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Ariston specialists supply their equipment with advanced technologies, trying to make it strong and durable. However, like all electrical appliances, cars are prone to breakage. Most of the faults that occur with the Ariston washing machine are of a typical nature and their elimination involves the replacement of a certain part.

Content Common Damage

Most of the faults in washing machines occur due to its improper operation. Often, people do not pay attention or do not know about some of the nuances associated with the operation of automatic machines. Many do not realize that hard water can break the heating element (heating element).

Let's figure out how the Ariston washing machine is prone to breakdowns and consider ways to eliminate them without the participation of service centers using the example of the Hotpoint Ariston 2000 Margarita model.

Hotpoint Ariston Washing Machine 2000 Margarita TEN (heating element). The reason for its failure is hard water and washing at high temperatures. As a result, scale builds up over time, which disables it. The drain pump or pump fails quite rarely, the reason for this is the long-term operation of equipment. Gasket in the filler valve. Over time, the rubber gasket becomes rigid, as a result of which it begins to pass water. Replacing it is an expensive pleasure, although it costs very little. Glands and bearings in the Hotpoint Ariston washing machines break quite rarely, but if this happens, you should never use the equipment. Blockage Fault clogging is considered not entirely correct, although it can also cause serious damage. Breakage TENA

The temperature of the water in the drum at the time of washing corresponds to the heating element. Thanks to him, our things are erased in water at the degree we need. In the event of a breakdown of the heating element or wiring, Margarita 2000 will detect this and notify the host by flashing the on / off indicator. in the amount of three flashes, which corresponds to the error f03. Externally, the problem will manifest itself or completely inoperative machine, or washing clothes in cold water.

The elimination of such a fault consists in determining its localization.

If an electrical circuit breaks, it should be removed, and if the heating element burned down, it should be replaced.

TEN Replacement Malfunctioning inlet valve or pump

In the event of a breakdown in the intake valve, the washing machine will not be able to regulate the water supply process. It will start to flood even when the equipment is not connected to the mains. To verify this, it is necessary to remove the top cover from the unit and check the mounting position of the filling hose to the body (valve location) of the gasket. If there are no problems with them, then attention should be switched to the part itself, checking the resistance. This will require a multimeter, which in the case of service will give a value from 30 to 50 ohms.

Replacing the filling valve with your own resources is not possible, you must contact the service center.

If at that moment when the water is to merge, this does not happen, but only a characteristic hum, and in some cases complete silence is heard, it can be concluded that the pump is out of order. This part is located at the bottom of the machine, and it is possible to reach it only through the bottom. It is better to entrust its replacement to a specialist.

Malfunction of the filling valve bearings failed

Breakage of bearings and seals is quite rare. This can be suspected in the event of unpleasant sounds that emit moving parts of a damaged bearing. Such a failure requires an immediate response. If you continue to close your eyes to it, a backlash will appear at the drum, as a result of which it will start to touch the tank. To avoid irreparable consequences, you need to seek help from specialists.

If you want to fix the problem on your own, it is worth considering that to replace the bearings you need to completely disassemble washing machine.

In addition, installing a new part, it is important not to damage the sleeve, otherwise there will be a need for additional repair. Therefore, before proceeding with the elimination of this damage, sensibly assess your strength.

 Replacing the drum bearings of the washing machine A blockage appeared in the technique

If Ariston finds a blockage in the washing machine, do not rush to call the wizard, since almost any user can eliminate it.

A characteristic feature of the blockage is the inability of the technique to drain water at the end of the wash, despite the presence of a characteristic hum. Or it happens very slowly.

Most often, the blockage can be found in such elements of the machine as: drain hose; drain filter (the most common place); water pump; pipe between the tank and the drain filter.

To eliminate the blockage, first of all, you need to check the most accessible places. To begin, open the narrow hatch on the front of the machine on the right side below and unscrew the drain filter. Do not forget to put something absorbing, water will surely flow from the hole. After cleaning the filter and making sure that the dirt is no longer on it, you can tighten it in place. Then it is best to check the drain hose and sewer. But if there is no blockage here, then you will need to disassemble the unit and clean the pipes with a pump.

