Ax for firewood with their hands

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A manual or mechanical cleaver for firewood is an indispensable tool for a homeowner who uses firewood to heat a home. And therefore it is very important to make the right choice when buying a hand tool. As for the mechanical devices that facilitate the process, they are not affordable for any user. Considering the fact that such devices do not differ in their complex construction, you can make a cleaver with your own hands. Answers to questions about the selection and manufacture of various wood splitters can be found in this article. Recommendations for choosing a cleaver

Before you start choosing a hand tool, you should understand one important point: during work you will have to give up not 10-20 times, but at least 100. From here comes the first: pick up your hand splinter according to the weight corresponding to your physical form. The mass of copies available for sale varies from 2 to 5 kg.

hand tool for firewood

Remember that with the help of a lightweight tool you can work with small chumps, it will be difficult to split a large deck. So, you need to choose a cleaver that matches not only your physical strength, but also the wood that you have to chop.

The tool handle (ax handle) should be made of viscous wood species - maple, elm, in extreme cases - birch. Otherwise, from strong or inaccurate shocks, it will quickly become worthless. The length of the ax is also important, too short a handle is not very convenient, as is too long. The classic hand cleaver is shown in the photo:

device for chopping firewood

Recently, various tools for chopping firewood with their own hands of imported origin have appeared on the market. Outwardly, they look like an ordinary ax, but are equipped with a long plastic or steel handle. The cost of such products is quite high, but the benefits are doubtful. According to numerous users, an ax-like device for splitting firewood does not do well with splitting raw decks more than 20 cm in diameter. It just gets stuck in them.

powerful ax with a long handle for dry logs

It is most convenient to have 2 hand tools on the farm - a classic wedge-shaped cleaver and a powerful ax with a long handle, not necessarily expensive imported. The first is working with freshly chopped or raw wood, the second is prickled dry churbak. In addition, different types of wood behave when felling in different ways, and having on hand 2 cleavers, you can always find an approach to them. Manufacturing recommendations

First you need to choose a suitable design of a mechanical device. Let us clarify what kind of homemade firewood shoots are: screw (tapered); hydraulic.

electric wood splitter

Of course, the most popular device is a factory or homemade screw splinter. Its main component is a steel cone with a large thread rotated by an electric motor. One has only to move the deck to the end of the cone, as the latter, due to the thread, will begin to “screw” in it. And since the tool has the shape of a cone, the deck from such screwing will surely split into 2 parts. How it looks in practice, you can find out by watching the video:

Hydraulic cleavers have a higher productivity than a screw splitter, but they are also more difficult to manufacture. The principle of operation is the same as that of a hydraulic press: wooden blocks are pressed from the end through a special shape, splitting them immediately into logs of the required dimensions. The executive mechanism of the machine is a hydraulic drive acting on an electric or gasoline engine.

electric firewood tool

It is, of course, more convenient to use the conical jibs for firewood for the winter, than to swing an ax. They are easy to manufacture, now you can even find on sale ready-made kits for the assembly of such devices. But during the work you need to raise each deck, set it on the tabletop and put it on the screw several times to get chocks required size. When the amount of procured fuel is great, you have to sweat a lot.

hydraulic installation for splitting logs

It’s a different matter - a hydraulic cleaver, the whole deck, or even several, is divided into logs at once from a single press. Physical strength is expended only to lay wood on the frame, and then collect ready firewood. True, the manufacture of the machine will take more time and cost more. Screw splitter

It should be noted that the manufacture of boreholes of this type has long been mastered by home craftsmen, and therefore on the Internet, you can easily find drawings of devices for chopping firewood and choose the right one for yourself. There are no principal differences between them; there is a difference in the dimensions and height of the table top, the size of the working part of the cone and the drive mechanisms. The general scheme of the unit is shown in the figure:

screw splitter circuit

Proceeding from this scheme, the following parts and materials will be needed for the future screw cleaver with electric drive: electric motor with power not less than 2 kW; shaft with bearings; pulleys and drive belt; working cone with thread; sheet metal 3 mm thick; metal corners or shaped tubes; plate for mounting the engine.

shaft with bearings for the manufacture of a cleaver

Note. You can greatly simplify the manufacture of a cleaver if you find a powerful low-speed electric motor at 500 rpm. Then the belt drive is not required, the cone can be planted directly on its shaft.

fixing the working shaft of an electric splinter

By the number of revolutions, the engine can be taken any, but the belt pulleys can be calculated so that the speed of the shaft is 500 rpm, no more. By the way, the finished shaft with bearings for electric breaker can be purchased on the market, and you can order the pulleys and the threaded cone to a friend, a turner, by giving him the following drawing:

electric-arc drawing

The material of the cone for the cleaver is carbon steel, preferably St45. Thread - with two sets and a step of 7 mm, the height of the coils - 2 mm. Pulleys can be turned from ordinary St3, the dimensions of the grooves - depending on the chosen belt. Some masters use a chain instead of a belt drive, which is more reliable, but more difficult to manufacture. It is necessary to pick up stars in size, it is not very convenient.

a cone to fit firewood

In order to assemble a screw cleaver, it is necessary to weld the bed, to install a plate for mounting the engine under the table top, and a shaft with bearings on it. Mount the cone and pulley on it, put on and tighten the belt. Connect the engine to the mains and you can begin to test.

bed for the screw ax Hydraulic wood splitter

This unit is different from the previous design of the drive and the working part splitting wood. The bed has a different shape, although it is welded from the same materials - angles, sheet metal and pipes. The pressed electric cleaver is operated by a hydraulic cylinder, the pressure in which is provided by the oil pump. It is installed on the same shaft with the electric motor, and this unit can be located separately from the bed and be connected to the cylinder with hoses.

scheme of the pressing electric apparatus for the preparation of firewood

Having found or having bought all necessary details, it is necessary to attend to the manufacture of the form of a splinter. The easiest way to cook it from metal, taking the cruciform shape. Its dimensions are chosen individually, there is no clear framework. The main thing is that the cylinder capacity is enough for splitting decks when the size of the form is too large.

cruciform coluna form

The form is mounted on the frame so that its transverse axis coincides with the shaft of the hydraulic cylinder. The latter is installed along the frame and is connected by pipes to the pump. If desired, a mechanical splinter for firewood can be made mobile by fitting it to the wheel frame.

mechanical splinter for wood Conclusion

Mechanized wood axes greatly facilitate the hard work of cutting wood. But it should be remembered that such units are traumatic, when working with them it is necessary to be careful and keep hands.

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