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How to make crafts from vegetables

How to make crafts from vegetables

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How? as?

What is this site?

1) On the site you will be able to find any example, number, task, disassembled to the smallest detail.

2) The creators of the site solve problems manually; take pictures of examples and place on the portal.

3) The numbers are briefly explained in several words: what topic is used to solve the problem; which paragraph can be read and see the necessary material.

4) Tips and VKontakte group - a place where you can ask for help in on-line mode.

On our site math class 5 is disassembled in detail, class 6 is designed as GDZ.

You can also find Russian 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade in detailed form on this useful resource for the schoolchild of the school.

It will be useful to familiarize older students with GDZ on Grade 7, the author of the textbook Makarychev.

On the resource kakkak.net, all the GDZs are decorated in a notebook, all the examples are written by hand by schoolchildren and literate people.

Each young mathematician gdz can only use as a self-test, in any case do not write off, not deciding on their own. Do not be afraid of unusual letters, scary topics, formulas - soon everything will become familiar, mathematics will no longer seem like a scary "beast."

Those who study in the sixth grade already understand a lot, the fifth grade is already in the past, and the new academic year is a fascinating adventure.

Everything related to the incomprehensible material is decidedly available, fifth-graders can enjoy a double bonus: mathematics and Russian.

P.S. There is no need to immediately write off the finished homework without first reading the topic of mathematics. Be interested in explanations of topics and try to solve an example or a problem yourself. A "stupid" cheating will not help with further schooling. Mathematics, algebra, geometry - develop thinking, increase memory, intelligence, intelligence. Mathematics is not a complex subject. Learn, decide - and everything will be fine))).

We are always happy to help you)))

Student feedback:

Lena: "Thank you for such a cool site))) I put the teacher five)))"

Acne: "It’s very cool that you made the site, it’s now easier for me to learn. You have almost all the examples with a brief record and are clear. Thanks a lot."

Alina: "The authors have tried, thank you very much !!!"

Anya: "I was unwell, stayed at home, now I can calmly catch up with everyone in the class, thanks to the site and you. Add more textbooks)"

Katia: "The decision was very useful to me, now I am an excellent student))) Thank you)))"

Natasha "I love you !!!!!"

Maria: "Thank you! But how can you be so kind ... all the children love you!"

Annie: "Thank you !!!!! Very helpful ..... your group is just super !!!!!"

Elizabeth: "Thank you! Very cool site!"

Olya: "Thank you very much! For me the task is to understand anything, even with a roll ball ... Damn ... where do you have so much mind?"

Vladislav: "Thank you very much for the decision, if it were not for you, I would have thought how to solve it for half a day !!! (="

Aigul: "Thank you very much you helped me a lot"

Vlada: "They really helped me! Although I know Russian perfectly well, but sometimes, in a d / s, I can be too lazy!

Yana: "I just looked, I will not write off, after reading this, I had ideas, thank you"

Denis: "Thanks a lot, thanks a lot, thanks to you, I have 5 per quarter. And everything is clear."

Karina: "I have a lot of ideas for this text, thanks a lot!"

Maxim: "Thanks for this, I got 5+ for myself in SHOCK !!!!!!"

Anaconda: "Thank you, very helpful with: By the way, very beautiful handwriting."

Victoria: "Thank you very good site! I did this homework for 5 !!"

Masha: "Thank you, my sister helped me a lot. Great site! I advise everyone;)"

Lena: "Thank you, everything is super perfectly clear and accurate."

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