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Greenhouse of profile pipes with his own hands the drawings

Greenhouse of profile pipes with his own hands the drawings

Date: 15.10.2018, 22:14 / View: 93264

Greetings to all of you, dear assembled. Holidays do not end with us all my life - only Someone's Birthday passed, as the New Year has already descended, and there are other winter-spring holidays ... And for each of them we give presents that we want to present at least interesting. And what if not a gift box do it yourself help?

I myself really like to congratulate my relatives in an original way. It is very nice to see the smiles of those whom you congratulate. And cute boxes always contribute to this! After all, they are the first thing that catches the eye when presenting a present.

For anyone who wants to make interesting boxes himself, but does not have the opportunity to purchase components in his locality, I recommend purchasing this set of 32 sheets (with dimensions of about 20 x 20 cm) - the colors and quality of the leaves are very good.

Gift wrapping can be very diverse. But there is one rule - cardboard or paper, from which you want to make a box, must be of the desired quality. In this sense, the classic children's cardboard fits far from all.

do-it-yourself gift box

Where to get such cardboard or paper? First of all, in specialty stores for creativity or even separately scrapbooking. Well, if there is such a shop in the city, you will say, but what if this is not at hand or prices are exorbitant?

Such leaves will be enough for you to make small souvenir boxes (for jewelry, sweets, toys, etc.). Your relatives will appreciate :)

And now I suggest you proceed to the actual detailed photo master classes, which will be present and the creation of each individual box. Master classes in the creation of cardboard boxes and paper

Small boxes

First of all, I want to give you 5 scrolls with very nice patterns, from which such a wonderful package will turn out:


The first one is red roses. If you want to impress a lover, then it is for you.

Principles of working with templates: Print your favorite scan on thick paper. Cut the future box along the contour and cut in those places where there are straight lines (focus on light sweeps - the arrangement of lines is the same everywhere). Bend the box along the dotted lines and glue it so that the pieces with the semicircular ends lie between the other two and the round ends look up. Everything, it remains only how to bend the lid.


Further continuation of the topic - hearts.


And again roses, but already more gentle.


And now two options for birthday - candy with balls and candy.



Large rectangular

This is perfect for large gifts (for example, wall clocks). For you, you need a specialized binding cardboard to make the box really convenient. By the way, the binding cardboard can also be purchased in specialized stores or on Ali.

The orange color marks the cuts. The cover can be made also, but with slightly larger dimensions (2-3 mm).


For a man

If the gift is meant for a man, then I suggest choosing one of the following options.

Simple shapes in trend - this is proved by the following 4 patterns for creating strict classic boxes. For them, you again need a thick cardboard.





If the gift is meant for the beloved, then the romance should be more than enough ^^ Here are butterflies, and hearts, and all sorts of declarations of love. They can be made of thick cardboard, and of thick paper.

S-babochkami  Valentin  Zvezda

A heart

Heart boxes are very popular, because with them you can express your feelings. Or admit to them ;)

S-shablonom3  S-shablonom8


Get ready for a party, where everyone will need to give a little surprise? Or maybe the wedding is scheduled? In both cases, cardboard pieces of cake will come to the rescue.

Beautiful and clear scheme suitable for the bottom, and for the cover.

Tortik paper boxes

It is not always necessary for boxes to be dense - sometimes it is enough just to create a beautiful picture. Then I suggest you use this convenient scheme of 6 different packages:


If you go on a holiday to the child (and, maybe, you want to please your own), then make him a cute box in the form of little animals.


Give your parents a happy boot. Follow the tradition: for girls - pink, for boys - blue or blue.

Sapozhok Boxes for New Year

Mood can be created not only with the help of gifts) Just look at these 8 pretty boxes, each of which can also be an excellent New Year decoration ;)


Especially needed if for some reason there is no Christmas spruce. The main thing in this package is to trim the edges nicely and neatly.



Of course, this box itself is wonderful, but silver paint on the tips of a snowflake can add a zest.

Tip: give something in this package to a girl who loves the cartoon “Cold Heart”.



For presenting a gift - one of the easiest options.


Box of sweets

For all lovers of beautiful New Year favors and fast handmade! Take a plastic cup with a smooth surface, cut the edge and cut the edge.

Fold the sliced ​​parts inward so that they cling to each other. Inside, put the goodies and seal the top with something cute.


Another option for candy packaging - donut. It is a little more laborious, but more spectacular.


And, of course, the candy itself.


Slightly more modest pyramid, from which you can build a geometric Christmas tree. Piramidka A few more boxes

Finally You have 3 more boxes that did not fit into the previous groups.

Skladnaya1  S-shablonom2

S-shablonom5 How to decorate the box with your own hands

The design of the box can be very diverse - from simple shapes in the form of birds and hearts to intricate colors and bows. I will still write about the decor of the boxes in the future - do not miss.

In the meantime, subscribe and comment - see you soon!

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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