Fashion designer creative resume builder

icon Lipstick 101.. NudeWhen you open your "it" bag, every fashionista needs at least a choice of 3 divine lip sticks or... read more »
icon Study in NEW YORKImagine a Degree from the fashion New York Fashion Institute of Technology, from your home...... read more »

FILE MISSING Are you ready to be Head Hunted?So you are happy in your job, pay is good and you work with a great bunch of people? Imagine... read more »

icon I call it... KNOWWhat if we all realised we no longer needed the advice of others and that answers were there for... read more »
icon LinkedinIf you are not onlinkedin then you are not serious about your career and growing your networks.... read more »
icon Lunch with the BossWhen you go to lunch with your boss, think of eating a meal as a side activity. The true focus is... read more »

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