Drawing the human eye in stages

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pen drawing

Anyone can learn to draw with a pen. Be it a schoolboy or a pensioner. All once painted in the fields of notebooks. Someone did well, someone did not. Someone painted incomprehensible images, someone a skull, and someone a little fairies, manga nyashek. And we all enjoyed it.

What you need to start drawing? Of course, desire and patience. Without these qualities, it will be hard to learn anything in principle.

For any drawing, including a pen, you need to familiarize yourself with the basics of the composition and the basics of drawing. For starters, you can just read. The theory of drawing has never been superfluous, and it is desirable to refresh it from time to time. I recently came across a book Lessons from the classic picture. J. Aristide.

If you compare a pen (liner, rapidograph) or a pencil, then these are quite different tools. With a pencil, we can achieve airiness in drawing, learn to build correctly on a sheet (you can always use an eraser) and draw realistic portraits.

 Sergey Merkulov, Sketch, drawing, Bakhchisarai, drawing by handle

Pen, unlike a pencil, disciplines. If painted, then painted. But this does not mean at all that the handle has fewer maneuver options. Here are very different techniques. Tool selection (knobs).

Let's start by choosing a tool (drawing pens). After all, to draw well, there must be a handy tool, so that, above all, you like it.

gel pen

1. It is best to draw with a pen that does not drip, always writes, and draws without obvious effort. This pen is easy to draw and convenient.

If you choose between a ballpoint and gel pen, then it is better to choose the second one. I have been drawing with a gel pen for a long time. Most of my drawings until 2012 are drawn to her.

There are several tricks on how to vary the thickness of the gel pen line. If the pattern is put on a stack of paper, the lines will be thicker. And if you put a sheet on a glass or bare table, the lines will be thinner.


2. Another option is a liner or rapidograph. If the gel pen can not write over the pencil or for some reason does not want to work on the edges of the sheet, then the liner writes always and everywhere. The liner practically does not get dirty, it lays down gently, without any extra effort. Of course, it costs 4 times more than a pen and is not always needed. But if you still decide to buy, then it is better to take liners from Uni and Sakura. Liners have different thickness.

My tool thickness preferences are:

a) the main drawing will be convenient to draw a 0.3 mm liner;

b) objects in the background - 0.1 mm;

c) and if they decided to "bring blackness", then 0.8 mm will do.

fountain pen

3. The third option is a fountain pen. Many foreign illustrators such as Matthias Adolphson and Don Low work with these pens. I use the hero 901 fountain pen for sketches, and for graphics I continue to work with a gel pen. 2016-01-14 08.41.48 Paper

Any paper will do. You can make a notebook type Moleskina with thick sheets, so you can draw on both sides. I have several types of notebooks. This is a watercolor notepad on a spring, a moleskin, ordinary sheets for a printer, fastened with a metal spring and a homemade sketchbook, which I sewed with my own hand. What is convenient in a notebook is that it is always at hand. Just do not take notebooks with textured paper. The texture is more for watercolor. And for a full-fledged picture, an ordinary A4 or A3 sheet will fit, as well as any smooth thick paper.

In 2017, he drew a fountain pen on textured paper. The result is also pleased, but on a smooth yet better.

Sergey Merkulov, sketch drawing, sketch drawing process

Art-kvartirnik, Merkulov Sergey

1. Usually, when drawing with a pen, I do not sketch with a pencil. Exceptions are when you need to draw complex architectural structures such as cities, streets, interiors and other complex objects. Everything that should correspond to reality.


You can use dots to make sketches for the future picture and to avoid the fact that the picture will not fit on the sheet. If we draw thin lines with a pencil, the pen can be dotted. And if you tint the drawing, the dots will merge with the main landscape and will not catch the eye. But, of course, you can draw a pencil sketch, no one forbids.

2. The drawing process itself must be fast. Draw lines quickly and confidently, even if the drawing is crooked. Curved drawings are very lively and interesting. In any case, you need to get used to the hand tool. Do not stay long in one place.



sketch, urbansketch, drawing

sketch, drawing, Sevastopol, seagulls

Prepare more paper and make one sketch after another. Always finish the drawing, even if you don’t like it. In the end it may turn out very interesting.

 Maslenitsa2 __

3. What to draw? Draw everything you see. Start with the usual items, lamps, kettle, mugs, computer, cat, dog, chimpanzee. Also sitting at home, you can draw zentagaly. Getting out into the fresh air and painting there would also be a good idea. Make pictures over time. Draw still lifes, interiors, streets, people. May your notebook always be with you. The main practice and practice again.

4. Do not evaluate yourself after each drawing. Disable internal critic. One drawing does not mean anything. Build more luggage. At first everything will turn out to be clumsy and ugly. In the words of our teacher of drawing: "the quantity will smoothly grow into quality." Here we will help patience and perseverance. Sevastopol , crane, Sketch, drawing, sea, Sergey Merkulov, bay

South Bay of Sevastopol. Series of sketches

5. Start flipping through the books according to the drawing and do the exercises. This will help to understand the structure of objects and realize that everything, including sloping objects, have faces and planes. If there are no books, you can see the work of the pen of famous artists of the past. Toning

1. Toning is different. You can make a drawing b / w (without gray tones). Untitled-3 _

Miracle Yudo

2. You can make hatching intersecting lines. Lines are superimposed one by one, changing direction. This version of toning will give you many shades of gray.

Sevastopol, Balaclava, Sketch, drawing, sea

pribrejniygorodok Something else.

Gnarled jugs, jars, bottles, glasses. They will all fall in one direction. To test yourself, just look at the picture in front of the mirror. All the curves will be immediately visible.

All this seems very complicated, but also time is so simple. If you give it enough strength every day, then everything will work out. Do you like it? Share on social networks: br> Navigation in posts ← Knights. Sketch Like to read? →

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