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Since ancient times, women decorated their hair with flowers. Times change, but habits in many ways remain the same. And since flowers are a rather short-lived decoration, and progress does not stand still, women have learned to replace plants with artificial materials. From which only now do not create hair ornaments. This article will discuss the master class "Flowers of satin ribbons." And the options for creating flowers from ribbons of various widths will be presented. Kanzashi as the art of creating flowers from satin ribbons

Kanzashi is a hair ornament traditionally worn by beauties in Japan. Most recently, such ornaments were worn mostly by brides, and today they are not only accessible to everyone, but also have a huge range of stylistic options suitable for almost any outfit. master class flowers from satin ribbons By studying the same master class, flowers from satin ribbons can be to make both for a beach dress, and for a festive evening. Everything will depend on the quality and color of the materials used. A bit of history

In the 1700s, beauties from Japan began to use a large number of hairpins and combs to decorate their hairstyles. Kanzashi in Japan are not just. They must necessarily correspond not only to the age of the one who wears them, but also to his social position. These decorations are made of various materials. Initially, hairstyles were decorated with thin sticks. There was a common opinion among the people that they remove the evil eye from their owners. From bundles of such sticks, they then began to create combs. Later, the master of kanzashi reached a very high level of skill. And today, almost any needlewoman is able to create flowers from satin ribbons with her own hands. A master class for creating such colors will be discussed below. What material can you make flowers for decorating your hair?

Flowers for decorating hairstyles can be made of ribbons of various materials or simply made of cloth, cut into squares. Very beautiful petals are obtained from organza. But working with her is hard enough. It is not only very loose, but also easily deformed in work. Flowers from satin ribbons, the master class of which will be considered in the course of the article, are the most preferred among the skilled workers. Working with ribbons is much easier than with a cloth. They melt better and are less deformed in work. Does tape width matter?

The most popular tape width for creating basic kanzashi petals is five centimeters. But this does not mean that the tape of a different width will not work for you. The master class "Flowers of Satin Ribbon" involves the use of both wide and narrow ribbons. And the flowers, created with the help of a narrow ribbon, are in no way inferior in their beauty to those of wide ribbons. Often they are even more voluminous and airy. Also, do not forget that no one forbade the combination of petals created from ribbons of different widths. If you combine them correctly, you can get a really amazing job. Tools and materials needed to work with tapes

So that you can easily make flowers from satin ribbons with your own hands, a master class in creating them will require you to have some tools and materials. First of all, as the tape and the material should be cut. To do this, you, of course, need sharp scissors. You also need tweezers for clamping blanks of petals and a candle or a lighter to reflow them. In addition, the petals will have to connect. So, the necessary material for their connection. It can be “Moment” glue or hot melt glue. Sometimes it is necessary to tint some petals or part of them. And then, of course, you can not do without paints on the fabric and tassels. And also do not forget about the various decorative elements. Such as beads, pendants, pebbles and many others. Kinds of petals in kanzashi art

Before creating flowers from satin ribbons, the master class of which is presented in this article, you should study their main component. Namely - the petal. The basis of the work consists of two types of petals - sharp and round. All other options are created on their basis. do-it-yourself flowers from satin ribbons or double, with a hole or curls. And also can consist of tapes of different colors. You can also create a flower from a narrow satin ribbon with your own hands. The master class of this petal is somewhat different from all the others. But this does not mean that such a petal is not beautiful enough. It has its undeniable advantages. </ p> Sharp petals <p> A flower made of satin ribbon (master class), the photo of which can be seen in this section, consists of sharp petals. To make such a petal, you need to take a small square from a satin ribbon and fold it in half diagonally. The triangle, which turned out as a result of these manipulations, you need to fold in half and once again in half. The resulting petal should be trimmed. On how you cut it, will depend on the height of the petal, and hence the model of the flower as a whole. After trimming the edges, you can sing and solder only the tips. Then the petal will be with a hole. And if the edges are soldered completely, then without a hole. Sharp petals can be successfully combined with round ones. </ p> Round petals <p> The flowers created from round petals look very volumetric and at the same time quite gently and elegantly. It is especially important to choose the right color and pay attention to the quality of the material from which the flowers will be made. To create round petals for flowers, you need to take the same square as in the previous version, and fold it in the same diagonal. Then you should bend the side corners to the bottom and solder them together (or fasten with thread). After these manipulations, the workpiece should be turned over and fold the side corners to the middle. Secure them together with a glue gun. Now fold the workpiece in half, slightly cut off the tip and sealed with a candle. Round petals, as well as sharp, can be of two colors. In addition, they are miraculously combined with any other species. </ p> Flowers from satin ribbons with their own hands. Step by step <p> Take to start a tape about four centimeters wide. The easiest option is to cut five pieces of seven and a half centimeters and five pieces of nine centimeters. <img alt = Of course, do not forget to scorch the edges on both sides. First take one of the shorter pieces and fold it in half. Align the edge carefully and sew it with neat and very fine stitches, departing from the edge about three millimeters. To make it look very neat, try to choose the most accurate shade of thread in the color of the tape. After the lower edge of the petal is stitched, pull it off as much as possible and sew the next one without cutting the thread. Thus collect on one thread all five petals of the same size and, pulling them together, collect a circle. Similarly, make a circle of five petals larger. Now connect both parts together. Bottom need to place more detail, and on top - the smaller. Glue a beautiful bead or decorative button to the center. To make the inside look beautiful, you need to cut a circle out of cardboard or plastic bottle and wrap it around with the same satin ribbon, and then sew it or glue it from the bottom. You can use only a circle of felt in shade suitable satin ribbon. Narrow Ribbon Flower

