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Soc. survey Website creation from scratch? Create a website for free?

or how to create a website from scratch is absolutely free to help you create your website from scratch! is a modern tutorial on creating web pages and sites. The resource contains a detailed course on Hypertext Markup Language - HTML, on Cascade
style sheets - CSS, information on working with Wordpress, a guide to Joomla and website promotion on the Internet.

The lessons are designed specifically for people who know how to turn on the computer, as well as for those who just can not wait to find out how to create a website from scratch yourself.

Order of study: Wordpress or Joomla, or Drupal ⇒ HTML ⇒ CSS, or vice versa.

The goal of the project is to provide comprehensive answers to the following questions:

The table below briefly describes the popular FAQ novice developer. Free
site from scratch? The resource offers everyone to create a website from scratch with the help of special programs - CMS (content management system), working on the principle of Web 2.0, that is, your users will be able to leave comments, read the RSS feed, keep track of the latest publications in your Blog. These are projects created on the Wordpress or Joomla platform. You also need knowledge in HTML and CSS that will allow you to create websites in a text editor: in Notepad, which will add confidence in your own capabilities. Site placement
in the Internet? Briefly, this procedure can be described as follows: all files, that is, web pages are downloaded using a special program to the server of a hosting provider, a company that provides space for your website on the Internet. There are two ways to place a resource. The first method is free, the second is paid. The advantage of the paid method is that for only 3-5 cu per month. What is search engine optimization? Website Optimization for Search Engines → Search Engine Optimization or, briefly, SEO is a system of measures aimed at improving the ranking of keywords in search results. For example, it makes sense to highlight the phrase to create a website itself from scratch with special tags if you want visitors to search for a given search to find your page in a search engine among many other pages offering information of a similar nature. Promotion and website promotion? Questions about the promotion and promotion should be put after you have worked on filling your site with copyright content, that is, increased the number of pages of the site and succeeded in optimization. In other words, to begin with, you have to create several dozen pages tailored for certain key requests in order to have something to promote. Earnings on your own site? Many novice web developers are trying to make money on their site, having 50-100 visitors per day! But this is an absolutely erroneous approach that will not lead to anything good. Get traffic of more than 10,000 people, for a start, and only then proceed to sharpen your site for affiliate programs and the like. To increase website traffic, you will need to create as many pages as possible ...

Creating a site from scratch HTML lessons and CSS lessons are the main disciplines that you need to pay particular attention to yet at the very beginning of your acquaintance with building sites. These tools will give you inflexible confidence in your abilities and courage in further experiments. Knowledge of HTML and CSS will allow you to change the appearance of any CMS.

Ways to create your site create a website from scratch in the notebook itself

If you have no idea where to start, the seven-point quick guide to the left will help you understand the basics of site building. Paying enough attention, time and patience, you will soon find out what the site is, what it consists of and how to create it with your own hands, using the keyboard, the Internet and a little imagination. And if you are lucky and you have the natural gift of easy perception of information, then in a few days you will feel yourself in a completely new way.

Create your HTML website from scratch in Notepad Did you create the wordpress websites from scratch?

“WordPress is the ideal system for blogging and more complex projects. CMS is focused on aesthetics, web-standards, and ease of use. CMS WordPress is free and free to distribute. Simply put, WordPress content management system is what you use when you want to work with the software for blogging, and not to fight it ... Personal tutorial on creating websites (blogs) on Wordpress is designed specifically for beginners.

Create a free or paid Wordpress project Free way to create websites from scratch on Joomla

“Joomla is an open source content management system. Unlike many other systems (CMS) Joomla is not demanding of server resources - almost any hosting with MySQL and PHP support is suitable for it. Managing the site on Joomla is easy without special knowledge of programming and HTML-layout. Joomla is rightly considered the most widespread content management system in the world, more than a million websites are made on it and this number is growing every day ... See how you can create websites on Joomla

How to create a website on Joomla for free Advertising is money and business Publication date: November 2009 | Update: August 2018

How to create a website from scratch for free Creating websites on HTML in Notepad

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