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Garage doors DIY drawing

Garage doors DIY drawing

Date: 15.10.2018, 22:40 / View: 43133

Labutin: work not for fear, but for conscience

IP "TPK Labutin" is a progressive trade and production company specializing in new technologies in the field of landscaping and security. Since 2004, we have been providing our services to anyone who plans to create a comfortable, modern design environment. After the end of cooperation, our clients remain our friends, recommending the services of the Labutin company to everyone and effectively creating a successful image for us.

Opening our online store is a way to expand the range of friendly cooperation and provide access to quality goods and services in our area of ​​work to the widest possible population.

The scope of the company "Labutin" includes: Labutin: quality that you can check

In modern conditions it is extremely difficult to make a choice: there are a lot of offers, and many customers do not have the skills to separate quality work from tuffs that do not meet any standards. It is good when there are friends or acquaintances who have already had experience with similar orders and can recommend and advise a reliable company. But the frequent customer begins to search for the necessary contractor on his own, in this case we are ready to provide full support at the consultation stage.

To overcome the barrier of distrust, we strive to convince him of the quality of our work not only in words but also in deeds. For this we have several effective ways.

Our site presents vivid illustrations of finished products so that the visitor can make a general impression. A more detailed description can be found in the catalog of samples from the company manager. You can also listen to the detailed story of our specialist about the advantages of different types of gates, paving slabs, hardware and other things. And, finally, you can come to see the implementation of the current order with your own eyes.

We are interested in quality work not less than our clients, this is the meaning of our work. Simple and effective workflow

In addition to the above advantages, we have an understandable and convenient cooperation scheme, which has to trust: Application Form
The application can be made through the online inquiry form, or orally directly by phone. Manager’s clarifying call
After clarifying all the details, we need to coordinate the time of arrival of the manager or measurer. Check out the measurer with the sample catalog
At the meeting, you can visually familiarize yourself with all the examples of materials or finishing samples. Ordering under the contract
After agreeing on the terms and conditions of production and delivery, a clearly drawn up contract makes cooperation transparent. Getting an advance payment, prepayment from 50% to 70% of the order value
The cost will be calculated in advance by the manager using the price list and special conditions under the contract. Production
Time to complete the order will be determined taking into account all the circumstances. Contact with the customer when the order is ready
We will arrange contact with you in any way convenient for you. Delivery
Always punctually organized transportation. Installation and assembly
Accurate and accurate work at a convenient time for you. Final Calculation
Payment is made both in cash and non-cash payment after acceptance of works and products. Geography of work

The services of our company are provided in Moscow and the Moscow region: in Mitino, Zelenograd, Khimki, Skhodnya, Lobnya, Istra, Krasnogorsk and other nearby cities. Our representative offices are open in Dmitrov, Dolgoprudny, Solnechnogorsk

And with the help of our online store, we will make the distance between us even closer.

Call, write, we will try to help you!

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