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Any woman feels happy buying new shoes or boots. After they move from the store to our shoe cabinet, the shoebox takes an honorable place in a closet or storeroom, where it dusts until it finds itself in a dump at one moment.

But after all, the scenario may be quite different, in which this very box acquires a new life and continues to delight its owner. Then two necessary things appear in the house at once - a new pair of shoes and a useful multifunctional box for storing trifles.

Decorating shoeboxes is not only useful but also quite fascinating. decorating shoeboxes Lesson for adults and children

You can engage in the process of children. Decorating shoeboxes is not such a difficult thing, it can have a learning effect and allows you to develop your kid's creative abilities. Children are happy to help adults when it comes to interesting needlework. Kids can make an application out of paper, paint it with colors, stick cuttings from postcards. Later on, the child will obediently and even happily hide the toys scattered throughout the apartment into these magical chests. What materials can be used to decorate shoe boxes The very first thing that comes to mind is colored paper. You can take a special gift, wrapping paper, which happens with a variety of patterns and patterns. Convenient for these purposes to use old wallpaper, newspapers and magazines. Fabrics provide an opportunity for flight of fancy. Here not only color is important, but also texture. You can use both thin, translucent fabrics that are glued to the box, and dense, attracting with its texture. Often, needlewomen spend decorating shoeboxes using decoupage technique. For this you need glue, varnish and colored napkins. In the haberdashery shops you can find a lot of materials for decoration. These are beads, shiny rhinestones, beads, artificial pearls, ribbons, and so on. How does the second life of the shoe box begin

Let's look at how to decorate a regular box with paper: Preparing roll paper for gift wrapping. second shoe box life We glue the bottom of the box and We put it in the center of the prepared sheet. Tightly press the paper to the bottom so that air bubbles do not form. We wait until the glue dries. Raise the free edges of the paper. Alternately, we cut the sheet where it joins the edge of the box. We glue each side in turn. Wrap the loose edges approximately 2-3 cm inwards and fix them with glue. Decorate the corners of the box can be thin strips of paper in a contrasting color.

This is only the basis, and then you can decorate the color box with various elements. The main thing is that you like them and fit the design to the interior. The inner surface can also be pasted over or covered with velor fabric. This instantly can turn an ordinary box into an interesting casket. We decorate shoe boxes and not only (upgrade)

Let's look at the most popular and interesting ideas and daring examples of decor. Denim never goes out of fashion, but a specific model of trousers may well become irrelevant. From old jeans that you have not worn for a long time, you can take the perfect material for decorating boxes. Denim will be better kept on a glue base, the corners can be additionally fixed by sewing them with threads. The pocket of this very trendy box, which can be removed from the same trousers, can become an ornament of such a trendy box. Burlap has recently become popular. You can often find tablecloths, napkins and upholstery of chairs, made from this fabric, inconspicuous at first glance. A box in the same style can be an ideal addition to the interior. If you want to create a real royal box from a regular box, then stock up with lace and pearl beads. In such a box only valuable items are suitable. shoe boxes and not just an upgrade Newspaper cuttings will be an excellent themed decor for the boxes in which you plan to store letters and photos. Rhinestones and sequins are the best decoration for young fashionistas. Such a glamorous box will envy all the girlfriends.

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