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Design postcards with your own hands

Design postcards with your own hands

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For a trip abroad there are only a few days left, and you need to urgently issue a passport.

Urgently obtaining a foreign passport How to get an urgent passport a new generation, and also quickly ?
To date, the urgent registration of a passport is not a luxury and property of a particular circle of people, and the mechanism that is necessary in order to exist normally in our time. Due to the fact that a person has a passport, he can open up opportunities for a person in the knowledge of the surrounding world. This document is required for work, leisure and study abroad. In addition, the process of registration of passport is a mandatory procedure so that you have the opportunity to go for permanent residence abroad.

Urgent registration of the passport is the cause of the headache of our citizens, especially because of the difficulties with the registration form for the passport, the passage of long queues, production time, people do not have knowledge and reliable information in this area. But the problems are that during registration people are faced with long lines in the passport receiving services, and there is also an expectation that can be delayed for a long period, errors that require re-filling of documents, there is no clear assistance in the execution of documents and a number of other procedures.

That's exactly why, urgent registration of passport is associated with people positively, compared with the standard procedure. For those residents of Russia who value time and do not wish to languish in lines, there is an official and relatively affordable method of obtaining a passport.
Regardless of your plans, just ski or go to your favorite island, bask in the sun or just go on a business trip - our company will be happy to help you not to waste time avoiding long lines.

Employees of our organization will be able to assist and assist you in solving difficult issues. Our organization will help you to issue a foreign passport of any level of complexity through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Federal Migration Service, regardless of where you live in the Russian Federation. With the help of our company you can get a passport quickly. Urgent registration of the passport from our highly qualified specialists - is an ordinary procedure of registration. All that you need for registration of passport - this is only the required set of documents. You will receive your passport at the right time for you. International passport of the old sample

The international passport of the old model saw each person. It is an ordinary A6 book with the presence of personal data and photos of its owner. This document is available to all citizens who wish to leave the territory of their state or cross the border of another country.

As it was allowed to issue an international passport of the old sample, he suffered several changes, which also affected the external design. After the adoption of the next amendments in the legislation, they began to distinguish the old-style international passport.

The international passport of the old sample does not contain biometric information. But for this version of the passport, simpler requirements were chosen: personal data entry and a two-dimensional photo.
We also draw attention to the fact that the international passport of the old model is valid on the territory of the Russian Federation. Both passport options are currently valid in Russia. And it all also give out. If you wish to purchase an international passport, then you will have a choice of which sample to take for yourself, taking into account all the features of each of the options. In addition, it is the old sample that you can order the urgent production of the document. If you urgently need a passport, for example, 2-5 days, then you can get a document.

We emphasize that the entry of a child into an old-style passport requires the registration of a foreign passport and a child. You just put a mark on the child in it. And if to compare with a new sample, then there are no marks at all about the child, regardless of how old he is. There you enter the necessary biometric data only you. For a child of any age, you must have your own international passport. Only after that you can go abroad with him.

We also emphasize that the international passport, or rather, its production is provided by many companies. And if you want to get your documents quickly and efficiently, then our organization will be happy to help you with the necessary documents. Our company is engaged in the paperwork that is required to obtain a passport, and performs a number of other troubles. We will do everything ourselves. In addition, on our portal you have the opportunity to download all the required documents and forms for this document. We will help you solve problems easily!

Only our company will do everything quickly and efficiently. We will be glad to help you. international passport

Today, citizens of the Russian Federation have the opportunity to choose which particular passport to receive. According to the law, Russians are given the opportunity to choose between the old and new international passports.
We also draw the attention of citizens to the fact that this new sample document cannot be obtained until the old one is handed over (unless the 2nd biometric passport is issued).
What are the differences between the new and the old document?
Their key difference is that the updated passport has a built-in microchip, it contains information about a person and his three-dimensional photo. We draw attention to the fact that the very form for a document of a new sample is slightly different from the old one. A very important point is that to be photographed on an updated international passport is required in a specially designed biometric booth at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. But old documents act in the same way as new ones, all over the planet, until it expires.
You are applying for a passport in the same structures as before.
However, earlier, if the activity of a resident of Russia is connected with constant travel abroad, and this citizen did not have the opportunity to get a passport: diplomatic or official, he, at the request of the organization that sends it abroad, had the opportunity to receive an updated second document. The expiration date was the date of the old document. To confirm this fact, a citizen presented a passport with at least one mark that he crossed the border for three months. From December 2015, any citizen of Russia can get a second passport without presenting any documents from work and stamps in the passport. But the second passport can only be a new generation with an electronic storage medium, issued for 10 years. Its validity is absolutely independent of the validity of the previous passport.
In the passport of the new sample on electronic media there is a recorded information about the owner, including his biometric data. The list of data that may be contained in a biometric document is determined by the Government of the Russian Federation.
The passport of the new sample is valid for 10 years. Citizens are given the opportunity to choose a document. They can indicate their wishes in the application for receiving it.
If you do not want to stand in long lines waiting for a new document, please contact us and we will help you. Our highly qualified professionals will do their job in good faith.
Our organization will be able to assist you in obtaining a new international passport promptly and efficiently. It is our company that ensures that you receive your documents on time. We will be happy to help you!

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