To learn how to make a flower from a narrow satin ribbon with your own hands, a master class can be used not one. For flowers, petals of various shapes and sizes can be used. From different colors you can make different interesting compositions. You can easily create flowers from satin ribbons 1 cm wide. And even thinner. If the width of your tape does not exceed half a centimeter, then it should be cut into equal lengths. Such segments should be two options. We take one and fold in half (face down). Now we cut both ribbons from the side and solder together. We expand the blank and connect the free ends together by overlaying them one on another. flower from narrow satin ribbon master class Along the course is adjustable petal width. After you have made the required number of petals, you need to collect them in one flower, alternating different colors. There is another way to create a flower from a thin satin ribbon. The master class for creating such a flower is that each petal has the appearance of an eyelet. For greater pomp in the center of such a loop you should tie a knot. flower made of thin satin ribbon master class All loops gather on round dense preparation. And from its reverse side is attached a hair tie or other blank. If the tape is wider (for example, one and a half or two centimeters wide), then you can use the third method of creating colors. A flower from a narrow satin ribbon, the master class of which explains the third method, consists of petals pointed from one edge and collected from the other. flowers from satin ribbons do it yourself step by step The cut end of the petal is surely singed above the candle. Collect such petals, sticking them in a circle on a cardboard blank, covered with tape. A flower made of satin ribbon (master class "Hairpin") in diagrams

To make your satin ribbon flower turn into a hairpin, you need to work a little with it. Creating a flower, you can be guided by the schemes, so as not to make mistakes. This is especially true for novice needlewomen. It does not matter how the petals were created for the flower. flower made from satin ribbon master class barrette in schemes After he is ready, you should turn it into a hairpin . For these purposes, you will undoubtedly need the Moment glue (or hot melt glue) and a blank for a hairpin. If you could not find a piece that is suitable for you, you can use an old hair clip or just buy a suitable variant for you. After completing the flower and putting in order its seamy side, you just need to drop it with glue and glue it on the hairpin. That's all the wisdom. Do not forget that you can additionally decorate your barrette with beads, decorative stones or hanging elements. Do not limit yourself in creativity, but do not overdo it. All elements of the barrette should be correctly combined with each other not only in color, but also in shape and even in size. For which decorations can flowers be used from satin ribbons?

It is possible to create not only hairpins from colors based on the creation of a satin ribbon. They can successfully be attached to pins, stealth, ridges or rims. And even to the usual gum. The principles of attachment to all these elements are not much different from each other. But there are some nuances. For example, before you attach flowers to the rim, it is better to glue it with tape. And when you attach an elastic to the hair to the inside of the flower, then for reliability it is better to stick a small piece of tape over the elastic to the flower itself. flower made from satin ribbon master class photo Of course, from these flowers, besides hair ornaments, you can make wonderful brooches, belts and any other accessories, and even jewelry. It all depends on which particular blank the flower will be attached to. Do not forget that if you degrease the place where the decorative elements will be glued, then everything will be fixed and held much better.

After not a single master class "Flowers from Satin Ribbon" was considered, it became clear that if you like, you can decorate with a wonderful flower anything. And you can make it from a material of absolutely any width. Even if the transverse size of your tape does not exceed half a centimeter. The main thing is a creative approach and a little imagination. And also we must not forget that any compositions should not be overloaded, all elements should be harmoniously combined with each other both in color and in size.

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