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How to build a frame house with your own hands?

In Russia, more and more frame houses are being built every year. Any technology can be used, including Finnish and Canadian, but that's not the point. Low-rise frame housing construction effectively uses all the most advanced modern building technologies, and this is manifested in a more efficient use of building materials. The houses we are talking about are really in demand in our country. It comes to the fact that Russian citizens are actively trying to build a frame house with their own hands, without resorting to the services of professionals at any stage. And this is not difficult to do. One has only to want.

Is it necessary to warm the frame house?

Before you start to build a frame house, you need to determine the purpose for which it will be used. This may be a temporary dwelling for seasonal residence, or a house where you will live on a permanent basis.

The main feature of the construction of such facilities is the use of a light wood frame. In fact, the building is a structure of horizontal straps and vertical posts. Heat insulation is inserted between the materials used, which is characterized by the lowest possible thermal conductivity. Facing the outer and inner walls of the house is carried out using different building materials.

As you understand, the heat insulation capacity will depend on the frequency of use of your frame house, including the use of certain thermal insulation materials and edged boards of a certain thickness. For example, in the central climate zone, a 100-millimeter board will not be enough to keep warm in the harsh winter frosts. In this case, the choice of insulation is best carried out on the basis of data provided by the NIIZHB based on the results of scientific research. Thus, its 4-cm layer of expanded polystyrene with its characteristics can replace the mineral wool layer (45 millimeters), fibreboard (65 millimeters), wood (140 millimeters), claydite (380 millimeters) and brick (860 millimeters).

How to equip the foundation of a frame house?

Frame houses, most often, are built with low-rise construction. Experts strongly do not recommend building their own frame houses above two floors. If you can not do without the second floor, it is better to make it attic. Since the houses presented are fairly light, they do not require deep foundations.

For a frame house, it is possible to build a shallow-column or strip foundation or a precast concrete block foundation. Such foundations will create a rigid frame in space. For strip foundations, you will need to additionally use reliable and durable reinforcement. The stiffness of the columnar foundations is provided by a monolithic grillage. By laying a foundation of a prefabricated type, the desired result can be achieved by using a reliable and durable fastener attached to the entire bottom trim.

Device frame

The construction of frame houses is accompanied by the use of wooden and metal frame structures. A metal frame used for building a frame house with your own hands will cost 35-45 percent more, which makes it low in popularity. But such a framework will weigh much less, which helps reduce the cost of building the foundation. The wooden frame of the house should ideally be made of oak wood. If it is not possible to use oak, a high-quality timber from other wood species will be suitable, the cross section of which will be at least 150 square millimeters. Corner joints are created using the thorn-groove method. The fitting must be carried out closely, without gaps.

Experts strongly do not recommend the use in the arrangement of frame house metal fasteners, because the metal starts in the wood intensive putrefactive processes. Therefore, it is not advisable to use nails and screws. Rotting weakens the connection, as a result of which the building will gradually loosen. Firmly and securely fasten all the joints with your own hands when using wooden dowel pins, which allows you to maximize the lifespan of the frame structure.

Of course, insulation is more convenient to put in the wall gaps. However, in order for the house not to lose its spatial rigidity, the frame must be unfastened with braces. Otherwise, external loads can lead to distortions and subsequent destruction. According to the rules, the frame house should be erected taking into account the arrangement of the three braces, which will be made of material similar to the frame racks.

The frame from the outside should be covered with boards. Covering is best done with a slope of 30-45 degrees, and not horizontally. You can use for this a grooved board 60-mm width, or lining. Consider that the wood frame house in the first year may swell or crack under the influence of certain weather conditions. This means that special strength in nailing the outer boards is not required.

How to equip the floor frame house?

At the very beginning of home improvement you need to build a high-quality timber around the perimeter of the walls, the cross section of which is 150x150mm. Before this, roofing material is enclosed under the timber, and antiseptic impregnation is applied, which will deprive the wood of the ability to absorb moisture. Fastening occurs with the help of anchor bolts with a two-meter pitch. The angles must be set with maximum accuracy, which is checked using a level. Allowable skew must be no more than 10mm.

The floor, walls and supporting structures must be made of identical materials. Otherwise, under the influence of different coefficients of expansion, the house may twist over time. Draft floor is equipped with the cheapest material - uncut board. First of all, lags are settled, between which the insulation should be laid. Flooring boards are placed on top.
After the floor of the house is ready, you can start building walls.

How to equip the walls of a frame house?

Before building walls, we recommend finding a dry and level surface where you will assemble them. Otherwise, the walls may mow. The wall frame must be assembled from identical vertical boards, the height of which, if possible, should coincide with the height of the rooms of the future house. A standard height of 227.5 centimeters is not an axiom. Higher ceilings will give more air and a more comfortable indoor temperature.

High ceilings will cause you to consume more material. But below 240 centimeters ceilings do not need. Otherwise, the rooms will create an oppressive feeling, accompanied by psychological discomfort. Erecting the walls of your frame house, think about how to save on building materials due to the arrangement of slanting ceilings. The bevel angle of such ceilings will be identical to the slope of the roof slope. This move will allow you to create a comfortable attic room with your hands, put the correct attic windows and achieve a cozier and more original result.

Wall sections must be calculated on the basis of permissible and possible loads on the floor. Beam installation step - 30, 40 and 60 centimeters. As for the width of the boards, it should be determined by the chosen cladding material.

Cladding of the walls of the house can be done with siding. In this case, the distance should be 20-30 centimeters, which is explained by the plasticity of the siding and the inability of this material to absorb any load. For blockhouse, pseudo-bar and chipboard, the distance can be increased to 35-60 centimeters.

Note that siding is the most durable and practical material that is easy to operate. It is not necessary to additionally varnish and not necessarily regularly wash. Of course, the main disadvantage of siding is its unnatural.

If the house is manufactured in the factory, most often use sandwich panels, which from an economic point of view are the most profitable material. Such panels are distinguished by their low weight, which allows minimizing the load on the foundation and lightening the entire structure. In addition, sandwich panels have a low thermal conductivity, which allows to solve the problem with the insulation of the house.

How to install windows?

Installation of windows is one of the main stages of the construction of a frame house. Standards indicate that the size of windows should be 18 percent of the area of ​​the wall with a window opening. If your house has a seasonal focus, single glazed windows will do. If you are going to live in a house all year round, double-glazed windows should have two or three glasses, depending on what climate zone you are going to build your own building with.

How to build a roof frame house?

The last stage of the construction of such houses is the construction of the roof of a frame house. For the roof, you can use a variety of materials, including ondulin, profiled metal sheets, soft roofing and natural tile. Everything will depend only on your wishes.

Frame houses on the photo:

And a few more tips for those who want to build a house on their own:

The main danger that awaits frame houses is dampness. Therefore, the construction should be carried out on the most elevated area, which, by definition, is the driest. If you do not meet this condition, you will additionally have to equip the drainage system, which will cost you a decent amount.

Building a building with your own hands under old trees is strongly discouraged. It will “drip” from the crown, and the roots may eventually damage the foundation of the constructed house. In addition, there will always be dampness in the shade of the trees, as the sun's rays will not reach the wet surface.

A square meter of a frame house will cost you about 10-30 thousand rubles, depending on the materials used.

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