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Curtains hourglass with his hands

Curtains hourglass with his hands

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Every hostess wants to have a cozy, comfortable and functional kitchen. Therefore, the design must be thought out to the smallest detail. The overall impression of the interior depends on how the curtains fit. Of course, you can buy ready-made curtains, but it is much more interesting to sew them with your own hands.

Kitchen textiles can be of different shapes, colors, styles, lengths. Photo - 1 Curtains to the kitchen

Photo - 1 Curtains in the kitchen Photo - 2 Classics

Photo - 2 Classic Photo - 3 Curtains DIY

Photo - 3 DIY curtains Photo - 4 Country Style

Photo - 4 Country Style

The choice is very rich, but there are several rules that will help you decorate a small or large room with one window or large panoramic windows. Purchase a fireproof fabric impregnated with special compounds. It does not burn, does not absorb dust, moisture and smells of food. Small windows in a small kitchen do not overload with accessories. The abundance of folds, ruffles and jewelry will look tasteless. If the room is located on the sunny side, then choose thick fabrics or combine them with light curtains, then it will be easier for you to regulate natural lighting. For a dark room we sew light curtains from tulle or veil.

For example, the blackout fabric for roller blinds perfectly prevents the passage of light. Photo - 5 Blackout blinds

Photo - 5 Blackout blinds

On a small window you can sew a Roman curtain. It comfortably opens, closes and needs very little cloth for it. Its size corresponds to the size of the frame plus a couple of centimeters on each side of the seams. Photo - 6 Roman Blinds

Photo - 6 Roman Blinds

Detailed master class, see the following video.

For a large kitchen, you can sew beautiful curtains from combined fabrics. Photo - 7 Combination Fabric Option

Photo - 7 Option from the combined fabrics

Organza perfectly harmonizes with lace and jacquard. Photo - 8 Organza

Photo - 8 Organza

And taffeta is combined with a veil or tulle. Photos - 9 Taffeta and Tulle

Photos - 9 Taffeta and Tulle

Looks elegant models of natural linen and silk. Photo - 10 Linen Curtains

Photo - 10 Linen Curtains Photo - 11 Silk

Photo - 11 Silk

Want to see original products? See the following photos. Photo - 12 Original Kitchen Ideas

Photo - 12 Original kitchen ideas

The room, decorated with bright textiles, uplifting. Photo - 13 Bright curtains

Photo - 13 Bright curtains Photo - 14 Yellow Curtains in the Kitchen

Photo - 14 Yellow curtains in the kitchen Photo - 15 Green Curtains

Photo - 15 Green curtains

You can sew interesting crossed models with lambrequins, folds and draperies. Asymmetrical curtains look great in small dark kitchens. Photo - 16 With asymmetrical lambrequins

Photo - 16 Asymmetrical lambrequins

Learn how to make a beautiful swag.

It often happens that simple (long or short) Cotton curtains look better than expensive designer masterpieces. Photo - 17 Calico

Photo - 17 Calico Photo - 18 Short Printed Cotton Curtains

Photo - 18 Short print curtains

How to sew the kitchen curtains and how beautifully arrange the window?

First, decide on the design. Textiles should ideally fit into the overall concept of the interior. Sketch a few drawings. Sketches will help make the right choice. Drawing - 1 Curtain Sketches

Drawing - 1 Sketches of curtains Figure - 2 Sketch

Figure - 2 Sketch

Then you need to take measurements and make a pattern. We will tell for the beginning masters how to do it correctly.

Measure the length of the product from the eaves and add a few centimeters to the hem. To make it smooth and beautiful, bend the fabric, grind by hand, iron well and then stitch on the machine.

The width depends on the length of the eaves, which must be multiplied by the assembly factor. If you sew a curtain with deep tails, and the length of the cornice is 2 meters, then the width should be 4.

From the next workshop you will learn how to cut and how to sew simple curtains.

From the remnants of the fabric, you can make excellent window decorations in country style. Align all the patches on the stencil, smooth and sew. Photos - 19 Out of Flaps

Photo - 19 Of rags Photo - 20 Canvas from pieces

Photo - 20 Cloth of pieces

Old portiere can be remade by adding decorative elements in the form of lambrequins, ruffles, garters, bows, ribbons, etc. Photo - 21 With Lambrequins

Photo - 21 With lambrequins Photo - 22 Update Old

Photos - 22 We update the old Photo - 23 Curtain Accessories

Photos - 23 Accessories for curtains Photo - 24 Original version

Photo - 24 Original version

Simple curtains can be sewed without a pattern, putting the desired size on the fabric. But, if you have conceived a complex product, then: make a pattern on paper (wallpaper residues will do); pin it to the fabric with pins; circle with chalk (do not forget to leave seam allowances); neatly cut out all the elements.

If you do not have a large table where you can lay out the fabric, then do it on the floor.

For a small dark kitchen a curtain arch can be a great solution. It increases space and transmits a lot of light. Photo - 25 Blind Arch

Photo - 25 Blind-Arch Photo - 26 For Kitchen

Photo - 26 For kitchen Photos - 27 Curtains with tassels

Photo - 27 Curtains with tassels Photo - 28 Arch with Ruffles

Photo - 28 Arch with ruffles

Products come with tassels or ruffles. The main thing is that the color and texture match. Before sewing, install the cornice. Otherwise it will be difficult for you to determine the length. Wash and iron the material. Then he will not sit down and is not deformed in the future. Provide convenient mounts. Curtains should move freely along the curtain, especially if the window with a balcony. Photo - 29 To the kitchen with a balcony

Photo - 29 To the kitchen with balcony

We offer you patterns for self-tailoring curtains. The first sample in the classical style consists of heavy side curtains, a light veil and Lambrequin at the top. Substitute your size and get a great result. Pattern - 3 Pattern of classic curtains

Pattern - 3 Pattern classic curtains Photo - 30 Village Curtains

Photo - 30 rustic curtains

Rustic curtains sew very simple. You do not even need patterns. Apply your dimensions directly to the fabric, sew ruches, sheathe the edges and you will get a product that will add simplicity and warmth to the interior.

