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To apply for a visa to the UK Immigration Service, you must understand that the UKVI Service offers its applicants a clear and definite list of established categories of Visas.

This means that the search for an opportunity to get some kind of common visa valid for any purpose of travel - for the applicant does not make any sense, since he must, according to his purpose of the visit, correspond to a certain established type of British Visa, which will also need to be chosen correctly for themselves. After all, the slightest mistake in choosing a visa category is an unconditional refusal without a refund!

It is necessary to take into account: Visas to the UK are divided into categories (Visit, Work, Study, Join Family, Transit, Settlement, Crown dependencies) and are the usual short-term (up to 6 months) or long-stay visas months and more).

Short-term visas can be issued for longer periods than half a year - it is for 1, 2, 5 and 10 years. But at the same time, the duration of stay in the UK on such visas should still not exceed 180 days (6 months) per trip.
For example: If in the course of various circumstances the applicant is able to obtain a Visitor's visa for a period of 2 years, then each visit to the UK should not exceed 180 days during these two years. Although, for the first time, applicants who receive visas to England are not given more than half a year.

UK long-stay visas are mainly divided into such types - TIER 1, 2, 4 and 5. They are based on the PBS system and certified proof of English language proficiency.

The possibility of obtaining the required number of points before submitting an application, each applicant calculates independently on a special calculator (Points-based calculator), and then confirms everything with a document.

In addition, all applicants for any visas to the UK for a period of more than 6 months are required to take a TB test (TB test) in special clinics approved by the British Home Office. And also required to make an "Immigration Health Payment" (This does not apply to short-term visas)

This is all you can read more on the site UKVI.

And we will consider step by step, for example, the case when you only need a simple visit to England for a period of not more than 6 months, as a tourist.

So ... To find out the necessary requirements for a tourist visa, you will need to visit this section: Visas and Immigration, and in the column presented there choose the appropriate category of Visas ... As you can see, the section - Tourist and short stay visas will suit us.

Selecting a category Visa to the UK - a tourist visa

After clicking on the link, we will get to the section where a list of possible types of short-term visas is presented. For our tourist visa, the appropriate choice is Standard Visitor visa.

If you don’t understand everything with this option of choosing a suitable visa, then you can use another method that will prompt you automatically which visa is needed.

To do this, you need to go to this service and click on the "Start now" button. Then select your country, and after clicking the "Next step" button, select the reason for the trip. In our case, choose the following reason: Tourism, including visiting friends or family and again click "Next step".

As a result of any of these options, we will be asked to issue a Standard Visitor visa. After examining the detailed description of the Standard Visitor visa section, it becomes clear that this type of visa is suitable for applicants of any age who wish to visit the UK for up to 6 months, for almost any reason, except for the possibility of getting a job, education or an opinion marriage.

For example, it may be a weekend getaway, tourism or business trip. Or a trip related to visiting friends who are in the UK, etc.

Since this visa suits us, then it will be enough to carefully read all the requirements for this visa application and find out how the application is submitted, what documents are required, what is the cost of the visa, what are the terms for processing the application, etc.

And also, when making any British visas, applicants still need to pay attention to the sites of the official Visa Centers, where additional local visa requirements are published for each country separately.

Note: In case of difficulties with reading English on immigration sites, you can use some online translator, for example - Google. There you can simply enter the web address of the desired page and get its translation.

Once again we will repeat! If you want to get a visa to the UK, it is very important to choose the correct category and type of visa, since the discrepancy between the type of trip can cause an unconditional refusal.

For example - If a person wants to see the sights and visit his friends in the UK, then it will be - Standard Visitor visa. And if, in addition, the applicant has a desire, for example, to take a 3-month course there in a British college, then for this purpose of the trip a Short-term study visa will be needed. In this case, here it will be necessary to choose one thing. In no case can you specify these two different travel goals for one type of visa, and therefore, when you receive a tourist visa, you will need to specify only the first reason, and the second to omit.

As you can see, everything is not very easy, but simple. The main thing is to carefully study and not to lose anything.

We recommend doing the same steps when selecting any other options for the required visas, after which you can immediately find out how to apply for a visa online and prepare your package of documents for subsequent submission to the Visa Center.

Read more about document preparation on this page >>>

If you need additional information when applying for a visa to England, you can sign up for a consultation here and ask your specialist questions.

And here in this section, perhaps, everything!

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