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Friends, I want to tell you about the problem that my fellow businessmen and I encountered, and at the same time write a review about the work of someone who solved this problem. The one who has his own business, will come to anyone, or has already come to the conclusion that you need to have cool selling materials that will tell about your business.

At that time, my fellow businessmen and I either did not have any selling materials (website, marketing kit, flyers, business cards, ..) and it happens, or they were, but they are very dumb and not selling. Naturally, that could not affect sales. The time has come and I began to search. I consulted with the environment, but all that they advised was to come to the local studios in the old manner and order the site for 40 tr. 3 of my friends ordered this way, and got terrible sites after 4 weeks while they were constantly going to these offices ... spent a lot of time, nerves, money.

This option was dropped and the option of distant work remained, in which there were several doubts at once:
1. I was afraid that I would be thrown, because in the internet it is very often.
2. All sorts of freelancers at a workout make a template, but I needed it for my project.
3. It was necessary to do it urgently (in a week), since I participated in the coaching of Business Youth.

In short, where I just was not looking! I don’t remember how I went to Alexei’s group, ... I remember that I reviewed all of his works, read over 50 reviews in his group and just started writing to everyone with questions. After all, 50 people cannot be fakes, and surely these people will tell me the truth. In the end, about 40-45 people answered me. And I have not received a single negative review! I heard what I was looking for for so long: cool modern design, clear fast work, meeting deadlines, quick response, support, adequate price tag ... After that there were no questions I asked Alexey how to transfer money he even helped me in solving this questions)). We made a land in 5 days with an individual cool design !!!

In short, friends are entrepreneurs. Do not waste time, money, energy, .. If you still have doubts, read the reviews Write to me, write, to those who have already done with Alexey, and you will have no questions left.

I have already approached Alexey several times and all my friends order only from him! Alexey, thanks and respect from all entrepreneurs !!! And even better order now because the queue and price increases have not been canceled. Successes to all!

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