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Sometimes, to make a hairstyle, you need to spend a lot of time and effort, and the result may not meet the expectations .. We offer you a selection of light hairstyles for every day that you can do with your own hands in just a few minutes!
Thanks to these simple hairstyles, you can surprise your colleagues and friends with new images every day, choose a hairstyle to any outfit and, even if you have no time to pack, look great! Easy hairstyle with two braids for every day. This hairstyle is perfect for working, studying or walking. It is enough to braid two braids and fasten them from behind in order to get an interesting styling. You can perform a hairstyle both with a flat part and with a side.
Stylish Shell Hair Style Shell hair style is suitable for office style and business meetings. However, if you decorate her with a beautiful hairpin, then in tandem with an evening dress she will create a romantic and elegant look. The hairstyle of the cockleshell has the right to be a little disheveled, and a few curls in the face will complement the image.

To create it does not take much time, the hair must be twisted in one direction and secured with pins.
Volumetric styling with a Brigitte Bardot style ribbon 1. Separate the hair from above and make a pile, fix it with hairspray.
2. Gather the hair at the back of the head and grab the strands from the temples, they will support our bouffant. Do not pinch the tail with a rubber band, the volume should remain.
3. Tie the ribbon and fix the hair once again with lacquer - an easy hairstyle is ready for the evening!
Easy hairstyle with weaving and bundle For such a hairstyle we need a special roller to create a volumetric bundle, if you do not have a special bagel, then a regular sock will fit, you just need to cut off the front part of the sock and twist it. > 1. Tilt your head down and comb your hair.
2. Start from the lower hairline weaving a French braid.
3. Approximately at the crown, finish off the weaving and collect all the hair, fasten the base tightly with an elastic band.
4. Take a "bagel" and twist hair on it to create a lush bundle.
Another simple hair style with a bun and braids 1. Split your hair in a smooth parting.
2. Braid two identical braids on each side. To do this, you need to start weaving a French braid, sew a few stitches of braiding, grabbing your hair, and then finish braiding the braid in the usual classical way.
3. Collect all the hair in the tail at the bottom of the head, including the tips of our braids.
4. Now twist the bulk bundle with a roller or sock.
A bundle twisted into a knot A simple and fast hairstyle, in case there are 5 minutes left to pack! Just divide the hair into two equal parts and tie it into a knot, then twist the strands into flagella and wind around the knot, fasten the hairstyle with hairpins and you are ready!
Easy hairstyle for a party in the style of the Great Gatsby For a hairstyle in the style of the 30s, you need a special bandage, it is better that it was decorated with stones or beads. Separate the hair with a side parting so that on one side is 70% of the hair. Put a bandage on your head and start to curl your hair around the back of the elastic, creating a slightly sloppy hairdo. This should be done from one ear towards the other. When you get to the second ear, create a small loose bundle, and also secure it with an elastic band.
Crown of braids - a simple hairstyle based on the weaving of spikelets A rather specific hairstyle that is suitable for a specific case or style. Divide the hair into two halves with a straight parting in the middle and braid 2 fishtail braids or a spikelet. Do not do too tight weaving, it should be free and voluminous. Now flip each braid on the opposite side along the top of the head and secure it with an invisible eye behind the ear. The crown of braid is ready!
Beautiful hairstyle for thick hair The hairstyle is rather light, but it requires long and thick hair, then it will turn out to be voluminous and interesting. Hairstyle combines French weaving and bun.
Easy romantic hairstyle with curls with your own hands This gentle hairstyle is suitable for medium-length hair. Build a low tail in the back, while leaving the face with two wide strands of hair. We make a bunch from a tail, it can be made usual twisting the hair into a bundle or using a roller to get a volume bundle. Then we wind the front strands with hair tongs, fix several strands around the bundle, and also leave a few strands of the face in a free position.
Loose hair with a French braid Hairstyle is very light and at the same time looks very stylish. Before creating hair, hair can be slightly twisted. The hair is separated by a parting on the side. Start weaving the French braid from the parting along the hairline in the direction of the back of the head. Having done a few grabs of hair, finish the weaving in the usual way. Then separate the small strand on the other side of the parting and connect this strand and the tip of the braid on the back of the head. Fill the loose strand as if under a pigtail and fasten it invisible, just do it with the tip of the pigtail. Fix hair with lacquer and catch admiring glances.
Voluminous tail with weaving spikelet - easy styling for each day 1. Split the hair parting the side.
2. From the side where most of the hair begin to weave the braid of the spikelet or fishtail.
3. Braid the braid to the end and secure the tip with an elastic band.
4. At the back of the head, we collect hair and fasten it with a rubber band, grabbing a braid there. Arrange the braid so that it lies beautifully on the head and goes to the tail. From above you can make a small bouffant for volume.
5. Wrap around the base of the ponytail to hide the elastic.
This hairstyle looks very beautiful and elegant, so with it you can go to a celebration or a romantic evening.
A variation of the previous hairstyle with a French braid. Hairstyles are very similar to each other. The only difference is in what weaving. In this version, we are making French weaving.
Evening simple hairstyle for long hair Make a low tail and turn it inside as shown in the photo. Stir your hair so that it doubles in volume. Now we carefully collect the hair and fill it in the resulting hole, so that a volumetric bundle is obtained from below. Place a beautiful jewelry or hairpin above the beam.
The quickest way to make curls. Perhaps this is the fastest way to do styling with curls!
Triple Tail - an easy hairstyle for every day Hairstyle is suitable for girls in school and in kindergarten, it is strong enough and can last for the whole day.
1. Separate the first part of the hair from the top and make the tail. Using a strand of their tail, we wrap the base to hide the elastic.
2. Separate the second part of the hair just below and make the second tail, while capturing the tip from the first tail. We also wrap the tail around the tail.
3. We do the same with the remaining hair and wrap the tail again with a rubber band. Triple tail is ready!