Cleaning the drain filter Error Codes

Hotpoint's Ariston washing machines are equipped with an electronic display, which is given all sorts of information about the progress of the equipment. In addition, on this board, certain error codes are displayed, indicating the causes of the fault. This greatly simplifies troubleshooting.

To understand what those or other error codes mean, the fault instruction will help, which is attached to all Ariston washing machines: Code F01 indicates a fault in the drive motor. You will need to inspect the contacts and do not allow to get moisture on the motor. If the failure is confirmed, it is necessary to replace either the drive motor or the controller. Code F The resulting error indicates that the electronic controller for various reasons has no information about the operation of the motor. In this case, it is important to check all the connections on the parts and inspect the rotor of the motor. Replacing the controller or rotor, if necessary, will help eliminate the problem. F03 shows the breakdown of the heating element sensor. To eliminate it, you need to check all the connections, and also make sure that the sensor has resistance, you will need a multimeter for this. If the error code continues to light, the sensor must be replaced. F04 out of order sensor that determines the amount of water. To correct the problem, you need to check the electrical circuit between the controller and the sensor. If the failure is not detected, and the error f 04 will continue to burn, replacing the sensor will be a superfluous procedure. F05 - problems with the drain pump. First you should check the drain hose for blockage. The connection between the pump and the controller is also subject to investigation. If the failure could not be detected, and the error on the board is still lit, it is appropriate to check the pump for the presence / absence of mains voltage in it. F06 - problems with the buttons. It is necessary to check the control panel for the presence of its contact with the controller. Found damage to eliminate. Most often, as a result of the appearance of the F06 code, the breakdown is eliminated by changing the control panel completely. F07 - does not heat the heater. May occur if the heating element is not immersed in water. It is necessary to check all connections of the sensor that determines the amount of water. Test the controller and the sensor itself. If a defective part is found, it must be replaced. F08 - failure of TENA, sticking of the contact group on the relay. Most likely faulty wiring, and as a result - voltage leakage to the case. Check the sensor and all connections. F09 is an error in volatile memory. Controller replacement required. F10 - no signal from the sensor about the amount of water in the tank. It is required to check the sensor and all its connections, make sure that the controller is working by replacing the identified defective part. F11 - the voltage at the drain pump disappeared. It is believed to check with a multimeter all the wiring from the controller to the pump. Found fault to eliminate. F12 - the connection between the controller and the display module has disappeared. If the error f12 appears, it is necessary to check the functionality of the sensor and all connections from the controller to the pump. In addition, it is necessary to test the pump. F13 - short circuit in the drying temperature sensor circuit. Make sure the sensor is working. Check the wiring between the dryer and the controller. Remedy to eliminate the damage, replacing the part. F14 - malfunction of the heating element drying. Inspect all connections between the heating element, which is responsible for drying, and the controller. Make sure that these parts are working. F15 - breakage of the drying element relay. Examine the interconnect board and test the sensor. F16 - the drum is locked (only in machines with vertical loading). F17 - no signal to the door of the hatch. Make sure the mains voltage is available. Make sure that the door does not interfere with tight closing. Most likely you will need to replace the locking lock of the hatch door. F18 - microprocessor failure. It is required to replace the controller.

Not all Ariston washing machines are equipped with an electronic scoreboard. If there is a malfunction of the equipment that does not have a display (for example, in the washing machine Ariston Margarita 2000), the unit will notify us of a malfunction through a flashing on / off indicator.

In order to determine what caused the problem, it is necessary to calculate how many times the light will come on at a frequency of 1 second. Conclusion

Manufacturers of washing machines Ariston, took care of the owners of the equipment, providing it with not only advanced functions and modern design, but also a system of self-diagnosis. Error codes indicating faults are displayed on the electronic scoreboard. The problem may also manifest itself with the help of a flashing indicator on the front panel, such as the washing machine Ariston Margarita 2000.

Undoubtedly, washing equipment has a complex structure, but in most cases, knowing about errors and malfunctions, you can easily find their cause and eliminate them on your own, without the help of experts.

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