Curtains made of light veil will adequately decorate a large or small kitchen. Their lightness will add romance, tenderness and emphasize the femininity of the hostess. Photos - 31 Light from the veil

Photos - 31 Light from the veil Figure - 4 Pattern from the veil

Drawing - 4 Pattern from a veil

Pattern fabric made of thin fabric looks like this. If you are in doubt about your abilities, then contact the experts from the EtoDom catalog to help you choose the fabric and sew exclusive curtains with all the features of your kitchen.

The following photos will help you correctly make the patterns of various elements. Pattern - 5 Pattern

Pattern - 5 Pattern Figure - 6 Sample 1

Drawing - 6 Sample 1 Figure - 7 Sample 2

Drawing - 7 Sample 2

Do not be afraid to experiment, alter the old kitchen curtains, decorate the windows with products of your own production, because nothing warms the hearth like a nice, properly selected textile, and it will cost you almost free.

You can make with your own hands a real decoration for the kitchen. The main thing is to determine the style and do not overdo it with decorations. Here are some good options for roll, roman, french products. Photo - 32 Roller Blinds

Photo - 32 Roller blinds Photo - 33 Roman Blinds

Photo - 33 Roman Blinds

Pattern for roller blinds looks like this. Figure - 8 Pattern of roller blinds

Drawing - 8 Pattern of rolled curtains

If you want to sew French curtains, then note that the most important thing is to correctly calculate the amount of material. Do not make coat tails too frequent. This will deprive the product lightness. White curtains look great to the window sill. Photo - 34 French curtains

Photo - 34 French Curtains

French models are obtained by air and add freshness to the premises. Choose light-colored fabrics and be sure to purchase mounting tape in any hardware store. It is her pull and get drape. Photo - 35 Installation tape

Photo - 35 Mounting braid

Simple styles of curtains can also fit perfectly. The main thing is to choose the right color and texture of the material. Photo - 36 Simple Style

Photo - 36 Simple style Photo - 37 Simple Curtains

Photo - 37 Simple Curtains Photo - 38 Cozy Curtains

Photo - 38 Cozy curtains Photo - 39 For the kitchen with a balcony door

Photo - 39 For kitchen with balcony door Photo - 40 For the Kitchen

Photo - 40 For kitchen Photo - 41 Light green curtains

Photo - 41 Light green curtains

If you want to decorate the kitchen with unusual textiles, then sew an hourglass curtain. Photos - 42 Hourglass curtains

Photo - 42 Hourglass curtains

Choose a subtle material of gentle green, blue, pink, beige or white. Measure the width between the openings and multiply the number by 1.5 or 2 (depending on the pomp of future products). Pick a fabric that fits the width of your measurements, then you will not have to process the side seams. Add to the length of 20 cm. This is enough for processing the seams. Photo - 43 Hourglass

Photo - 43 Hourglass

Simple, but charming styles of curtains can be chosen to give. Use the cheapest chintz or remnants of material and make your summer residence cozy. Photo - 44 Curtains for giving

Photo - 44 Curtains for giving Photo - 45 Sample to give

Photo - 45 Sample to give Photo - 46 Original Short

Photo - 46 Original short Photo - 47 In the blue cell

Photo - 47 In the blue cell Photo - 48 Light short curtains

Photo - 48 Light short curtains

All these models you can sew in 2 hours without patterns and difficulties. Accurately take measurements, apply them with chalk on the fabric (do not forget about the seam allowances), sit down at the typewriter and work on the edges.

Now you will learn how to properly hem thin veil or organza curtains at home. A distinctive feature of the material is that it is perfectly torn hands. Make a cut in the intended place and tear it to the end. Everything will be smooth. Fringe should not scare you. She will hide under the seams. Here are the edges of torn material. Photo - 49 Edges of Curtains

Photo - 49 Edges of curtains

Now you can start filing the bottom. Bend the material to the width of the foot of your typewriter. Pierce the edge of the canvas with a needle and make sure that everything lies flat. Then lower the foot and start scribbling. Photo - 50 Getting Started

Photos - 50 Getting Started

Constantly make sure that the fabric is the same width as the foot. That's what you should do. Photo - 51 Smooth line

Photo - 51 Smooth line

Now go back to the beginning and fold the fabric a second time. Tuck it under the foot, focusing on the finished line. If you managed to do everything the first time exactly, then the second line will fall perfectly and the entire fringe will fill in. Photo - 52 Beginning of the second line

Photos - 52 Beginning of the second line

This is what a double stitch will look like. Photo - 53 Double Stitch

Photo - 53 Double seam

Curtains are also sewn on the sides. Photo - 54 The seam on the sides

Photos - 54 Seam on the sides

When you make the second seam, do not forget to fill all the sticking threads under the fabric. Photo - 55 We remove all threads

Photo - 55 We remove all threads

This is the easiest way. Do not iron or chop anything. Do not rush, make sure that the width of the hem is the same and you will definitely succeed. If you need to decorate the curtains, you can use different tacks. Photo - 56 Mitts for curtains

Photo - 56 Tacks for curtains Photo - 57 Snapbacks

Photo - 57 Tacks

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