Educator of the year 2018 master class

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An art of artwork from their studios.

Please contact the individual artist using the links below.

Thank you for stopping you.

—Lisa Strata
© 2018 Caroline Roberts
Cyanotype on fabric
84 x 84 inches
$ 2000
Artist Website
Contact Artist
© 2018 shellie Noyes
Mixed Media
60 x 1.5 inches
Not For Sale
Artist Website
Contact Artist
Line upon Line # 22, Between the Tracks
© 2018 Janet Gilbert
cotton cloth and thread, Procion dyes
18 x 18 x 1 inches
$ 220
Artist Website
Contact Artist
Spooky Postcards Collage - Win One Postcard - October Birthday Giveaway
© 2018 Angeline Marie Martinez
acrylics on paper, hand pulled original prints
6 x 4 inches
$ 20
Artist Website
Contact Artist
Opting Out
© 2019 Buff McAllister
20 x 30 inches
Work in Progress
Artist Website
Contact Artist

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