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Hamburg based Dr. Rehfeld Fashion AG, who created and own, among others, the fashion label Broadway NYC, has a new company structure.

From January 1, 2014, the Dr. Rehfeld Fashion AG will consist of three pillars: The newly founded Brandbase 86 Fashion GmbH and the two denim retailers MisterLady GmbH and Jeans Fritz, which are both owned by chairman Dr. Hans-Rainer Rehfeld.

Brandbase 86 GmbH will comprise the activities of fashion brand Broadway with its sub-brands Broadway Woman, Broadway Man and the younger women’s line BNYC, plus the private label activities of the parent group Dr. Rehfeld Fashion AG. Mikael Hansen, who joined the Hamburg office of Dr. Rehfeld in April 2013, has been appointed CEO of Brandbase 86. Under his guidance, several reformations have already begun, including the launch of a full Broadway accessories collection for Fall/Winter 14/15.

The Dr. Rehfeld Fashion AG achieved a sales revenue of €345 million in 2012.

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