You can also make a tail not from 3, but from 5 or more parts. To do this, take small strands of hair and add to them the previous collected hair.
French braid obliquely and beam Beautiful light hairstyle, which is suitable for long hair, in order to create it you just need to be able to weave a French braid, step-by-step lesson can be seen in the photo.
Ethnic motifs Another such hairstyle can be called in the style of Boho. This effect is due to the location of braids, which resemble special ethnic ornaments. Enough original styling, which is not difficult to do.
Summer hairstyle with a bandage Instead of a bandage, you can use a curled shawl, a wide ribbon or a bandage-solohu. The style of this hairstyle is relevant in the summer as the bandage is a bright accessory that can not be hidden under the cap.
Delicate image with a high tail and flowing hair 1. Scroll the curls with a curling iron or forceps.
2. Separate the small hair strand from the temple to the temple from above and make an easy comb.
3. Collect the tail on the top of the head and secure it with a small rubber band.
4. Use a thin strand to wrap the base of the tail and secure it with an invisible one.
5. Spray hair with hairspray and enjoy the princess's gentle way - easy, fast and easy!
Spit twist - light hair based on the tail 1. Carefully comb your hair and collect them in the tail at the back of the head.
2. Divide the hair into two equal parts and twist them in two strands
3. Then twist them together and secure the tip with an elastic band. In this case, strands need to be twisted in one direction, and twist braid to another, then it will be in the form of a beautiful spiral.
Fast hairstyle for a school with twisted tails This hairstyle allows you to open your face and remove strands from the eyes, so as not to interfere with your studies or at work, it looks especially beautiful on long thick hair.
We twist the flagella To create this easy hairstyle, it will take no more than 5 minutes, but it looks feminine and gentle, take a note!
Adding Ornaments The most usual styling can be transformed if you decorate it with a beautiful hairpin. Interesting jewelry in itself create a unique image, add to you refinement. Here is one of the hairstyle options with the decoration.
Easy hairstyles for every day - step by step photos < img alt = ""> Create light hairstyles and be beautiful every day!

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