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Boxes DIY templates sizes

Boxes DIY templates sizes

Date: 15.10.2018, 23:21 / View: 44135

An originally packed gift is doubly pleasant to give and receive. In addition, the gift, presented in a stylized New Year's packaging, better conveys the magical spirit and festive atmosphere. Surprise your friends and relatives - present your gift in a hand-made box for gifts. Templates and instructions included!

Text: Julia Markova


Do-it-yourself gift boxes can be made from colored paper (or a suitable pattern printed on the printer) and cardboard or cardboard, on which the New Year's print has already been applied. Use Christmas symbols to decorate your gift - little glasses, snowflakes, stars, sparkles, bows and more. Then the packaging for the gift will be bright and elegant. Gift box "Snowflake"

The original detail is a snowflake at the top of the gift box. It will not be difficult at all to do this with your own hands.

 Do it yourself template box you will need:

"> cardboard or heavy paper;

"> clerical knife;


 Do it yourself template box

Print the box template on the printer and cut with scissors.

Transfer the scheme to cardboard. Mark the fold lines shown in the figure.

Swipe the reverse side of the stationery knife along the fold lines so that you can bend the cardboard more carefully.

Glue the corners of your box by gluing triangles-ledges to the sides of the "snowflake".

When the glue is dry, close the finished box, putting one element of the snowflake on the other. Another version of the snowflake box  DIY box template
DIY box template
Ideas for homemade gift boxes

If just the white color of the box for a gift seems dull or too simple to you, decorate the package with sparkles. To do this, spread a snowflake with glue (glue pencil is best suited for this) and sprinkle plenty of glitter. After 5-10 minutes, blow off the extra sparkles.

Rhinestones on a sticky basis are perfect for decoration of the box. Decorate the box to your liking, simply sticking rhinestones on cardboard.

Instead of the usual white cardboard, take a cardboard of silver or gold color. Template for the box "Christmas trees"  Box do it yourself template
 Do-it-yourself Christmas tree box template
Triangle DIY Christmas Box

Such packaging personifies the main symbol of the holiday - the New Year tree - sparkling and elegant!

For such a box for gifts, the template can not be printed on the printer, but drawn independently using our measurements.

DIY box template You will need:

decorative corrugated cardboard (green);

gift ribbon (golden);

scissors or office knife;

rhinestones, stars, ribbons, and so on - in general, everything that can be decorated with a box for gifts.

DIY box template

Draw a pattern on plain paper.

Transfer it to cardboard and cut.

Carefully push through the dotted lines to bend with a thin, non-sharp object (for example, knitting needles or a non-writing pen).

On the received dotted line bend the sides of the box.

In the center, place your gift and collect the edges of the box with allowances inside.

When all four edges are combined, tie the gift wrapping with a ribbon as follows: for a bow, fold the ribbon in half more than once, but two, and then tighten it in a knot.

Spread the ribbons on the bow and attach the top decoration to your taste. These can be red or gold beads, decorative stars and so on.

On the box itself, paste the stars-stars or draw snowflakes with a golden marker. DIY gift boxes: templates

For children's gifts, you can use such bright and beautiful patterns. Your baby will surely like a giant candy filled with his favorite sweets!

 DIY gift box template

 Gift box with a do-it-yourself gift template

 DIY gift box

 Do-it-yourself gift box

 Gift box DIY template

 Gift Box Template

 Gift Box Template

 Gift box template

Template small boxes for sweets

(Taken from the site stranamasterov.ru)

 DIY gift box template

 Gift Box Template

 Gift Box Template

Create your own exclusive gift boxes with your own hands, applying for this only a little effort and your rich imagination!

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