Bamboo bead master class

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Bamboo grows incredibly fast - up to 91 cm per day.

Its growing shoots can break through the asphalt. And it reaches a height of huge - up to 37 m! And the rhizomes in the soil under the bottom of a wide river sometimes “pass” to the other side. Bamboo forests are an amazing sight. It was as if someone had put a lot of columns - a whole forest, so tightly that one could not squeeze between them. Bamboo from beads of karink

You can build a house from bamboo stalks, furnish it with bamboo furniture, hold water pipes in it, make dishes, baskets and much more. Everyone is familiar with bamboo fishing rods and ski poles. And in service with the Japanese army at the beginning of the 20th century were guns with bamboo trunks! Young bamboo shoots are also edible.

Flowering and fruiting most species of bamboo once in a lifetime. It happens once in 50 and even in 100 years. At this time, a layer of grains on the ground reaches 15 cm. A real feast for whole hordes of rodents! And in some types of bamboo grow juicy sweet fruit, similar to pears. After fruiting, whole bamboo forests are completely extinct. Materials and tools

To perform this work, you will need a fishing line, beads of green color of different shades, a needle for beads, scissors, PVA glue, any pot or vase, glass balls for a filler in a vase or colored stones for a filler in a pot.

For the manufacture of leaves you will need a thin wire up to 1 mm in diameter, it is better not to take a very thin one, otherwise the leaf will sag under its weight. You will also need a frame, it can be made from wire or paper, old plastic knitting needles, unnecessary ball point pens, in general, any cylindrical object not less than 5 mm in diameter and not less than 10 cm long will do. Job Description

First, select the base or frame for bamboo sticks, even in our case it will be the body of the pen, the color of the base is better to choose green or some neutral: white, gray. The technique of lowering beads is a mosaic canvas, this is one of the old ways of dense weaving, volumetric products made in this technique keep their shape well.

Work is performed by one needle. If you are not familiar with beadwork, it is advisable that you start with an exercise for beginners, where an example of a flat mosaic canvas is given. Exercise for beginners

An odd number of beads, for example, seven, are drawn on the line and a needle is threaded into the third bead of the first row from the right end of the line. Then, from right to left, they lower the second row of the chain, picking up a bead each at a needle and passing the line through one bead of the first row (Fig. 24, a, b). The line is tightly tightened. In such a sequence, they strung the third (Fig. 24, c) and all subsequent rows of the product (Fig. 24, d — 3). Weave the product until the rows are smooth, so that each bead sits in its place (Fig. 24, and). For the convenience of mastering the technique, you can weave a product of different color beads, as shown in fig. 24 Bamboo from beads picture

We now turn to the weaving of the bamboo itself. Beads are better to choose small or medium, alternate in a chaotic manner all the available shades of green beads, leaving the lightest for the veins, and best for the veins to take dark yellow or light brown beads.

Weave the cord in the technique of mosaic canvas. To do this, we put on the line as many beads as we need to lay a felt-tip pen around the circumference (fig. 25). Bamboo made of beads picture

You can use several methods for making leaflets. Bamboo weaving from beads. Method 1

In this method, the leaves are woven during the manufacturing process of the bamboo stem; weaving patterns are shown in fig. 28 Bamboo made of beads picture Biserinki 2 and 3 should be on top of the weave (Fig. 29, c).

Pull up the wire or line so that the gaps between the beads are minimal (29, g).

Type on the right end of the wire three beads (29, d).

Pass the left end of the wire through these three beads (29, e).

Carefully pull off both ends of the wire (fig. 29, g).

String four beads on the right end of the wire or beads. Swipe through the left end of the wire. Pull off both ends (fig. 29, h). The process of increasing the width of a leaf depends on your design, but you should not make a leaf more than 12 beads in width. In order to get a long leaf, but narrow, type the required number of beads in width and in each subsequent row the number of beads remains unchanged. If you have reached the desired width and length of a leaf, start reducing the number of beads by one in each row until you reach one bead.

In fig. 29, and you can see how the number of beads decreases in each row, and in fig. 29, l shows the finished form of the leaf (in the process of weaving the leaf is in an inverted position).

In fig. 30 you are offered several types of leaves, the first three of which vary genuinely, and the last - in width. Bamboo from beads picture

In fig. 31 are given options for leaves, which can be used for weaving bamboo sticks. If necessary, you can increase the width of the leaf. Bamboo made of beads picture Wrap the leaves around each other, two or three leaves together, fasten the remains of wire or fishing line so that they do not break up, and attach to the trunk of a bamboo stick in several places, stepping back from the middle of the leaf at one or two rows. Make at least three sticks, put in a transparent pot and put glass balls. Instead of vazonchikov you can use disused dishes, such as teapots, sugar bowls, etc. (Fig. 32). Bamboo made of beads picture Bamboo sticks can be made with curls, for this we need to weave a stick with a length of at least 30 cm and stretch the line through the entire length of the product vertically, then slowly pull the line so that a ring is formed, one or more, depending on the height of the stick. Secure the line, after which the bamboo stick is ready. Chinese people have come up with a variety of ways with which you can enhance the magical properties of “bamboo luck.” Red and gold ribbons that tie bundles of stems, glass or crystal vases, special pots, talismans (Chinese coins), which are placed on the curls of bamboo, many times increase its effect. And even if you do not believe in Feng Shui teaching, as well as other wisdom, the exotic and cheerful bamboo of luck will still bring new emotions into your life and will surely attract happiness and health to you and your loved ones .

The southeast is a zone of wealth, a violet blooming violet and a bouquet of chrysanthemums, personifying monetary luck, will be good here.

This article is from the section-beadwork of flowers, which is devoted to the subject-bamboo of beads. I hope you appreciate it! Interesting Beadwork Video

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