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Each of us wants to live in a comfortable, beautiful and, most importantly, comfortable home, so that every detail of the interior fulfills its role, adds zest, gives character traits inherent in your family. Our website is about this: how to make your own housing functional, beautiful and cozy. A pool of ideas, examples, master classes for the manufacture of interior items, design, jewelry, toys, crafts for home, garden, garden, furniture and much more can be found in our articles. Ideas of joint activities with the child do-it-yourselfers, various delicacies and sweets.

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Our resource “How to do it?” Will help you find a lot of recommendations and answer the questions: “How to do ...”; "How to do it yourself ..."; "How to do it yourself ..." and others that arise in our lives. Entries from the category "Home and Garden"

A lot can be done on the site and the cottage with their own hands, without attracting experts for a lot of money. Read our tips and take action! A charge of creative energy is guaranteed! Recent entries for the Home and Garden category:

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A variety of foods can be very easily prepared at home. Save the family from low-quality products from the store. And homemade is always much tastier! Read the most simple and useful recipes in our section! Latest entries for Food / Drinks:

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How to make your home cozy, comfortable, home with your own character. Using our tips, create a unique atmosphere in your home! Latest entries for Ideas for Home:

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What to do in your free time? Especially if you want to spend it with your child? Take care of creativity: do some crafts with your own hands! Our tips will help to spend time with benefits! The latest entries in the "Crafts" category:

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Design, unusual things that give style to your home can be done by hand! Read, be inspired and create coziness in the house with the help of our tips! Latest entries in the "Interior Items" column:

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There is nothing better than hand-made crafts. Top of skill is achieved in this way!
The latest entries from the Do-It-Yourself column:

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The realities of life are such that we constantly need to learn and learn information from various fields of knowledge. In many issues we can help and know how to figure out, learn or do it yourself. Recent entries for the Miscellaneous category:

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Below you can see our latest posts. what to choose a bath or shower?

Published: 03.10.2018

Unfortunately, there is no universal and unequivocal answer to this question, since both have their advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is to decide for yourself what is more important: comfort or space saving. If you choose a shower ... Shower - ...
table transformer

Published: 09/23/2018

Table - a multifunctional piece of furniture. It can be both an element of decor and used in everyday life. Almost everyone at least a few times a year receives a large number of guests. However, what to do if there is simply no place in an apartment ...
Roofing for the roof

Published: 09/22/2018

A solid roof over your head is not just words. Roofing materials must be of high quality and serve for many years. For the manufacture of roofs today produced various materials - metal, slate, ondulin and decking. Choosing the material for the roof, you should pay attention to its strength, ...
Home Security

Published: 09/21/2018

There were times when it was possible to forget to close the door and not worry about it long gone. The desire to protect yourself and your property is not just words. Together with protection technologies, unfortunately, hacking technologies are also being improved. Especially often attempts of robbery happen in ...
arranging an attic room

Published: 09/21/2018

Attic is free space under the roof of the house. Often used to store unnecessary things that are “more useful.” In the villages on the pods dried hay or medicinal herbs. The article will look at how to turn this homely place into a useful room suitable for life. Arrangement ...
upholstered furniture in the living room

Published: 09/21/2018

The living room in the house can rightfully be considered one of the most versatile rooms. Depending on the situation, it is possible to collect guests, relax, eat. The size of the room sometimes does not allow to fit a lot of furniture. However, even with minimal cost, you can create ...
small hallway

Published: 09/21/2018

The first impression of the home is formed, starting from the hallway. Therefore, it is so important to make it as functional as possible and, of course, beautiful. Unfortunately, quite often the area of ​​such premises is not at all large. How to make the room more spacious and place everything you need to 1.5-3 ...
How to choose a mattress

Published: 13/09/2018

What parameters of choice to use when buying an orthopedic mattress? What factors should pay attention to, what types of orthopedic products for sleep exist? Let's try to deal with all these questions, giving them an extensive, comprehensive answer. So, it's time to buy a mattress for ...


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