false fireplaces on the Internet. This will help create a unique option that suits your stylistic decision of the interior.

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